Top 7 Putty Scraper  in India

The putty scraper is a putty blade that is used to remove putty and caulk from surfaces. It is created with a handle and a replaceable blade that is typically made of high-carbon steel.

1. Cinix Putty Scraper

Best putty scraper brands in India Cinix Putty Scraper is one such brand that is available in the market that offers a wide range of putty scrapers online.

2. Starby Putty Scraper

Starby putty scraper is a quick and easy way to remove paint, grout, cement, and adhesives without causing any damage to the surfaces.

3. Upon Putty Scraper

Upon is the best putty scraper brand in India. It is made of high-quality material and lasts longer than other scrapers.

4. Gonaturs Putty Scraper

Gonaturs Putty Scraper is also known as a putty knife. Its purpose is to remove old paint, mortar, plaster, caulk, adhesives, putty, etc.

5. HASTHIP Putty Scraper

The HASTHIP putty scraper is an industrial quality putty scraper made of high carbon steel. The material used in this product is quality assured and the manufacturing process is quality controlled.

6. AASONS Putty Scraper

AASONS is one of the renowned brands that offer high-quality putty scraper. The putty scraper works great for removing paint and putty from the surface

7. MR LIGHT TOTAL Putty Scraper

MR LIGHT TOTAL putty scraper is a flexible scraper that is used for removing paint and other coatings from the surface of walls, doors, windows, and woodwork.