10 Best Electric Wire Brands In India For Home

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Flexible, insulated wires are used to transfer power from the main circuit to different electrical devices often referred to as an electrical cable or conductor. They are an essential part of every building, whether it is a house, office, factory, or anywhere else where electricity is needed. You should buy the best quality electric wire for safety purposes. Here we talked about the best electric wire brands in India for homes that manufacture high-quality electric wires. You can buy the highest quality electrical wire for your home from any of the manufacturers on our list.

Plaza Cables
Plaza Cable 1.5 Sq. mm 90 mtr. Wire-Green
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RR Cable
Rr Kabel Superex FR PVC Insulated Single Core Wire
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Polycab Wires 1
Polycab Optima Plus FR-LF 1 SQ-MM, 90 Meters Copper Wire
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List Of Top 10 Electric Wire Brands In India

Electric Wire & Cable Market Share Data In India

Electric Wire Cable Market Share Data

How Do We Choose the Best Electric Wire Brands For You?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best electric wire brand for your needs:

  • Brand Reputation: Buying the best electric wire or cable from a reliable brand that manufactures high-quality cables by following standards and has a good review in terms of product quality.
  • Budget: Consider the initial cost as well as prospective long-term expenses that fit into your budget but don’t compromise with the quality and safety standards.  
  • Cables and Wires Difference: Although the terms, wire and cable are the same, both have significant differences.
  • Cable: A cable is made up of many conductors that are covered with a non-conductive layer called a jacket. The cables are wrapped together here.
  • Wire: A wire is an electrical conductor consisting of copper or aluminum that carries one electrical current. It makes it possible for electricity to circulate along the route smoothly.
  • Conducting Material Quality: You have to figure out the cable’s size and the type of insulation used for the purpose to get further insight into conductivity. It’s also important to consider the distance that the voltage needs to be carried. Typically, copper and aluminum wires are used. If you’re finding for a low-cost option, aluminum is the right choice. Additionally, copper is used when low conductivity and a greater resistance are required. 
  • Power Cable Size: Consider the power cable size before buying the best electric wire. No matter what voltage systems are in place, choosing a large cable or wire is the right choice. A specific amount of current flows through the wire or cable, check the allowed volt drop-down of the cable. The wire’s gauge sizes will decide its short circuit rating and current carrying capacity.
  • Insulation: This element marks the bare conductor as safe for installation and insulates it. Check to see whether they are resistant to water and fire. You can choose PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is flame retardant grade. Consider buying FR PVC, and PVC for cable insulation, either FR or non-FR grade, which will work well for sheathing.
  • Heat-resistant: Current flow leads wires and cables to often overheat. Therefore, you should choose the one that can effectively handle currents without overheating the insulation or the cable. You can detect how much heat is generated by calculating the current passage through the cable and its resistance.
  • Temperature: Standard PVC wire is rated at 105°C, and PTFE wire is rated at 200°C. Most building wire is rated for 90°C, which covers 90% of the home and building temperature ratings. However, some types of hook-up wire increase in temperature for applications that require the wires to sit in high heat. Choosing the wrong electrical wire could limit the insulation’s lifespan.
  • Protection: Ensure that the wire has appropriate shielding and is partially enclosed within the insulating system. Therefore, shielding is essential for the safety of power cables to prevent short circuits.
  • Check Packaging: Manufacturers often put a seal or stamp on the packaging. It will help to understand Industrial quality, National standardization, and Guidelines for safety purposes that guarantee the product’s quality and safety. Even in cases when one of these seals is missing, do not buy such a product. 

List Of 10 Best Electric Wire Companies In India For 2024

Best Electric Wire Companies In IndiaElectric Wire PriceAmazon Rating (Out of 5)Lnlisting Rating (Out of 5)
Goldmedal Wires & Cables1479*4.84.9
Anchor By Panasonic Wires & Cables4000*4.44.6
Polycab Wires & Cables1244*4.14
Havells Wires & Cables1473*4.13.8
KEI Wires & Cables1331*4.14.1
Plaza Wires & Cables3300*NA4.2
Syska Wires & Cables3170*3.93.6
Finolex Wires & Cables1999*3.84
RR Kable Wires & Cables1395*3.43.8
V-Guard Wires & Cables1950*11

Plaza Wires & Cables

plaza Copper, PVC Cable 1.5 Sqmm

Brand Intro: Plaza Power was established in 2011 by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, and under his direction and supervision, the business has expanded and changed into a respectable, multi-product corporation. R K Cable, presently known as PLAZA CABLES, began as a small company 35 years ago and has gone a long way to become a significant player in the cable and wires industry. You can also check Top Electrical Switches Brands & best Modular Switches for your home.

Recommend Plaza Cables 

  • PLAZA 1.5 mm Red Wire (90 Mtr./Bundle)
  • Plaza Cable 1.5 Sq. mm 90 mtr. Wire-Green
  • Plaza Cables 2.50 Sq mm – Green

Product Specification

ColourBlack, Red


  • Superior flexibility
  • Electrolytic copper
  • High insulation resistance


  • Higher-price

R R Kabel Wires & Cables

Rr Kabel Superex FR PVC Insulated Single Core Wire

Brand Intro: R R Kabel Limited was founded in 1999 by Shri Tribhuvan Prasad Rameshwarlal Kabra. The company produces fast-moving electrical goods, wires, and cables in India. The brand offers power cables, specialty cables, industrial wires, and residential cables. Additionally, it sells FMEG goods, such as water heaters, fans, lights, switches, switchgear, and many more. 

Recommend R R Kabel  Wires 

  • RR Kabel 2.5mm Cables for Home (Red)
  • RR Kabel 1.5mm Cables for Home (Blue)
  • RR Kabel 1mm Cables for Home (Yellow)

Product Specification

BrandR R Kabel


  • Flexible copper wire
  • Less heat generation 
  • Energy saving cable


  • Little bit expensive
  • No warranty

Polycab Wires & Cables

Polycab Wires 1
Polycab Eco-Friendly Greenwire PVC Insulated Copper Cable

Brand Intro: The Directorate of Industries, Government of Gujarat, registered Polycab Industries, a partnership firm founded in 1983 by Girdhari T. Jaisinghani, Inder T. Jaisinghani, Ajay T. Jaisinghani, and Ramesh T. Jaisinghani. It is a small-scale industrial unit in association with a factory located at Halol for the manufacturing and processing activity of PVC-insulated wires and cables, copper and aluminum, and bare copper wire. Under the Companies Act of 1956, the Company was formed as Polycab Wires Private Limited in Mumbai in 1996.

Recommend Polycab Cables 

  • Polycab Maxima plus 90m, 1sqmm Cable
  • Polycab Optima plus 90m, 2.5sqmm Cable
  • Polycab Etira 90m, 1.5sqmm Cable

Product Specification

MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride 


  • Multi-strand PVC wire 
  • High-quality insulation 
  • Resistance to corrosion featured wire 


  • Little bit expensive

Finolex Wires & Cables

Finolex 1
Finolex 4 Sq mm Wire

Brand Intro: Finolex was first established in 1958 by Pralhad P. Chhabria and Kishan P. Chhabria, The company is a manufacturer of copper cables. However, its founders were visionaries and showed foresight by diversifying into the production of PVC-insulated electrical cables for the automotive industry. Finolex Cables Ltd is the largest and most reputable electrical and telecommunication cables manufacturer in India. 

Recommend Finolex Cables 

  • Finolex 1.5Sqmm wire 90m coil – Black
  • Finolex Cables 2.5 Sqmm Wire 90 m Coil (Red)
  • Finolex 4 Sq mm Wire Coil (90 m, Yellow)

Product Specification



  • 99.97% Pure electrolytic copper conductor 
  • Insulated with the best quality Poly Vinyl Chloride 
  • High temperature, thermal, and oxygen index stability 


  • Little bit costly 

Havells Wires & Cables

Havells india
Havells Life Line Plus S3

Brand Intro: Havells India Limited is an Indian multinational electrical products company founded by Haveli Ram Gandhi in 1958 and headquartered in Noida. Havells India Limited is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods company that has a significant worldwide presence because of its wide distribution network, and top-notch quality. Currently, Havells is the owner of some of the most renowned brands, including Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard, and Havells. 

Recommend Havells Cables 

  • Havells Life Line Plus S3 1.5 sq mm PVC HRFR Cable (Red) 
  • Havells Life Line Plus S3 1.5 sq mm PVC HRFR Cable (Yellow) 
  • Havells 1.5 Sqmm Single Core Life Line Plus White Flexible Cable 

Product Specification



  • Anti-termite and anti-rodent wire  
  • High insulation resistance 
  • Safe for loads up to 3kw 


  • Little bit expensive

KEI Wires & Cables

 KEI Industries Ltd
KEI 1.5 Sq.mm x 90mtr PVC Insulated Single Core Copper Wire

Brand Intro: Krishna Electrical Industries (KEI) was founded in 1968 by Dayanand Gupta as a partnership company, specializing in the production of rubber cables for home wiring. Presently, it has expanded into a worldwide empire providing comprehensive wire and cable solutions. Through a wide network of more than 5000 channel partners, and products used by customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Recommend KEI Cables 

  • KEI Homecab 0.75 sqmm CABLE
  • KEI HOMECAB 1.5 sqmm cable (Black)
  • KEI-Kids, Conflame Frls Pvc Insulated Wire 90M 0.75 Sq.Mm 

Product Specification



  • PVC Insulated 
  • Flame Retardant 
  • Wide compatibility 


  • Little bit expensive

V-Guard Wires & Cables

V-Guard Industries Ltd
V-Guard PVC 1.5 Sq mm House Wire

Brand Intro: The V-Guard company was founded in 1977 by Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappill in South India. Inverter and inverter batteries, solar water heaters, Digital UPS, domestic and agricultural pumps, industrial motors, distribution boards, wiring cables, industrial cables, domestic switch gears, air coolers, and many more product ranges the company soon expanded to its lineup.

Recommend V-Guard Cables 

  • V-GUARD PVC Multi-strand wires and cables (0.75 SQMM)
  • V-GUARD PVC Multi-strand wires and cables (2.5 SQMM)
  • V-Guard 1.5 Sq.Mm 90 Meters House Wire (Red)

Product Specification



  • PVC Insulated 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Wide compatibility 


  • Little bit expensive

Syska Wires & Cables

Syska Wires
SYSKA WFBK511003 FR-1 sq mm Cables 

Brand Intro: Syska is a consumer electronics company founded by Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani in 2012, which is full of deals and supported by technology. After becoming the market leader in India for LED lighting technology, the company manufactures innovative, quickly-moving consumer electronics to expand the range of products it provides. In the fields of wearable technology, music accessories, and personal grooming, Syska is a well-known and reliable brand today.

Recommend Syska Cables 

  • SYSKA WFBK511003 FR-1 sq mm Cables (Black, 90m Wire)

Product Specification



  • High current capacity 
  • Anti-termite and anti-rodent property
  • Fire resistance 


  • Costly 

Anchor By Panasonic Wires & Cables

Anchor by Panasonic Advance FR 

Brand Intro: Original name Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. when it was founded in 1963, now Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese company Panasonic Corporation founded by Konosuke Matsushita. In 2007, the 50-year-old Indian family-owned electrical device brand Anchor was purchased by Panasonic. In addition to other electrical devices, the company sells wires, cables, switchgear, fans, lights, luminaries, circuit breakers, heat and smoke detectors, and video door phones.

Recommend Anchor By Panasonic Cables 

  • Anchor by Panasonic Advance Fire Retardant 1 Sq mm Electrical Wire 
  • Anchor by Panasonic PVC Insulated Copper Electrical Cable 1 Sq mm 
  • Anchor by Panasonic Advance FR 1.5 sq mm Electric Wire 

Product Specification

BrandAnchor by Panasonic
MaterialPVC Insulated Copper Wire 


  • High voltage
  • Fire-resistant, anti-termite as well as anti-rodent wire 
  • Made for industrial and domestic connections


  • Costly 

Goldmedal Wires & Cables


Brand Intro: Goldmedal Electricals was initially founded in 1979 by Shri Otmalji Goraji In Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh as a retailer of top electrical brands in India. The company began selling wires and cables under the Goldmedal brand name in 1981. The business introduced its first switch line, G-Magic, in 2001 and began producing polycarbonate switches. Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Jacqueline Fernandez are the brand ambassadors of Goldmedal brand. 

Recommend Goldmedal Cables 

  • Goldmedal 1.5 Sq mm Fire Retardant Wire – 90m (Blue)
  • Goldmedal 1.0 Sq mm Fire Retardant Wire – 90m (Yellow)
  • Goldmedal 2.5 Sq mm Fire Retardant Wire – 90m (Green)

Product Specification

MaterialFlame Retardant PVC Insulated


  • ISI Marked
  • Single core copper conductor flexible
  • 1100 Volts


  • Little bit costly


Which type of cable is mostly used to house wiring?

The NM (Nonmetallic) cable, often referred to as the Romex cable, is the most widely used form of electrical wire in homes. It is made up of three or more separate conductors that are wrapped in a flexible plastic jacket called a sheathing.

Which cable is best for my office use?

One of the most often used cables in business is the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) kind. It’s used for phone and computer networking applications because of its efficiency and durability.

When do I need to replace a cable or wire?

If you notice some warning signs that replaced electrical cable or wire then you should immediately replace it before something dangerous happens. These warning signs can be such as your house is older than 30 years, loose connections, flickering or dimming lights, stained or charred electrical outlets, frayed wires, noises coming from your electrical system, cuts, cracks, or exposed wires. Additionally, overheating of your cable might also result from exposed wiring and broken insulation.

Which is India’s largest cable company?

Havells India is the top and largest FMEG and cable company in India. The brand is a manufacturer of high-quality premium electrical cables, wires, and home appliances.

What is the single-core wire used for?

There is only one electrical conductor in an insulating sleeve of a single-core cable. Single-core cables are mostly used in house for central air conditioners, power connectors, and lighting devices.


The rise in homes and properties over the past few years has led to an increase in the usage of wires and cables. The Indian cable and wire business has unexpectedly seen a boom due to the rapid growth of infrastructure. With the goal to ensure the safety and efficiency of the wiring, electrical wires and cables are an essential part of construction that needs to be planned and executed for the project with the highest care. So here is LNlisting can guide you to choosing cables from affordable and top electric wire brands in India for home use.

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