Best VGA Cable Brands In India

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array which is a standard connector found on PCs and laptops. You will need to have VGA cables as they are the most common cables used to connect projectors,

1. Rankie VGA Cable

The market is full of different types of Rankie  VGA Cables that are sold at very high prices. But we think that you should not waste your money on these brands

2. AmazonBasics VGA Cable

AmazonBasics VGA Cable is a great external solution for creating a video signal for a projector, TV, or monitor. The cable is long and the connection is tight,


The UGREEN VGA Cable is a high-quality, high-resolution, VGA cable that will allow you to connect your computer to your monitor or projector. The UGREEN VGA cable is compatible with both analog and digital systems.

4. BlueRigger VGA Cable

BlueRigger VGA Cable is one of the leading brands in the United States that has been manufacturing high-quality cables since 1992. They produce cables that are used for various purposes

5. POSH VGA Cable

We at POSH manufacture the best quality VGA Cables. Our VGA Cables are available in different lengths and connectors. The VGA Cable is suitable for connecting all computers to a monitor or projector.

6. JGD VGA Cable

The VGA cable is one of the most essential things in a computer system. It is used to connect computers to monitors and is used for a variety of different purposes. There are many different brands of VGA cables

7. Mobiseries VGA Cable

The source of high-quality video from your computer to your monitor is the VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable. VGA is an analog signal that does not require a power cable.