Best Paint Mixer Brands In India

A paint mixer helps you to mix paint in the required ratio. This helps you to get the perfect color for your homes and offices. There are many paint mixer brands available in the market.


SWADESI KRAFTS Paint Mixer is one of the best paint mixer brands in India. It is very easy to use and is a multipurpose mixer that can mix all kinds of paints,

2. KROST Paint Mixer

KROST is a well-known name in the paint mixer industry, which is trusted by professional painters across the globe. KROST paint mixer is a handy and useful tool that can mix any type of paint with high precision.

3. Asian Paint Mixer

Asian paints are one of the best paint companies in India which manufacture quality paint products in different colors and quality at reasonable prices.

4. KCH Paint Mixer

KCH is the brand of choice for many professionals, especially those making high-quality paints and coatings. Since the company was founded in 1959,

5. Inditrust Paint Mixer

Inditrust has been manufacturing the best paint mixer for the last 20 years. This paint mixer is the cheapest paint mixer available in India for any paint mixer brand.

6. Zebra Premium Paint Mixer

Zebra Premium Paint Mixer is probably the most used paint mixer in India with the highest selling record. It is very easy to use and can mix paint at a great speed

7. Bosch Paint Mixer

Bosch paint mixer is a powerful and compact tool that makes the mixing of paints, varnishes, and other coatings with high accuracy and quick mixing.