Best Safety Valve Brands In India

Safety valves for geysers keep the water safe and provide you a safe opportunity to release excess pressure from the geyser system

1. PMW Safety Valve

Pmw safety valve is a leading company in the area of safety valves that are used for safety purposes.

2. NEW WARE Safety Valve

NEW WARE  Safety Valve is a very important part of the geyser.  Safety Valve is also known as Thermal Relief Valve in the geyser industry.

3. Generic Safety Valve

The safety valve is used to prevent the high pressure of the steam from harming the boiler

4. KINIK Safety Valve

KINIK safety valve is a device used in a geyser that is intended to release excess pressure in the geyser.

5. American Micronic Safety Valve

American Micronic is a well-known name in the industries of plumbing products and geysers.

6. VMS INDIA Safety Valve

VMS INDIA is the best brand in India. It is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Heavy Duty Safety Valves in India.

7. Excluzo Safety Valve

Excluzo is the best manufacturer of safety valves in India. We have been manufacturing the valves for over three decades and have a great track record of 100% customer satisfaction.