16 Best Capacitor Brands In India For Motors

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A capacitor is an electrical component that stores energy within an electric field. They are incredibly useful parts in many electronics. If you want to buy these parts to include in your electronics build, you will be interested to know that many companies make these parts. Some capacitor brands are better than others. Should you stick to the popular capacitor brands, or should you take a gamble? Here is a list of the best capacitor brands in India.

Top 10 Capacitor Manufacturers In India

List Of Top 15+ Capacitor Brands In India

What is Capacitor?

A capacitor is an electronic component that stores and releases electrical energy. It consists of two conductive plates separated by an insulating material, a dielectric. When a voltage is applied to the capacitor, it stores electrical energy as an electrostatic field between the two plates. The area of the plates determines the capacitance of a capacitor, the distance between them, and the dielectric constant of the insulating material. Capacitors are commonly used in electronic circuits for various purposes, such as filtering, timing, and energy storage.

What are The Pros and Cons of the Capacitor?

  • Capable of storing and releasing electrical energy quickly
  • Filtering
  • highly efficient
  • Timing
  • Limited energy storage
  • Voltage limitations
  • Polarization
  • Temperature sensitivity

How Do We Choose the Best Capacitor Companies For You?

Choosing the best capacitor brands for your application depends on a few factors. Here are some things to consider when selecting a capacitor brand:
Look for capacitor brands with a reputation for producing high-quality components. This can help ensure that your purchase capacitors will perform reliably and consistently.
Capacitance and Voltage Ratings
Ensure the brand offers capacitors with the capacitance and voltage ratings you need for your specific application. You should also consider the temperature range and other environmental factors impacting the capacitor’s performance.
Compare the prices of capacitors from different brands to find one that fits your budget. Remember that choosing a cheaper capacitor may not always be the best option if it means sacrificing quality or performance.
Ensure the capacitor brand has a good supply chain and can provide you with the capacitors you need when needed. Look for brands with a wide distribution network or multiple sources for their components.
Application-specific requirements
If your application requires a specific type of capacitor or has other unique requirements, look for brands specialising in producing capacitors for your application. For example, if you need capacitors for high-frequency applications, look for brands with a strong reputation

List of 16 Best Capacitor Brands In India For 2023

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best Capacitor In IndiaPrice List*
1stTibcon Capacitor150
2ndUcon Capacitor175
3rdL&T Capacitor200
4thEpcos Capacitor250
5thSamwha Capacitor300

Glopro Capacitor

Glopro 2pcs 4mfd EPCOS capacitors for Motors Fans and Machines

About the Brands: The GloPro capacitor is a complex electronic component used in an electronic device. This device is used to store electric power. This is used to maintain the power supply of any electronic device. As the name suggests, the capacitor stores the electric power as an electric field. Capacitors are generally categorized into three different types. The first one is the non-polarized capacitor. It does not have positive and negative poles; rather, the electric charge is distributed symmetrically across the two plates. The second one is the polarized capacitor. The polarized capacitor has a positive and a negative pole. The third one is the electrolytic capacitor. The electrolytic capacitor is used in circuits that require a large amount of electric power. Looking for the best kinds of Fan Capacitor brands? Here is our ultimate guide for you. GloPro Capacitor Price In india – 235*

Most Selling Glopro Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance4 Microfarad
Operating Voltage440 Volts

GlobalNiche Capacitor

GlobalNiche Air Conditioner Capacitor

About the Brands: GlobalNiche, a leader in the field of microelectronics, specializes in the supply of Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors, and other passive components. We offer Capacitors designed to meet the stringent quality and safety standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). All our products are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials and components. Our Capacitors are housed in robust packaging to protect them from damage during transit. These Capacitors are widely used in various applications such as power supplies, inverters, and other industrial applications. Our Capacitors are available in various specifications, sizes, and other technical specifications. GlobalNiche Capacitor Price In india – 499*

Most Selling GlobalNiche Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance35 Microfarad
Operating Voltage450 Volts
Maximum Voltage450 Volts

CompStudio Capacitor

CompStudio 1PC 4uF CBB60 AC450V 50/60Hz Starting Capacitor

About the Brands: CompStudio is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specialized in capacitors since 1999. Capacitors from CompStudio are manufactured with the best raw materials and workmanship to ensure the products are of the highest quality. CompStudio Capacitor is a passive electrical component that stores energy in an electric field. It is widely used in electronic devices. An ideal capacitor has no internal resistance or energy loss and can charge and discharge a current at the same rate. The most important feature of a capacitor is its capacitance, which is the ability to store an electrical charge. The capacitance of a capacitor is directly proportional to the area of the plates and inversely proportional to the separation between the plates. CompStudio Capacitor Price In india – 2,361*

Most Selling CompStudio Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance12 Microfarad
Operating Voltage450 Volts

Havells Capacitor

havell’s capicitor 6 mfd

About the Brands: Havells, having a strong presence in India for more than 50 years, has grown to become one of the most trusted names in electronics. Havells India, a subsidiary of Havells UK, was incorporated in 1971 in India, making it one of the oldest and most trusted names in the electronics industry. Since then, it has consistently evolved with the times and grown with the ever-changing needs of its customers. The company is today one of the largest manufacturers of electronic and electrical products in India. Havells Capacitor Price In india – 406*

Most Selling Havells Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance6 Microfarad
Mounting TypeWall Mount

Uvaan Capacitor

Uvaan 230 V Motor Starting Capacitor

About the Brands: Uvaan Capacitor and its Types Capacitors are electrical components that store energy and release it when necessary. They are a crucial part of any electronic circuit. A capacitor is an electronic circuit element that stores an electrical charge. The capacitor stores the charge and then releases the charge at a constant rate. Capacitors can be used in a wide range of applications and are mainly used to regulate power flow, filter signals, and for timing circuits. Capacitors are divided into two types: fixed capacitors and variable capacitors. Fixed capacitors are used to control the current, while variable capacitors are used to control the voltage. The voltage is proportional to the area of the plates. The capacitance is proportional to the separation between the plates. The capacitance is further defined by the type of dielectric material used. Capacitors are available in many different sizes and shapes and are made from many different materials. Capacitors are also classified according to their construction and the materials used. Some of the most common types are ceramic and electrolytic capacitors. Uvaan Capacitor Price In india – 299*

Most Selling Uvaan Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Operating Voltage230 Volts
Maximum Voltage230 Volts

TIBCON Capacitor

TIBCON 50 MFD Capacitor for Air Conditioner Aluminum Burst Proof

About the Brands: TIBCON has the honor of being the first company in India to be granted a license from Texas Instruments, USA, to manufacture and sell their capacitors. This is a proud achievement for TIBCON, demonstrating their capability to manufacture world-class products. TIBCON products are manufactured at their facility in Bangalore. This is an ISO 9001:2008 certified plant with an annual output of over 5 million capacitors. Their products are sold throughout the country through a network of distributors. TIBCON markets various capacitors, including general purpose, tantalum, aluminium electrolytic, chip capacitors, and supercapacitors. TIBCON Capacitor Price In india – 495*

Most Selling TIBCON Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance50 Microfarad
Maximum Voltage230 Volts

RAJLITE Capacitor


About the Brands: Rajlite is one of the best capacitor brands in India. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the latest technology; Rajlite is one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of capacitors. Capacitors are the electronic components primarily used for filtering power supply and in various electrical and electronic equipment and appliances. Rajlite capacitors are made of high-quality materials in different types, capacities, and configurations. Capacitors are available in different types: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Aluminum Foil Electrolytic Capacitors, and Superfine Caps. Even though all capacitors are very important for providing high-quality performance and preventing power surges, the motherboard capacitor for your PC is the most important. If this capacitor dies, your computer will not boot. Rajlite Capacitor Price In india – 80*

Most Selling RAJLITE Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance60 Microfarad
Operating Voltage440 Volts
Maximum Voltage440 Volts

Doctorspare Capacitor

doctorspare Capacitor for Washing Machine

About the Brands: Doctorspare Capacitor is the best India Capacitor distributor, capacitor company in India, and capacitor company in India to deal with. We make all kinds of capacitors in India. Our Capacitor is used in various power supplies and other electronics applications. Capacitors are available in different capacitance values as well as different voltage values. Capacitors are available in different case sizes as well. Doctorspare Capacitor Price In india – 250*

Most Selling Doctorspare Capacitor In India

Product Specification


Imported Capacitor

Imported Wired Running Capacitor

About the Brands: Imported  Capacitors are one of the most important electronics components. They are used in various applications, including power supplies, power factor correction, parallel resonant circuits, power supplies and audio equipment filtering. They are also commonly used in radio frequency circuits. In some applications, Imported capacitors are available as through-hole components; in others, they are available as surface-mount components. In applications that use surface-mount capacitors, it is important to use the best-imported capacitor brands to ensure that they perform as needed and are of the best quality. Imported Capacitor Price In india – 379*

Most Selling Imported Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance6 Microfarad
Operating Voltage450 Volts

CONTACT Capacitor

CONTACT 230 V Motor Starting Capacitor 

About the Brands: CONTACT Capacitor is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of capacitors and related products. Our products, like aluminium electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, filter capacitors, and flameproof capacitors, find applications in various industries. Established in 1995, we are counted amongst India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of capacitors. Our range of capacitors comprises aluminium electrolytic, tantalum, filter, and flame-proof capacitors. Contact for capacitor, Capacitor price, and capacitor manufacturers in India. CONTACT Capacitor Price In india – 299*

Most Selling CONTACT Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Operating Voltage230 Volts
Maximum Voltage230 Volts

TI Capacitor

TI 2.50 MFD Oil Fan 440 VAC Capacitor

About the Brands: Transcend Information, Inc. was founded in 1986. A wholly owned subsidiary of Transcend Information, Inc. specialises in manufacturing various passive components and electro-mechanical products. TI is a respected and well-known brand in the components industry. TI is the world’s largest manufacturer of passive components, including ceramic capacitors. TI has many ceramic capacitors, most of which are RoHS-compliant. The following is a list of India’s top 5 ceramic capacitor brands. IT Capacitor Price In india – 210*

Most Selling TI Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance2.5 Microfarad
Operating Voltage440 Volts
Maximum Voltage440 Volts

Pmw Capacitor

Pmw Tibcon 6 mfd Capacitor

About the Brands: Pmw Capacitor of India is the best capacitor brand in India. This company is a leading manufacturer of Capacitors, Inductors, and Resistors. Pmw Capacitor provides the best and highest-quality capacitors for electronic industries. This capacitor brand is one of the oldest capacitor brands in India. Pmw Capacitor is an expert in manufacturing Ceramic Capacitors, Polyester Film capacitors, Oil-filled capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, Electrolytic capacitors, and Disc capacitors. PMW Capacitor is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of capacitors and inductors. Pmw capacitors have an extensive range of capacitors for power supply and application at high frequencies. PMW Capacitor is an Indian Capacitor brand that has proven its quality over the decades. Pmw Capacitor Price In india – 399*

Most Selling Pmw Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance6 Microfarad

VT Capacitor

VT Kwality 7/3.5 MFD Capacitor 

About the Brands: There are many capacitor brands in the market, but one brand always stands out among all other brands: the VT capacitor. VT capacitor is the most demanding brand in the present scenario. It has the most competitive price and quality. In the markets of different countries, it has been ranked as the best capacitor brand. There are many reasons for the popularity of this brand. The major reason is that it has the best performance. The capacitors are made from the best quality material imported from Japan. The capacitors of this brand have the best power factor and the highest standard of quality. VT Capacitor Price In india – 270*

Most Selling VT Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Capacitance3.5 Microfarad
Operating Voltage440 Volts

EPCOS Capacitor


About the Brands: EPCOS is a leading manufacturer of capacitors and integrated passive electronic components worldwide. The company was founded in 1891 in Germany and is now headquartered in Schwalbach am Taunus. Its headquarters is called the EPCOS Forum. In India, EPCOS products are sold by the company’s 100% subsidiary, EPCOS India Private Limited. EPCOS has a comprehensive product portfolio for power supplies, motors, energy storage, lighting, telecommunications, rail technology, and other general applications. EPCOS Capacitor Price In india – 499*

Most Selling EPCOS Capacitors in India

Product Specification

Capacitance50 Microfarad


PARDZWORLD Capacitor for Semi Automatic Washing

About the Brands: PARDZWORLD is a brand manufactured by Pardaz Systems Private Limited Company. It is a manufacturer of electronic components. They have a wide range of capacitors under the PARDZWORLD brand. Pardaz Systems Private Limited Company is a company that is well known for its commitment to quality and delivery of best-in-class products. They have been using the most advanced technology to manufacture high-quality capacitors. It is one of the reasons that they have been trusted by most of the customers. PARDZWORLD Capacitor Price In india – 349*

Most Selling PARDZWORLD Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Operating Voltage450 Volts
Maximum Voltage450 Volts

KELTRON Capacitor


About the Brands: Keltron is one of the best Capacitor brands in India, making it easier for users to select the right product according to their requirements. Different types of capacitors are available in the market, which is the main component of any electrical product. The main role of capacitors is to store energy and to deliver the same at the right time. Capacitors are polarized components and should be used properly to serve the purpose for which it is being purchased. Different types of capacitors are available on the market: Aluminum electrolytic, Ceramic, Polymer, Film, and Electrolytic. Depending on the requirement, people can go for different types of capacitors. Keltron Capacitor Price In india – 180*

Most Selling KELTRON Capacitor In India

Product Specification

Operating Voltage250 Volts

What are The Different types of Capacitors?

There are many different types of capacitors, each with its unique characteristics and applications. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Ceramic Capacitors: These capacitors use a ceramic material as the dielectric and are small in size. They are commonly used in high-frequency applications.
  • Electrolytic Capacitors: These capacitors use an electrolyte as the dielectric and have high capacitance values. They are commonly used in power supply circuits.
  • Tantalum Capacitors: These capacitors use tantalum as the dielectric and have a high energy density. They are commonly used in portable electronics.
  • Film Capacitors: These capacitors use a thin film as the dielectric and can have a high-temperature rating. They are commonly used in high-power applications.
  • Aluminium Capacitors: These capacitors use an aluminium oxide layer as the dielectric and have high capacitance values. They are commonly used in power supply circuits.
  • Supercapacitors: These are high-capacity capacitors that can store large amounts of energy. They are commonly used in high-power delivery and energy storage applications.
  • Variable Capacitors: These capacitors have a variable capacitance and can be adjusted to change the capacitance value. They are commonly used in tuning circuits and radio frequency applications.
  • Mica Capacitors: These capacitors use mica as the dielectric and have high stability and low loss. They are commonly used in precision applications.
  • Glass Capacitors: These capacitors use glass as the dielectric and have a high insulation resistance. They are commonly used in high-voltage applications.
  • Air Capacitors: These capacitors use air as the dielectric and have a high tolerance for temperature and voltage changes. They are commonly used in high-frequency applications.


What are the best capacitor brands?

Many capacitor brands are available, and the best one for your application will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Some popular capacitor brands include Panasonic, Nichicon, Kemet, Vishay, Epcos, and Rubycon.

How do I choose the best capacitor brand for my application?

When choosing a capacitor brand, consider factors such as quality, capacitance and voltage ratings, cost, availability, and application-specific requirements. It’s also a good idea to consult with the manufacturer or other professionals in your field for guidance.

Are more expensive capacitor brands always better?

Not necessarily. While higher-priced capacitor brands may offer higher quality or better performance, choosing a capacitor that fits your budget and meets your specific requirements is important.

What are some capacitor brands that specialize in specific applications?

Some capacitor brands specialize in producing components for specific applications. For example, Nichicon has a strong reputation in the audio industry, while Epcos is known for producing capacitors for power electronics.

Can I trust lesser-known capacitor brands?

Researching and choosing a capacitor brand with a reputation for producing high-quality components is important. Lesser-known brands may be a good option if they have positive reviews and meet your specific requirements, but it’s important to be cautious and ensure they are reliable.

Should I stick to one brand for all of my capacitors?

Using one brand for all your capacitors is unnecessary, but sticking to a few trusted brands for consistency and reliability may be helpful. It’s also important to ensure that the capacitors you choose meet your specific requirements, regardless of the brand.

Are there any new and innovative capacitor brands to look out for?

There are always new and innovative capacitor brands emerging, but it’s important to do your research and ensure that they have a reputation for producing high-quality components. Some newer capacitor brands include Würth Elektronik, Taiyo Yuden, and Murata.

How do I ensure that the capacitor brand I choose is reliable?

Look for capacitor brands with a strong industry reputation and are known for producing high-quality components. You can also check reviews and ratings from other professionals or consult the manufacturer for guidance.

What should I do if I have trouble finding the right capacitor brand for my application?

If you’re having trouble finding the right capacitor brand for your application, consult the manufacturer or other professionals in your field for guidance. You may also consider custom capacitor solutions if your application has unique requirements that off-the-shelf components can’t meet.


We hope you found this article helpful. We mainly wanted to write this article to share some of our experiences with the different brands of capacitors we’ve come across over the years. The experience and knowledge we’ve acquired will help you find the right capacitors for your projects.

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