Best Paint Roller Brands

Roller painting is one of the most popular methods of painting. This method is basically done with the help of a roller and paint. It is fast, cheap and convenient too.

1. Berger Paint Roller

Berger Roller is a tool or material used to apply paint to a surface. Berger Rollers were first used by painters in the 19th century to apply paint to the surfaces of canvas and other materials.

2. Kayra Decor Paint Roller

Picking the right Kayra Decor roller is as important as choosing the right wall paint. Selecting the right roller is as important as choosing the right wall paint.

3. Asian Paint Roller

Asian Paints is one of the leading manufacturers in India. The roller is a painting tool that is used to apply paint and other liquid or semi-liquid coatings to large areas.

4. UXCELL Paint Roller

Painting is a very common activity. You may often see people painting their own house or the neighbor’s house. But it’s not a simple task to paint the entire house.

5. Starby Paint Roller

Roller India is the best paint roller manufacturer company in India. Starby India is the best paint rollers manufacturer in India.

6. DECORNOW Paint Roller

DECORNOW is a company whose aim is to provide high-quality products at a highly affordable price.

7. Charminar Paint Roller

The Charminar roller by Lux is a non-stick roller that is best suited for wall painting. The roller head is made of polypropylene and has a non-stick coating for less paint sticking.