Best Nose Plier Brands In India

ose pliers are a necessary part for anyone that does piercings, especially if you do advanced piercings such as cartilage or naval piercings.

1. PYE Nose Plier

YE Nose Plier is one of the best nose plier brands available. These nose pliers are made with high-quality stainless steel and are comfortable and easy to use.

2. Harden Nose Plier

Harden nose pliers are made in India. They are made from stainless steel. These pliers are easy to use and are great for beginners. The grips are made out of a rubber-like material,

3. Pilerman Nose Plier

The Pilerman nose pliers are the best nose pliers on the market. They are made from high-quality stainless steel and have a very precise jaw,

4. ACHRO Nose Plier

One of the best nose plier brands (and probably most well-known) is the ACHRO brand. ACHRO has been making nose pliers since 1910, so they have been around for a long time.

5. Lonix Nose Plier

The Ionix Nose Plier is a high-quality nose plier, in fact, it is so high quality that all of the piercers at our studio use it, and I personally use it at home when I want to change my jewelry.

6. Perfect Nose Plier

Perfect Nose Pliers are an amazing set of nose pliers available in a variety of different styles. Perfect nose pliers come in 2 sizes: 12.5mm and 18.6mm. Perfect nose pliers have a curved,

7. BLACK+DECKER Nose Plier

The BLACK+DECKER Nose Plier is a top-of-the-line nose plier. It is made of high-quality steel with a rubberized grip that is super comfortable.