Best Electric RCCB Switch Brands

Electric RCCB Switch is more critical component in domestic and industrial applications.

1. Havells RCCB Switch

Havells RCCB Switch is the most critical component in home and industrial applications.

2. Anchor By Panasonic RCCB Switch

Panasonic Electric RCCB Switch is the most used RCCB Switch in domestic and industrial applications.

3. Larsen RCCB Switch

Larsen Electric RCCB Switch has a leading position in the Indian market.


XCELLENT Electric RCCB Switch is one of the main components for Protection of buildings and equipment against electrical shocks and damage

5. Hitech Electric RCCB

Hitech Electric RCCB Switch provides 24x7x365 protection to the equipment and control panel against electrical overload and short circuit.

6. Schneider Electric RCCB

Schneider Electric is a French multinational company which is operating in many countries like India, U.S.A and many other countries.

7. AmiciSmart RCCB Switch

AmiciSmart RCCB Switch is one of the most critical component of electrical installation, which is required by various laws in India.

8. MLD RCCB Switch

MLD RCCB Switch is a device which keeps an eye on the current running through a circuit and switches off the circuit if the current in abnormal.