Best Electric MCB Switch Brands In India

Looking for the best MCB Switch brand in India. We’ll help you to find the best MCB switch brand with price, specifications, features, and reviews.

1. Anchor MCB Switch

An anchor mcb switch is the most commonly used type of mcb switch in India. Anchor MCB switches are of two types- with latching (or holding) power and non-latching (or non-holding) power

2. Havells MCB Switch

Havells India is a leading Electrical Equipment & household appliances manufacturer in the world that provides eco-friendly and technologically advanced products.

3. Schneider Electric MCB Switch

Schneider Electric-branded MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) switch for use in low voltage installations. Designed for indoor use in homes and commercial buildings,

4. Wipro MCB Switch

Wipro electric MCB switch is an electrical control device that is used to control and manage the power supply to electrical equipment.

5. AmiciSmart MCB Switch

The Amici Smart Electric is designed for those who want to make their homes more intelligent and are looking for the best MCB switch brand in India

6. Legrand MCB Switch

Legrand Switchgear & Control Products are the most preferred choice for electrical installation, communication, fire protection, and electrical distribution


MICROTAIL Electric MCB switch is a microprocessor-based, bidirectional, programmable, general-purpose miniature circuit breaker that is suitable for a wide range of applications such as industrial automation,