Best Float Switch Sensor Brands In India For Water Level

If you are looking for the best float switch manufacturers in India, then this is the place to be. Tackling the basics of the float switch and its various applications,

1. AMPEREUS Float Switch

AMPEREUS is a leading float switch manufacturing company in India. We are manufacturing float switches for more than 15 years.

2. MEGAFLOW Float Switch

MEGAFLOW Float switches are one of the most commonly used sensors for water level monitoring. These are basically the most commonly used sensors for the proper functioning of your water supply system

3. Blackt Electrotech Float Switch

Blackt Electrotech has been established as a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of Float Switches and Level Sensors,


OCEAN STAR TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of Float Switches in India. We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Float Switches that is

5. Senso Float Switch

Senso float switch is basically a device that senses the presence of water. The moment water is detected it switches on the pump and starts pumping water from the tank.

6. Dehmy Float Switch

Dehmy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of float switch sensors in India. Our float switch sensor is widely used in industrial automation and water treatment.

7. Imagine Technologies Float Switch

Imagine Technologies, one of the most trusted names in the field of industrial automation, has a wide range of float switch sensors in its collection