Best Paint Brush Brands In India

Painting is a skill every one of us needs to learn. But, most of us think it is a big hassle. That is why we always prefer getting professionals to do it for us.

1. Asian Paint Brush

Asian Paint Brush: Asian Paints is one of the best paint brands in India and it is known for premium quality paint brushes

2. Berger Paint Brush

Berger is a brand known for its quality products. It is a company which has been established in the year 1885

3. National Paint Brush

National Paint Brush is an Indian company that was established in the year 1945. The company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying brushes

4. WORISON Paint Brush

WORISON is a professional paint brush manufacturer from Germany. Since 1993 WORISON has been designing and producing premium paint brushes in Germany

5. Skygold Paint Brush

ended for use with acrylic paint, however, you may also use them with poster paints. However, acrylic paints are best suited for use with these paint brushes.

6. Bhoomi Paint Brush

Bhoomi is an Indian Paint brush manufacturer and supplier. Bhoomi paint brush is used for painting, decorating, and wall and floor covering

7. Mercury Paint Brush

Mercury is a well-known paint brush brand that is imported from China to India. Among the top three paint brush brands in the country,