10 Best Band Saw Brands In India For Woodworking

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A Band Saw might be not so important to you but it is the foremost tool a woodcutter should keep in his workshop. It is one of the major tools that make work easy. A Band Saw is a sharp-toothed tool that provides you control over the cutting of wood metal, and other building materials. The brand saw consists of an endless moving belt with an intended edge. These are used for woodworking metalworking and lumbering and can also cut various materials.

Top 10 Band Saw Companies In India

List Of Top 10 Band Saw Brands In India

What is Band Saw?

A band saw is a power tool that uses a long, continuous blade with teeth to cut through a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and more. The blade is stretched over two wheels, with one wheel being driven by a motor to rotate the blade. The cutting action of a band saw is achieved by the teeth of the blade cutting through the material as it passes through the blade’s throat or cutting capacity. Band saws are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, and other industries where precision cutting is required. They are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit different cutting applications.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Band Saw?

  • Versatility
  • Precision
  • Efficiency
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Safety
  • Higher Cost
  • Space
  • Limited cutting depth
  • Blade drift
  • Blade maintenance

How to Use Band Saw?

  • Cleaning the bandsaw:- Always clean the bandsaw before a start. Cleaning removes the dust and any leftover wood on the bandsaw.
  • Using the appropriate blade:- Choose the blade according to the type of cut. Some jobs require a little finer and at other times you might want cuts a little rougher.
  • Blade tension:- When you are using the bandsaw be aware of the blade tension, make sure to raise it to an appropriate level.
  • Blade Guides:- Blade guides are the blade holders. Make sure the guides are close to the blade to make a good cut.
  • Blade Gaurd:- When cutting makes sure the blade guard is close to the material.
  • Plug:-Plug the bandsaw and complete your wood-cutting work.
  • Unplug:-Be sure to unplug the bandsaw when it is not in use.
  • Cleaning (after using):- After you are done clean the sawdust and wood pieces that are stuck in the saw.

What to consider while choosing the best band saw brand?

The motor is the most important part of the saw as it provides power to the blade to cut the material. Motors with higher power and speed provide high work efficiency.
It is the main worker in the band saw. The cut quality of the saw’s blade is measured in TPI. The higher the TPI the more quality cut you will get.
Blade Tension
Most saw provides the feature of tracking the blade wear and tear and also blade tension to set it according to the desired level.
It is the angle to which the worktable is tilted. Most of the saw comes with a tilt ability of 45 degrees.
Throat Size
It is the space behind the blade to the last point of the table. The size of the throat is according to the size of the table.
Table Frame
he bandsaw items are of two types cast iron and welded steel. The steel frame is vibration resistant under a heavy cutting load.

List of 10 Best Bandsaw Brands in India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best Bandsaw In IndiaPrice List*
1stPathak 200mm Heavy Duty Bandsaw15000
2ndHitachi CM7525000
3rdJet JWBS-1035000
4thFein BS 150 Bandsaw45000
5thMetabo BS 860 Bandsaw60000

Bosch Bandsaw

Bosch Bandsaw Machine
Makita 2107FK 6.5 Amp Capacity Variable Speed Portable Band Saw


About the Brands: The history of Bosch is characterized by innovation – and of course by Robert Bosch, its founder. Boch is known for precision mechanical and electrical engineering work. The Bosch GCB10-5 deep-cut band saw is a lightweight, easy-to-handle tool that delivers neat cuts. It comes with a battery power of 10 amps which provides clean, precise cuts. It is known for spark-free operation, provides a safer job site, and provides deep-cut capability as it delivers the cut up to 4-3/4 inches. It has a compact design and is lightweight- with a weight of 14.5 lbs. Provides variable speed for cutting different materials. Comes with a convenient saw hook and LED light. Here You can also check the List of Pole Saw Brands and types of Radial Arm Saw. Bosch Bandsaw Price In India – 42190*

Most Selling Bosch Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Power SourceBattery Powered
Amperage6.5 Amps
Item Weight5000 Grams
Cutting Angle360 Degrees
  • Light in weight and thus facilitate portability.
  • Provides neat and precise cuts.
  • Best known for spark-free operation, the band ensures safety.
  • Convenient in use as it comes with a saw hook and led light.
  • Difficulty in mounting blades

Why do we choose Bosch Bandsaw?
The best thing about Bosch Bandsaw is the spark-free feature and also it is easy to operate.

Wen Bandsaw

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw

About the Brands: It is one of the best manufacturers known for manufacturing good quality bandsaws it is a powerful device that gives a cutting depth of 3.5 inches & a cutting width of 9 inches. The blade length is 59.5 & its width is 1\8-3\8 inches and weighs 40 pounds. A power battery of 3.5 amp runs at 2500 fpm giving you a bevel that cuts up to the range of   0 – 45-degree. It comes with a 3-in-1 dust collector It has a LED light with independent switch control. Throat size of 9 inches and is electrically powered. Wen Bandsaw Price In India – 26265*

Most Selling Wen Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal
Special FeatureLIGHTWEIGHT
Voltage120 Volts
Amperage10 Amps
Item Weight6.58 Kilograms
Blade Length5 Inches
  • It is a well-built quality product.
  • The work table provides you with enough space to stretch while making Cuts.
  • It allows you to use the saw with ease.
  • Wide dust collector
  • Anti-vibration system vibrates less while using it.
  • Not so great for straight cuts.
  • Needs a sufficient power outlet.

Why do we choose Wen Bandsaw?
It comes with a 3-in-1 dust collector and provides a worktable with good Space and is also known for being the best quality bandsaw brand.

Dewalt bandsaw

DEWALT DCS371N-XJ 18V MAX* Compact Band Saw

About the Brands: It is an American company set up in 1923 by Radyom E. DeWalt the inventor of the radial arm saw. It is a tool company that manufactures power tools and hand tools for manufacturing and craftsman industries. It is a battery- a portable device with 5 inches of cutting capacity to cut various materials like plastic, wood, iron, etc. It has a blade width of 1/2 inch and a blade length of 44 7/8 inches. With a weight of 12.4 pounds, it has an LED light with a 20-second delay to light up your workplace to cut accurate cuts. The brushless motor provides you with better control over your performance. The variable speed trigger provides you with versatility. It comes with a handle and can be hung on the wall thus saving space in your workplace to do other work. It has a toolless blade changing lever for quick and easy blade changing. You may also like to read Best Hand Saw Review. Dewalt bandsaw Price In India – 20899*

Most Selling Dewalt bandsaw In India

Product Specification

ColourBlack, Yellow
Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions38.5L x 30W x 28H Centimeters
Voltage18 Volts
Amperage2.22 Amps
  • It is lightweight and portable, comes with a handle to hang it on the wall in turn saves space in the workplace.
  • Variable speed trigger gives better control and enhances performance.
  • The brushless motor improves the life of the motor.
  • The battery and the charger are not provided with the tool thus it adds on to a little cost to the buyer.

Why do we choose Dewalt Bandsaw?
The DeWalt bandsaw comes with many features such as portability, its hanging function, and brushless motor variable speed triggers for enhanced performance.

Delta Bandsaw

Delta Bandsaw

About the Brands: Delta Power Equipment Software by Herbert Tautz in 1919 that designs manufactures and distributes power woodworking tools under the Delta Machinery brand. It expanded from making small tools for home shops to light industrial machinery. It is a 14-inch wheel bandsaw with a motor power of 1 and cutting speed of 1620 and 3340 FPM. It has an oversized table insert that provides good visibility while adjusting the blade guide. It includes a 4-inch dust port. Delta Bandsaw Price In India – 42000*

Most Selling Delta Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

ColourBlack, Silver
Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions45.08 x 28.54 x 19.21 inches
Voltage‎240 Volts
Power Source‎Corded Electric
  • Comes with many features such as Led light for good visibility
  • The center handle provides a strong and comfortable grip.
  • It offers ball gearing above and below the table.
  • The dust port is located at the bottom and thus can effectively collect the dust.
  • You have to hold the trigger while working.

Why do we choose Delta Bandsaw?

Delta is the best option for small to medium-shop workers as it is well-built and comes at an affordable price. The Centre handle provides a good grip while working.

Rikon Bandsaw

Rikon Bandsaw
RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw

About the Brands: It is a Chinese company that is established to manufacture woodworking machinery and tools of the highest quality. Located in Qingdao, China it offers the best products at reasonable prices and receives customer satisfaction against it. It is a 10-inch long bandsaw that offers a variety of features. It has a powerful motor of 3.5 amp. It has a blade length of Blade Length – 70 ½ inches and a blade width of 1/8 to 1/2 inches. It is electrically powered and its working speed is 2580 FPM which cuts various materials like plastic, wood, and even non-ferrous materials With a table of cast iron material it comes with well well-equipped upper and lower ball bearing guide. Its bevel cut is 0 to 45-degree. Rikon Bandsaw Price In India – 83466*

Most Selling Rikon Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions35.5″L x 18″W x 13″H
Voltage115 Volts
Power Source‎Corded Electric
  • The steel design makes the tool strong and gives it durability.
  • The cast iron table allows it to work effectively.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • The initial setup of the machine is a bit challenging.
  • A little bit expensive product.
  • The quality of the blade is not so good.

Why do we choose Rikon Bandsaw?
The Rikon Bandsaw is made of steel which makes the bandsaw strong and durable. The motor power and cutting capacity are excellent.

Milwaukee Bandsaw

Milwaukee Bandsaw
Milwaukee 2729-22 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw

About the Brands: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is a power tool company that was founded in 1924 and manufactures power tools. It is made of a plastic handle and is easy to handle. It cuts various materials and is lightweight allowing portability. The tool is battery-powered, with a blade length of 44 7/8 inches and a weight of 25 pounds. It,s capacity is 5 inches and its battery power is 18V. It has an ergonomic design that allows the user to rest his hands while using it and comes with an adjustable shoe that allows you to adjust the shoe very quickly. Milwaukee Bandsaw Price In India – 51503*

Most Selling Milwaukee Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions‎23.8 x 8.17 x 24.17 inches
Voltage‎18 Volts
Material‎Plastic, steel
  • It comes with a battery, charger, and plastic carrying case.
  • You can work with it anywhere you want.
  • It is durable.
  • Blades of the Milwaukee last longer than the blades on the other bandsaw.
  • It does not have any handle to hang it on the wall
  • One has to charge the battery regularly, the battery lasts for short time.

Why do we choose Milwaukee Bandsaw?
Milwaukee Bandsaw comes with a plastic carrying case that provides ease in portability. It has good durability.

Gryphon Corporation

Gryphon Corporation
Gryphon C-40 Band Saw

About the Brands: It is a United States-based company established that gave the concept of cutting glass and stone. It is simply constructed with a few moving parts. It has a high-power motor of 115 volts and a weight of 16.32 pounds. It has a faster cutting speed because of the higher speed of the motor. It is a direct drive- it doesn’t consist of any belts and pulleys. It comes with a blade guide on both sides of the table. It consists of a water reservoir that is recirculating from within the saw, eliminating the external supply and exhaust reservoir. Gryphon Corporation Price In India – 41230*

Most Selling Gryphon Corporation In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions18 x 13 x 12.8 inches
Voltage110 Volts
  • It has a higher power motor.
  • It has a faster cutting speed.
  • Comes with a water reservoir.
  • It is a direct drive and doesn’t consist of belts and pulleys.

Why do we choose Gryphon Corporation Bandsaw?

Gryphon Bandsaw comes with a water reservoir and it has a high-power motor that gives high cutting speed.

Makita Bandsaw


About the Brands: It is a Japanese company founded in 1915, known for producing portable devices. This bandsaw offers cordless cutting power and is lightweight with a compact design. It has an 18 v lithium ion slide battery that is quickly charged. The blade length is 44 7/8 inches and the cutting speed is 4 ¾ inches. It has a cutting speed between 275-530 FPM. The adjustable foot protects the material and provides excellent support for cutting. It has an ergonomic shape that reduces fatigue and has an LED light to illuminate the area while working rubber bumpers and a removable hook. Makita Bandsaw Price In India – 38400*

Most Selling Makita Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions13.78 x 22.84 x 12.4 inches
Voltage‎18 Volts
  • Used for metal cuttings through the thread, metal sheets, pipe channel, etc.
  • Comes with led light, rubber bumper,s, and removable hook.
  • The trigger switch with lock performs two actions to power the tool.
  • It gives value for money.
  • The device doesn’t provide any battery or charger.

Why do we choose Makita Bandsaw?
It is suitable for cutting various materials and comes with led light, rubber bumpers, and a removable hook. The trigger switch with lock performs two actions to power the device.

Woodskill Bandsaw

Woodskil 3A 9-Inch Band Saw,2500FPM & 1720RPM

About the Brands: It is an efficient and powerful tool that performs several tasks. It is used for both commercial and residential use. It is used to cut different materials like wood copper, aluminum, and wood-based panel. It comes with a good dust collection and a double safety switch. It weighs 40 pounds. It is electrically corded and has a speed of 1720 RPM and a blade speed of 2500 FPM. Woodskill Bandsaw Price In India – 18801*

Most Selling Woodskill Bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions‎16″L x 12.5″W x 27″H
Voltage‎120 Volts
  • Comes with double security.
  • Cut quickly with smooth finishes.
  • Produces less sound while working.
  • Doesn’t go with heavy projects.

Why do we choose Woodskill Bandsaw?
Comes with double security and gives clear and smooth cuts. It is used for both commercial as well as residential use.

Carter bandsaw

Carter bandsaw

About the Brands: The Bandsaw is designed to provide an efficient woodworking tool to provide clear-cutting irregular shapes up to 3-5/8 inches deep & 9 inches wide. It comes with a blade tracking window that allows for alignment of the blade and a blade tension lever that makes blade changing easy. Its maximum throat capacity is 9 inches and its amperage of 2.5 amps,1725 RPM. Comes with 2 dust ports thus ensuring cleaning in your work area. Carter Bandsaw Price In India – 10920*

Most Selling Carter bandsaw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialMetal, Steel
Product Dimensions16.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
Voltage‎110 Volts

What are the Different Types of Band Saw?

There are several types of band saws available, each designed for specific cutting applications. Here are some of the most common types of band saws:

  • Vertical band saw: This is the most common type of band saw, with a vertical blade orientation. It is used for cutting curves and shapes in wood and metal.
  • Horizontal band saw: This type of band saw has a horizontal blade orientation and is typically used for cutting metal bars, pipes, and other shapes.
  • Portable band saw: This is a handheld version of a band saw that can be used for cutting in tight spaces or on job sites. It is typically used for cutting metal, but can also be used for cutting wood and other materials.
  • Double column band saw: This is a large industrial band saw that is used for heavy-duty cutting of thick metal plates and other large materials.
  • Benchtop band saw: This is a smaller version of a vertical band saw that is designed for use on a workbench. It is commonly used for cutting small pieces of wood or metal.
  • Meat band saw: This type of band saw is used in meat processing plants to cut large pieces of meat into smaller portions.
  • Resaw band saw: This is a specialized band saw used for cutting thin slices from large pieces of wood, such as cutting veneers or creating bookmatched panels.
  • Mini band saw: This is a small handheld band saw typically used for hobby and craft projects, such as model making and jewelry making.
  • Best know for precise cuts of irregular shapes.
  • Comes with the blade window to set alignment while cutting the material.
  • Comes with a dust port to keep the tool and work area clean and thus reduces dust inhalation.
  • Not as good as others saw for commercial purposes.

Why do we choose Carter Bandsaw?
It gives clear cuts to irregular shapes and comes with a blade window and a dust port.


What is the difference between a bandsaw and a jigsaw?

A jigsaw hand-handled saw which reciprocates a thin blade to make cuts. It is used to make cute on a wide range of materials. On the other hand, a bandsaw uses thick and large blades to make straight cuts.

What size band saw do I need?

The ideal size of a bandsaw is 12″-14″it will provide you good power and resawing capability to do your work. For professionals, the ideal is  18″ as they are required to do heavy work.

What is the most important rule to remember when using the band saw?

The most important rule is to wear safety glasses, never clean the tool while the blade is moving, and never adjust the saw while it is running.

What is the safety margin on the band saw?

It is the minimum distance one should keep while using the tool. One should maintain at least a 4” margin of safety!

What should you never do when working with the band saw?

Never attempt to remove the material while the saw or the blade is running or it is in motion.


The different bandsaw comes with different functionality, and even a minor feature affects the productivity and efficiency of work. One should purchase the bandsaw keeping all these things in mind.

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