Top 7 Paint In India

Paint is something that is used in almost every household. Whether it is for painting your house walls or your drawing table, everyone needs paint

1. ASIAN Paint

Asian Paints is the first-largest paint company in India, it is the market leader in the premium segment,

2. Berger Paint

The Berger Paints brand is one of the most widely accepted brands in the Indian paint market. With a wide range of products,

3. Nerolac Paint

Nerolac is a premium brand of paint in India that is available in both liquids as well as powder forms.

4. Shalimar Paint

Shalimar is a brand of paint that is produced by Hindustan Unilever Limited, which is one of India’s largest consumer goods companies

5. Dulux Paint

Dulux is a globally known brand for paint. It is the world’s biggest paint brand with annual sales of $3.3 billion. It was founded in 1881 by Clement Richard James, a British inventor

6. Snowcem Paint

Snowcem is a brand of paint manufactured by Snowcem Paints Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in the year of 1984 and is based in Mumbai,

7. British Paint

Looking for Best Paint Brands In British Paint is one of the best Paint Brands in India. British Paint has a huge collection of Paint Products in India.