Best Plumbing Pipe Cutter Brands In India

Every home is equipped with water pipes that carry water to all the taps in the household. Though these pipes are strong and sturdy,

1. INGCO Pipe Cutter

INGCO Pipe Cutter These cutters are made up of different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and plastic. For cutting plastic pipes, plastic pipe cutters are used.

2. Digital Craft Pipe Cutter

Digital Craft is the largest supplier of plumbing supplies in the UK. Its range of pipe cutters consists of tools that are designed to cut plastic, copper, steel, as well as other materials.

3. Swabs Pipe Cutter

Swabs pipe cutter is a unique tool that can be used to cut pipes and tubes that are made from copper, steel, and aluminum. These cutters are quite versatile in their nature and can be used to cut pipes of different diameters

4 Inditrust Pipe Cutter

The Inditrust Pipe Cutter is a unique tool that is able to cut various types of pipes. It comes with heavy-duty construction and is able to cut pipes up to a diameter of 8’’.

5. Wulf Pipe Cutter

Wulf pipe cutters are ideal for cutting pipes of any size. The cutter is made from high-quality cast steel and is chrome plated. The cutter’s blade is very sharp and has a very fine surface finish

6. AASONS Pipe Cutter

AASONS has a wide variety of pipe cutters that can cut a variety of pipes. AASONS provides a wide variety of pipe-cutting services. They are available in various sizes and can be adjustable.

7. Mass Pro Pipe Cutter

Mass Pro Pipe Cutter has been designed to cut pipes. This cutter is made of high-grade stainless steel. This ensures durability and longer life.