Top 7 Modular Switches In India 

The best modular switch brands are those that will give you a host of features, a long lifespan, and easy installation. These switches come in two types – mechanical and electrical.

1. Havells Modular Switch

Havells is a leading Indian brand, which manufactures high-quality electrical products. It was founded in 1914 in Mumbai by Sir Dorabji Tata, with a capital of Rs.5000.

2. Anchor Modular Switch

You can depend on the ANCHOR brand for superior quality and performance. Through the years, ANCHOR has built a reputation for manufacturing the finest quality marine grade switches

3. Schneider Modular Switch

The Schneider Electric Company is a multinational electronics and power equipment company based in France. It is the world’s largest energy management and automation company.

4. Panasonic Modular Switch

Panasonic is a global electronics brand that was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. It was started as a small business with a capital of just $25,000.

5. Reo Modular Switch

REO Switch is a leader in the industry of manufacturing and selling the best modular switch. They offer the best modular switch that is available in the market

6. Syska Modular Switch

SYSKA switches are some of the best modular switches available in India. These switches make it easy to manage your power consumption as they come with a host of features.

7. Smarteefi Modular Switch

The smarteefi switch is a modular switch that has been designed to last longer than the average switch. It has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and this means that you will not have to change the switch