Top Electrical Switches Brands In India

Electrical switches play a very important role in Electric circuits. It is the electrical switch that toggles the flow of electricity through the circuit. Electrical switches are judged by their voltage and amperage capacity.

1. ANCHOR Electrical Switch

ANCHOR is an electrical manufacturer, which is located in the United States. ANCHOR company was established in the year 1881. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality switches,

2. Havells Electrical Switch

Havells is an Indian household electrical products manufacturer. The company is headquartered in New Delhi India. It was founded in the year 1954 by Mr. R.P. Agarwal.

3. REO Electrical Switch

The REO brand is a leading brand in electrical switches. Their electrical switches are top-notch. The REO brand is often recognized as the go-to brand for many electricians and electrical engineers.

4. Schneider Electrical Switch

The Schneider Electric Company, commonly referred to as Schneider Electric, is a multinational corporation operating in the field of electrical and digital industrial electronics in the world.

5. CONA Electrical Switch

CONA, a manufacturer of electrical switches, has a wide range of industrial switches for different applications. Available in single and double pole switches

6. Duravolt Sta Electrical Switch

Duravolt Star is a range of high-quality rocker switches manufactured by Duratek. The switches are made to last long, hence they are made using high-quality raw materials.

7. Generic Electrical Switch

The generic electric switch is the most basic of electrical switches. It is also the most common type of electrical switch. The generic electric switch is designed to be used as a normal switch