15 Best Car Android Player Brands In India

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A car Android player, also known as an Android digital car head unit or simply an Android car stereo, is an entertainment system designed to perform the Android operating system in cars. A touchscreen interface comes with various modern functions such as Audio, Video music playback, internet and Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming, voice control, social media access, hands-free calling, and GPS navigation. It also supports Google Play Store apps with familiar user interface and allows them to access while on the road. These android car stereos play a vital role in increasing the in-car entertainment while driving and making your ride a thrilling experience. After all, which are the Best Car Android Player Brands in India that you can buy for your car here is the list check below:

Our Top Picks:

Best Overall
Sony Android Player
Sony Car Stereo (8.95 inch)
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Best By Feature
Bassoholic Android Player
Bassoholic 9 Inches Advanced Car Radio Receiver Android System
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Value for money
JXL Android Player
JXL 9 Inch Car Andriod Double Din Player
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Top 15 Best Android Car Stereo Brands In India

Things To Consider Before Buying Car Android Players Online

  • Screen Size: A Car Android Player comes in screen sizes ranging from 6 to 10+ inches that’s why to choose a screen size that fits best on the dashboard space in your car and works best for in-car entertainment. Although larger screens provide better visibility, but may not be suitable for all cars.
  • Features: Consider additional features including integrated GPS navigation, customizable interface, voice control support, app compatibility, and interaction with in-car devices like backup cameras or steering wheel controls.
  • Processing Power: Opt for a car Android player with powerful processors, preferably quad-core or higher, to ensure blistering performance, especially when using an Android app or Google Maps. 
  • Storage Capacity: To ensure smooth operations of the interface such as your favourite apps, music, videos, and offline maps without hanging or lagging issues, choose a player with sufficient built-in storage or support for external storage options like USB drives or microSD cards. 
  • Connectivity: Ensure the player supports essential connectivity features such as USB/Aux inputs for connecting external devices, Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music playback, and Wi-Fi for internet access and app downloads.
  • Performance: Consider user reviews and expert opinions while evaluating the player’s performance. Quick boot-up speeds, little lag, and effective app management are examples of features that enhance user experience.
  • Cost: Maintain a balance between your desired Android player’s features and quality and your budget. To ensure you make the best choice possible, compare pricing between various brands and models considering the important aspects such as customer service, warranty, and long-term usage while deciding to buy a Car Android player.

List of 15 Best Car Android Player Brands In India

Best Car Android PlayerPrice*Amazon Rating (Out of 5)Lnlisting Rating (Out of 5)
Sony Car Android Player18999*3.93.5
Bassoholic Car Android Player5790*43.9
Nippon Car Android Player7718*11
AUTO SNAP Android Double Din Stereo Player4999*43.9
JXL Car Android Double Din Player6999*3.94
ADITION Car Android Player9899*3.13
Blaupunkt Car Android Player15999*43.9
Hamaan Car Android Player8999*2.92.5
Sound FIRE Car Android Player8999*4.34.5
Goldfinch Car Android Player9500*4.54.5
TESHA Android Car Stereo/Headunit7999*3.83.5
Modorwy Car Android Player4999*3.33.2
Gerex Car Android Player5999*4.24.2
Instaplay Car Android Player5049*3.83.6
FurnishMyAuto Car Android Player15999*54.9

TESHA Car Android Player


About the Brands: Tesha is the brand that designs modern and cheaper car android players for music lovers. One of the best qualities of the brand is its commitment to offering reliability and flexibility to users. Whether you are looking for a product for listening to music, GPS navigation, or accessing your favorite apps, Tesha Car Android Players is such a good one with various features and functionalities to suit your requirements.

Recommend TESHA Android Car Stereo/Headunit in India 

  • TESHA. 9″ Android Car Headunit – A Value for Money Car Android Player 
  • TESHA. 9″ Android Car Stereo/Headunit with 4 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Best Navigation and In-Car Entertainment Headunit 
  • TESHA. 9″ Android Car Stereo/Headunit with 2 GB RAM /32 GB ROM – A Ultimate Driving Enhancer Android Headunit 

Product Specification

Special FeatureBluetooth, AHD Camera support, Split-screen mode
Connector TypeUSB
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone

Bassoholic Car Android Player

Bassoholic 9 Inches Android 10 System 

About the Brands: Bassoholic, a highly trusted manufacturer of Android car stereos, is committed to elevating your in-car audio experience. Recognized as a leading brand in India, Bossoholic founded itself as a solution for peace of mind in the car Audio and video music industry and offers an extensive range of smart Android car players, head units, radios, stereos, and other audio accessories.

Recommend Bassoholic Car Android Player in India 

  • Bassoholic Premium G1 Series 9 Inches (22cm) Android Car Radio Receiver System with 2GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Modern Features and Exceptional Performance
  • Bassoholic 9 Inches Advanced Android Car Player with 2 GB RAM /16 GB ROM – Seamless Connectivity featuring Android 10 System 
  • Bassoholic 9 Inches Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM /16 GB ROM – Superb Quality Sound

Product Specification

Controller TypeAndroid
Special FeatureTouchscreen, Built-In Bluetooth
Compatible DevicesAmplifier
Connector TypeBluetooth, USB


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Excellent sound and video quality 
  • Super accurate and responsive GPS functions


  • Little bit slow 
  • Lack issue while connecting to the internet 

User Review: I’m impressed with its performance as it has straightforward installation and a responsive touchscreen. Bluetooth connectivity works great, allowing me to make hands-free calls and streaming music easily. I got up to the mark stereo for my car’s audio system. 

JXL Car Android Double Din Player

JXL 9 Inch Car Android Double Din Player

About the Brands: JXL brand was founded by Vivek Nanda in 2015 and it is India’s best company to design Alpine auto entertainment products. The brand offers a diverse range of in-car audio entertainment products such as speakers, audio and video car android players, car FM, bass tubes, subwoofers, and tweeters with modern technology and high-end performance as per your choice and needs.

Recommend JXL Car Android Player in India 

  • JXL 9 Inch 1080P HD Screen Car Android Double Din Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Innovative Technology for In-car Entertainment 
  • JXL 9 Inch 1280P HD Screen Car Andriod Double Din Player 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – A Integrated Smart Stereo 
  • JXL 9 Inch (22cm) Car Android Double Din Player 2 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM – A High-Performance Immersive Car Android Player 

Product Specification

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, Auxiliary, Wi-Fi, USB
Controller TypeAndroid
Special FeatureTouchscreen, Hands-Free Calling, Built-In Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, GPS Navigation, FM Tuner
Compatible DevicesTablet, Smartphone, Speaker


  • Great user interface
  • Amplifier Connectivity 
  • Gorilla glass for scratch-resistant


  • Hang and heating issues 
  • Slow software 

User Review: Best car android player with a sleek design and fits perfectly in the cars. Crisp HD display, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage. Android 12.0 with inbuilt apps including FM, Google Play Store, Bluetooth, Google Maps, YouTube, music, etc. Overall features work great and I loved it.

Sony Car Android Player

Sony Car Stereo XAV-AX8000 22.7 cm 

About the Brands: Sony is a multinational Japanese electronic manufacturing company incorporated by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Sony has been the world’s largest grown brand to manufacture electronic entertainment and IT products in marketing history.

Recommend Sony Car Android Player in India 

  • Sony Car Stereo XAV-AX5500 17.6 cm (6.95 inches) – Ultimate Infotainment Featuring Smart Entertainment  
  • Sony Car Stereo XAV-1500 15.7 cm (6.2 inches) – Good Bass Masterpiece for Entertainment 
  • Sony Car Stereo XAV-AX8000 22.7 cm (8.95 inch) – Big Screen with Superb Quality Sound 

Product Specification

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Controller TypeAndroid
Special FeatureHands-Free, Music Streaming, Built-In Bluetooth
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Affordable at this price 
  • Loaded with lots of modern features 
  • Fast and accurate screen response 


  • FM antenna missing 
  • Not allowed to play the video with a second USB 

User Review: Everything is fantastic with the best sound quality and audio output. Premium Apple carplay and Android auto functions with better visibility and clear display. 

Hamaan Car Android Player

Hamaan Suzuki Brezza 2022 9″ Full HD Android

About the Brands: Hamaan is a private company founded in 1988 that has more than three decades of experience in the designing of advanced technology and innovative car and home audio video accessories. The brand has expertise in designing modern Multimedia Systems, Car Speakers, Car android players, Amplifiers, Navigation Systems, and audio, and video products on a large scale. The brand ambassador of Hamaan is Bollywood Actress and Model Urvashi Rautela.

Recommend Hamaan Car Android Player in India 

  • Hamaan TATA Tiago 9″ Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM – Standard Choice for Car Music Lovers 
  • Hamaan Android 10 Bluetooth Car Stereo Multimedia Player with 2 GB RAM /16 GB ROM – Budget Friendly Advanced Featured Car Stereo
  • Hamaan 9″ Android 11 Car Stereo with 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM – Innovative Technology and Feature Loaded Music Player 

Product Specification

Special FeatureBuilt in WiFi and Bluetooth
Connector TypeUSB, 3.5mm Jack
Controller TypeiOS, Android
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Supports iOS/Android
  • Easy-to-install process 


  • Not easy to understand features
  • Bluetooth connection failed sometimes 

User Review: Best car Android player with good bass and stabilizer. Its high-resolution screen works quickly. Easy to use Android apps and the sound quality is superb.

Modorwy Car Android Player


About the Brands: ModishOmbre is a leading luxury electronics gadgets company and Modorwy was the old name of the brand. The ModishOmbre company started its journey in 2017 through visionary and dynamic company owner Mr. Atul Jain who has been instrumental in its success. with the vision of expanding its business globally. The company manufactures a diverse range of IT products such as smartphones, laptops, audio and video solutions and many more to expand its business globally.

Recommend Modorwy Car Android Player in India 

  • Modorwy Chevrolet Cruze 9 Inch Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – A Value Added Car Android Player with Unmatched Performance 
  • Modorwy TS 7 9.1 inch Car Multimedia Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Power Packed Performance, Superior Sound Quality
  • Modorwy TS7-2/32 9 Inch (23cm) Universal Car Android/Multimedia Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Advanced Features with Seamless Integration

Product Specification

Special FeatureGPS Navigation, FM Tuner, Built In Bluetooth
Connector Type3.5mm Jack
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Faster running experience
  • App download and installation feature
  • HiFi audio output 


  • Sometimes wifi may not work 
  • Not easy to understand some features 

User Review: Love this car android player as it has superior audio quality and seamlessly connects with smartphones via Bluetooth technology. Its mind-blowing hands-free control feature manages calls without taking hands off the wheel.

Blaupunkt Car Android Player

BLAUPUNKT Key Largo 980-10.1 inch 

About the Brands: Blaupunkt is a German vehicle radio system manufacturer. The brand started its journey in 1923 in Berlin when its name was “Ideal”, but in 1938 its name was changed to Blaupunkt, which means blue dot in German. In 1996 Blaupunkt started focusing on designing and producing innovative and modern technology car multimedia products.

Recommend Blaupunkt Car Android Player in India 

  • BLAUPUNKT Key Largo 980-10.1 inch Car Andriod Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Awesome Sound Output with Smart Features 
  • BLAUPUNKT RSE-10.1” inches Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM /16 GB – Awesome Entertainment based on Great Choice 
  • BLAUPUNKT Car Stereo  -130BT Digital Media Receiver – A Standard Music Player Masterpiece

Product Specification

Special FeatureBuilt-In Bluetooth
Connector TypeUSB, 3.5mm Jack
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Learning steering wheel control capable
  • Digital time alignment and frequency spectrum 
  • Easy to setup functions 


  • No reverse camera 
  • Average remote control quality 

User Review: FM setup and display clarity with big fonts are up to the mark. It has a crystal clear Bluetooth calling function with smooth quick pairing. The blue backlight of the stereo is bright and on 24*7. Must buy it. 

AUTO SNAP Android Double Din Stereo Player

AUTO SNAP 9 Inch HD 1280 Android 

About the Brands: The AutoSnap brand was founded a few years ago and represents itself as a one-stop shop for desired automotive music accessories lovers to fulfill all their perfect car audio system needs. The brand designs smart and top-notch Android car players to enhance your driving experience which makes your ride more enjoyable.

Recommend AUTO SNAP Car Android Player in India 

  • AUTO SNAP 9 Inches 22cm Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM/16 GB ROM – Modern Features with Seamless Connectivity 
  • AUTO SNAP 9 Inch Android Double Din Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Smart Infotainment Companion 
  • AUTO SNAP 9 Inch HD Car Android Player with 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM – Quick Connectivity with Next-Level Performance

Product Specification

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Controller TypeAndroid
Special FeatureEqualizer, Youtube & Online, Offline Gaming
Compatible DevicesUniversal


  • High-Resolutions IPS Display
  • Easy installation


  • Bluetooth connection failed sometimes
  • Manual headlight on/off function

User Review: Highly recommend this Android car player as its performance, sound, and video quality is quite good. Smoothly works, and is an absolute value for money product. Happy with the fast touch screen, easy installation process, and smart features.

ADITION Car Android Player

ADITION Android 9.0 Touch Screen Double Din Car 

About the Brands: ADITION has become a reliable brand among car and mobile accessories in the automotive industry. The brand designed a modern car android player for music solutions in cars that enhance the driving experience like never before. With a commitment to quality, performance, and innovation, ADITION is a well-known name among car accessories and IT products.

Recommend ADITION Car Android Player in India 

  • ADITION Android 9.0 Double Din Car Stereo Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Blistering Performance with Smart Features 
  • ADITION Android 9.0 Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo Player with 2 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM – Sounds Good Quality, Innovative Technology 

Product Specification

Special FeatureTouchscreen
Connector TypeUSB, 3.5mm Jack
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Supports USB / SD / Aux-in/FM
  • Most advanced features 
  • Can operate the system from the rear seat also


  • Sometimes a little bit of lag in the GPS  
  • Not easy to understand features for some users 

User Review: Good car Android player with advanced features. Hassle-free installation, super bright, and fast responsive display. Easy to connect automatically with mobile. Highly recommended.

NIPPON Car Android Player


About the Brands: Nippon brand represents itself as an automotive specialist that provides innovative solutions for smart in-car entertainment, with a particular focus on intuitive driving. Supported by its innovation strategy and developing instinctive driving, Inspired by its own world-changing history of bringing affordable car android players, Nippon has anticipated new market demands and brought joy to car drivers in an entertaining manner.

Recommend Nippon Car Android Player in India 

  • NIPPON NDROID 9PRO 9.1 Inch Car Android Player with 2 GB-RAM / 16 GB-ROM – Quick Connectivity, Blistering Performance
  • Nippon ANDROID 9 Plus 9 Inch Car Android Double Din Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Ultimate Fusion of Connectivity and Performance
  • Nippon 9 PRO 9 Inch Android Car Player with 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM – Innovation Upgraded in Power, Precision, and Connectivity

Product Specification

Special FeatureTouchscreen
Connector TypeBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSpeaker


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Excellent sound and video quality 
  • Loaded with smart features
  • Designed for all types of cars 


  • Some features are not easy to understand 
  • Sometimes touchscreen unresponsive 

User Review: Blindly go for this value-for-money car Android player. The 10-inch IPS display offers you true-to-life colour from any angle, making everything look fabulous and clear. With its responsive touch-button design, you can also enjoy a precise fingertip control experience.

GEREX Car Android Player


About the Brands: GEREX company was established by Abhishek Yadav and Sushant Gupta, who have expertise in designing a wide range of auto parts and car accessories such as car audio systems, seat covers, GPS navigation systems, audio and video music solutions, etc. The brand is the best choice for car owners looking to enhance the functionality and appearance of their vehicles.

Recommend GEREX Car Android Player in India

  • Gerex 9″ Inch Android Double Din Stereo Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Entertainment On-The-Go Car Android Player
  • Gerex 9″ Inch HD IPS Display Car Stereo with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – High-Speed Performance, Best Quality Soundbar

Product Specification

Special FeatureTouchscreen, Equalizer, Auto Calibration
Connector TypeStereo Audio, Coaxial
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesAmplifier


  • Online and offline navigation 
  • Easy installation process 
  • Smooth and quick response 


  • Sometimes audio output is not properly working

User Review: When installing this car player in my car it really works smoothly. It is definitely worth the money as It has great integration with Android Auto and GPS works really well. The music player and the music controls system of this Android car player work like a charm.

Goldfinch Car Android Player

Goldfinch ‎‎GF-GT-4/64-9-In Car Stereo System

About the Brands: Goldfinch Global, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is a multinational electronics company. The brand has expertise in designing a diverse range of modern LEDs, AC, and small electrical appliances such as smartphones, home appliances, tablets, car accessories, smartwatches, audio and video systems, etc. The company has the vision to offer innovation, reliability, and affordability, and provide high-quality products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers worldwide.

Recommend Goldfinch Car Android Player in India 

  • Goldfinch Audio 7-inch Android Car Stereo – Superb Sound Quality with Modern Features  
  • Goldfinch 9Inch Car Andriod Player 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Next Level Music Experience with Modern Technology 
  • Goldfinch Audio 9-inch Android Car Stereo – An Integrated Technology Companion for In-car Entertainment

Product Specification

Special FeatureBluetooth
Connector TypeBluetooth, WiFi
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Easy access apps 
  • Capacitive touch screen 
  • Feature loaded 


  • Some features are not easy to understand 
  • Bluetooth connection takes time to pair 

User Review: Smart and looks cool car Android player has many easy to use features including running Google apps without connecting your phone. It works independently like a smartphone with good internet connectivity. Quick responsive screen, superb sound quality, and modern functions at affordable cost. Don’t miss this masterpiece and must buy it.

FurnishMyAuto Car Android Player


About the Brands: Furnish My Auto is a small private company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Mumbai and manufactures the best mobile and car accessories. The car android player of the brand is an exclusive product equipped with advanced connectivity options to enhance your driving experience as in-car entertainment and keep you connected on the go.

Recommend FurnishMyAuto Car Android Player in India 

  • FurnishMyAuto OnWheel Android 8.0 Double Din Car Stereo Player with 1 GB RAM / 16GB ROM for Maruti Suzuki Ciaz – A Game Changer and Innovative Features Car Player
  • FurnishMyAuto Car Android 8.1 Universal Stereo Player with 4 GB / 32 GB ROM – Superior Sound Quality, High-end Performance 
  • FurnishMyAuto OnWheel Android 8.0 Double Din 1 GB RAM / 16 GB ROM Car Stereo Player for Creta – Best Navigation Guider on Road

Product Specification

Special FeatureEqualizer
Connector TypeBluetooth
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesTelevision


  • High configured hardware 
  • Multi-Language Support


  • Some features are not easy to understand 
  • Chinese specifications 

User Review:  I’m happy with its performance as it has excellent sound quality and clarity. Its quick responsive touchscreen and easy installation process are good enough. All features of the car player work great and I found an amazing soundbar system for my car.

SOUND FIRE Car Android Player

Sound FIRE NEXGeneration 9″ Inch

About the Brands: Sound Fire is a well-known brand with over 30 years of experience in the car audio and live music industry and aims to serve top-class audio products to music lovers with excellent customer service. The brand offers a diverse range of quality music products such as subwoofers, amplifiers, car android players, etc.

Recommend Sound FIRE Car Android Player in India 

  • Sound FIRE NEXGeneration 9″ Inch Car Android Player with 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM – A Upgraded Smart Music Bar 
  • Sound FIRE NEXGeneration 9″ Inch Android Car Stereo with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – Cheaper Soundfire Soundbar for Car 
  • Sound FIRE NEXGeneration Bass-Blaster 9″ Inch Car Android Player with 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM – A Ultimate Android Car Player with Great Performance

Product Specification

BrandSound FIRE
Special FeatureGPS Navigation, FM Tuner, Built In Bluetooth
Connector TypeBluetooth, USB
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Comes with 4 exciting UI theme 
  • Smooth wireless carplay 
  • Superb audio output 


  • Not hassle-free installation process 
  • The sound quality could be better 

User Review: It comes with various smart features and looks cool. Its unbelievable performance makes the ride more enjoyable with good quality bass sounds. Must be recommended to buy at this affordable cost. 

INSTAPLAY Car Android Player


About the Brands: Instaplay brand was established in 2017 by Rajesh Bansal with the aim of bridging the distance between technologically advanced devices and the ease with which they can be used. The company manufactures a high-end and innovative wide range of music solutions such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, USB cables, car dash cameras, smartwatches, earbuds, soundbars, and many more smart gadgets on a large scale

Product Specification

Special FeatureBuilt In Bluetooth
Connector TypeUSB
Controller TypeAndroid
Compatible DevicesSmartphone


  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Good user interface 
  • Easy-to-use features 


  • Sometimes sound output is not properly working


What is an Android music player for a car?

A car Android player or stereo system is an in-car entertainment solution that integrates the Android operating system in the car and offers smartphone or tablet functions such as GPS navigation, Audio and video music streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, music playback, Google Play Store app support, hands-free voice call handling, internet access and many more.

Can I use GPS or Google Maps on a Car Android player?

Yes, the car’s Android players are mostly designed for audio output and support Google Maps for navigation.

Do Car Android Players have software updates available?

Yes, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Car Android Players may notify software updates to enhance performance, add new features, or address security vulnerabilities from the manufacturer. It’s important to stay checked about available software updates and install them as received to improve optimal functionality and security.


Car Android players offer a modern, convenient, and feature-loaded solution to Google Maps navigation and provide access to a vast array of entertainment options for enhancing your car’s infotainment system on the road.

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