Best Welding Wire Brands In india

Welding rods have been used for the last few decades by welders and fabricators. They are essential and play a crucial role in the welding process.

1. Tata Agrico Welding Rod

Tata Agrico is one of the leading welding rod brands in India. We are a trusted name in the market for offering high-quality weld material at an affordable price

2. Homdum Welding Rod

Homdum welding rods are available from a range of welding rod suppliers in India.A welding rod is a consumable item that is used in the process of welding or joining together two or more parts.

3. FG Welding Rod

FG welding rod is a brand that is known for its quality and precision products. The brand makes it its duty to provide manufacturing solutions for the welders.

4. GALO Welding Rod

GALO is an Indian welding rods manufacturer. GALO brand welding rods are available in a variety of sizes and grades. DIN-7018 GALO has good quality on average price.

5. ZUA Welding Rod

ZUA Welding Rod is an E6011 and E7011 mild steel electrode with a Zinc coating, designed for arc welding of mild steel in all positions.

6. Mangalam Welding Rod

Mangalam Welding Rod is an Indian-based company and is one of the leading manufacturers of welding rods in India.

7. Warcraft Tohson Welding Rod

Warcraft Tohson is a reputed brand in the market of welding rods. The company offers some of the best products in the market.