Best Putty Blade Brands In India

A putty blade is a device used by carpenters and painters to apply putty to joints and cracks. It is also used to scrape down wooden window frames and skirting boards.

1. Gonaturs Putty Blade

Gonaturs is a prominent name in the field of painting and decorating tools. It is also a well-known name in the industry of wall putty.

2. Starby Putty Blade

Starby Putty Blade – Starby is among the top putty blade brands and is also one of the leading names in the industry when it comes to manufacturing putty blades.

3. UPON Putty Blad

putty blade brand in India. Since its inception, the brand UPON has been synonymous with a range of excellence, top quality, and premium performance.

4. Cinix Putty Blade

The Cinix Putty Blade is a premium quality putty blade, which is a must-have tool for a painter.

5. GHST Putty Blade

GHST is a famous brand in India for putty blades. GHST is a brand of Indotools. Indotools is a leading manufacturer of Putty blades in India.

6. TMC Putty Blade

TMC putty blade is one of the best putty blade brands in India, which is used to cut the paint surface on the wall

7. KCH Putty Blade

KCH Putty Blade is one of the most popular putty blade brands in India. It is available in two variants i.e. KCH Putty Blade with hard coating and the KCH Putty Blade with Soft coating.