16 Best Car Fog Light Brands In India

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Fog lights are a great advantage during foggy conditions as they make it easier to see other vehicles, signposts, and pedestrians. They help you get back to your house even when the visibility is zero. Keeping this in mind, this blog will give detailed reviews of each of the best fog light brands in India.

Top 10 Car Fog Light Companies In India

List Of Top 15+ Car Fog Light Brands In India

What is Car Fog Light?

A car fog light is an auxiliary light located on the front of a vehicle that is designed to improve visibility in foggy or other low-visibility conditions. It emits a low, wide beam of light that illuminates the road surface and helps the driver to see more clearly in conditions where standard headlights may not be effective. Fog lights are typically mounted low on the front bumper of a car and are angled downwards to prevent glare and reflection from the fog. They are commonly used in conjunction with headlights to provide additional illumination in poor weather conditions.

What are The Pros and Cons of Car Fog Light?


  • Enhanced visibility in foggy or misty conditions, increasing safety while driving.
  • Can improve the overall appearance of the car.
  • Can also be used as a decorative accessory, with various color options available.


  • Can be expensive to purchase and install.
  • Can cause glare for other drivers if not aimed properly, which can be dangerous and potentially lead to accidents.
  • May not be legal in all areas, so it’s important to check local laws and regulations before installing fog lights on your car.

How Do We Choose the Best Car Fog Light Brands For You?

When choosing the best car fog light brands, consider the following factors:
Brand reputation
Look for brands that have a good reputation in the market for producing high-quality and durable fog lights.
Type of bulb
Choose a brand that offers different types of bulbs, such as halogen, LED, and HID, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
Look for brands that offer bright fog lights with good visibility to ensure safe driving in foggy conditions.
Choose brands that use high-quality materials in their fog lights to ensure they are long-lasting and can withstand tough weather conditions.
Consider the price of the fog lights and choose a brand that offers a good balance between price and quality.
Look for brands that offer a good warranty and after-sales service, so you can get support in case of any issues with the product.

List of 16 Best Car Fog Light Brands In India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best Car Fog Light In IndiaPrice List*
1stAutofy LED Fog Light1499
2ndAUTOPOWERZ Mini Drive LED Fog Light1699
3rdRoyal Piston HJG Series of 3 Round LED HJG Fog Light2499
4thOSRAM Night Breaker Fog Light4999
5thPIAA 3000K White LED Fog Light3999

HAMAAN Car Fog Light

HAMAAN CAR LED Laser Fog Lamp Projector Light 45 Watts

About the Brands: The HAMAAN Fog Light is a very reliable car light that can be used in all seasons and weather conditions. The product is made of a plastic body that is quite durable and water-resistant. The light provides a clear and wide vision. The product is easy to install and can be fixed on existing car lights. It uses a 12V power source. The light is available in white and amber colors.If you like to read about this topic, may we also suggest our list of Car Led Interior Light Brands. HAMAAN Car Fog Light Price In india – 7,200*

Most Selling HAMAAN Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Special FeatureEnergy Efficient

Eltron Car Fog Light


About the Brands: Eltron Fog Light India is a brand of the world-famous Eltron Company, which was established in the United States in 1965. The company is renowned for its durability, high-end technology, and innovative solutions. The company manufactures a large range of products, including fog lights, flood lamps, and other automotive accessories. Eltron India is a highly respected brand that is widely used in a number of countries around the world. It is a relatively young company and has been operating in the Indian market for only a few years. The company has grown fast and is now considered one of the leading manufacturers of fog lights and accessories in the country. Eltron India offers a wide range of fog lights, which are suitable for different types of vehicles. Eltron Car Fog Light Price In india – 2,145*

Most Selling Eltron Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

ColourBody Color : Black, Led Light : White + Yellow
Vehicle Service TypeSafety Eye Protection Lamp Fog Light Universal For All Vehicles
Special FeatureWaterproof
Wattage20 Watts

Miwings Car Fog Light

Miwings 20W Each LED Driving Fog Lights

About the Brands: The Best Fog Light Brands In India Miwings Fog Lights are one of the most popular brands in India. Miwings Fog Lights are manufactured using the latest technology and are of the highest quality. Miwings Fog Lights are the first fog light brand to be tested and certified by the International Automotive Research Center of IIM Bangalore. The Miwings Fog Lights are available in a range of prices and models, depending on the kind of car you have and your needs. There are no other inexpensive brands of fog lights that are so easily available and of the highest quality. Miwings Car Fog Light Price In india – 990*

Most Selling Miwings Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Brightness6000 Lumen
Item Package Quantity1
Colour60 Watt Dual Color Mini Drive
Voltage32 Volts

AutoBizarre Car Fog Light

AutoBizarre 4 inch White Amber Ring DRL Fog Light Round White Light LED Fog Light 

About the Brands: AutoBizarre is a well-known and popular brand in the auto body parts industry. They are known for their products, which are of high quality and also reasonably priced. Their fog lights are undoubtedly one of their best products, and it’s only right that we review them here on our blog. AutoBizarre fog lights are available online as well as in all major auto parts stores in India. The headlights are available in a wide range of colors, including red, yellow, white, and blue. These colors match those of cars from major car manufacturers like Honda, Tata, Hyundai, and Maruti. AutoBizarre Car Fog Light Price In india – 1,585*

Most Selling AutoBizarre Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Vehicle Service TypeCar
Special FeatureWaterproof
Lens ColourWhite,Red,Yellow

Allextreme Car Fog Light

Allextreme EX40WF2 4 LED Fog Light Super Bright

About the Brands: Allextreme Fog Light is a brand of fog lights that are manufactured by the renowned brand of automotive accessories, Allextreme. The brand offers the best fog lights for Indian SUVs and trucks. The company is the pioneer of LED fog lights that have helped in changing the appearance of cars. The brand offers LED fog lights for cars that are of the finest quality. Some of the fog lights offered by the company include the Allextreme LED fog light, Allextreme HID fog light, Allextreme HID xenon fog light, and Allextreme HID xenon HID fog light. Allextreme Car Fog Light Price In india – 1,274*

Most Selling Allextreme Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights
Vehicle Service TypeUniversal
Model Year2019

Carzex Car Fog Light

Carzex Mini Drive Fog Light Lens Led Bar Light

About the Brands: Carzex Fog Light is the perfect addition to your car if you are looking for better visibility in foggy conditions. Fog lights are used in place of headlights in foggy conditions. These lights are usually higher intensity and smaller than headlights. Although they look similar to parking lights, they can be distinguished by the beam pattern and the location of the fog lights on the front of the vehicle. Fog lights are designed to cut through fog, smoke, rain, and other atmospheric conditions. Carzex Fog Light is the best brand in India. Carzex Car Fog Light Price In india – 599*

Most Selling Carzex Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Specific Uses For ProductExterior
Vehicle Service TypeUniversal Vehicle Applicable
Model Year2023

OTOROYS Car Fog Light

OTOROYS Mini Driving Fog Light Universal

About the Brands: At OTOROYS, we believe in the safety of your vehicle. That is why we are proactively working to make your car the safest it can be. Our philosophy is “Make it safe. Make it stylish.” And that’s what we are working on every day, to make your car look great while giving you the best protection. We have a wide range of products that can be installed in your car in a very easy manner. We have been in the auto accessories business for over 10 years now and we can proudly say that we are the front runners in the industry. Our most popular products are fog lights, which give your car a cool, sporty look. OTOROYS Car Fog Light Price In india – 1,499*

Most Selling OTOROYS Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Special FeatureWaterproof, High Beam
Auto Part PositionRight

Auto Addict Car Fog Light

Auto Addict Car LED Fog Lights 3.5″ High Power

About the Brands: Here, at Auto Adict we help you choose the best fog light brands in India that meet your requirements and budget. We offer all the necessary information to help you choose the right fog light brand for your vehicle. Not only that, but we also help you choose the right size, style, and color. We also provide you with valuable information about how to install your fog lights. So, if you’re shopping for fog lights to enhance your car’s appearance and enhance your visibility on the road, you should definitely head to Auto Adict. We’ll help you choose the best fog lights for your vehicle. Auto Adict Car Fog Light Price In india – 599*

Most Selling Auto Addict Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Vehicle Service TypeCar
Special FeatureWaterproof
Auto Part PositionFront

SONSOU Car Fog Light

SONSOU 7 inch 48 LED Fog Light Triple Row Flood

About the Brands: The SONSOU Fog Light is a very popular fog light brand in India. It has been designed to be a replacement fog light for trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. The fog light is easy to install and is a great aftermarket accessory for any vehicle. It is available in three different sizes which can be easily selected from the drop-down list. The fog light is lightweight and has a very unique design. It is easy to install and can be plugged into existing wiring. It is a fairly powerful fog light and offers bright light output. The fog light is made up of high-quality material and is very durable. It is a great fog light to have. SONSOU Car Fog Light Price In india -1,299*

Most Selling SONSOU Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Special FeatureWaterproof
Lens ColourWhite

MACBOT Car Fog Light

MACBOT Yellow & White Universal 4*LED Fog Light

About the Brands: As a leading manufacturer and supplier, MACBOT is specialized in fog light since 2011. We devote ourselves to the research and development of fog light accessories. Our products have been widely used by thousands of vehicle owners and have won warm praise from all of them. All of our products are independently tested, approved, and certified by the ISO9001:2008, 100% safe and reliable. We are an excellent supplier of fog light accessories with competitive prices and fast delivery. MACBOT Car Fog Light Price In india – 2,200*

Most Selling MACBOT Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights, Extra Lights, Auxiliary Lights, Head Light.
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Special FeatureWhite & Yellow Color Light, Highly Focused

Royal Piston Car Fog Light

Royal Piston Fog Light
Royal Piston HJG 2 in 1 High Power LED Fog Light

About the Brands: The Royal Piston Fog Light is the most sought-after fog light brand in India because of its high quality. Fog lights are an essential part of a car. They illuminate the road ahead during heavy fog or at night. Fog lights are also called auxiliary lights or driving lights. Fog lights are usually mounted below the headlights on the front bumpers of a car and they provide a broader light beam. Fog lights are really helpful when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. They are also used to improve the look of a car and make the car look sportier. Royal Piston Car Fog Light Price In india – 3,450*

Most Selling Royal Piston Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

ColourFog Light (Blue)
Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights
Vehicle Service TypeBikes/car/Royal Enfield/Jeep

UNO Minda Car Fog Light


About the Brands: UNO Minda Fog Light India is the best fog light brand in India. The fog light is an additional light used to produce a wider spread of light to illuminate the area in front of the vehicle. Fog lights are mounted lower on the vehicle than headlights, and are used to light the road ahead in conditions of heavy fog and poor visibility. Fog lights are most effective when used in combination with low-beam headlights in order to provide a wide and generous spread of light on the road ahead. UNO Minda offers a wide range of fog lights from different brands that are the best in the industry. The product line is designed to deliver the best features at the most affordable price. UNO Minda Car Fog Light Price In india – 747*

Most Selling UNO Minda Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

BrandUNO Minda
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Special FeatureWaterproof
Lens ColourClear
Lens MaterialGlass

PBTA Car Fog Light

PBTA Round Pod Waterproof 14 LED Fog Light Flood Driving Lamp

About the Brands: Fog lights are important safety features in the Indian market and the PBTA Fog Light is one of the best brands. Fog lights can be used on the front or rear of a vehicle. Front fog lights are typically mounted below the headlights, or between the headlights and bumper, and are used to illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle. They are used in place of low-beam headlights during foggy conditions, to reduce glare for oncoming traffic, or to light a roadway when the headlights would otherwise be ineffective. Rear fog lights are generally mounted in the center of the vehicle, below the rear bumper, in line with the taillights. PBTA Car Fog Light Price In india – 429*

Most Selling PBTA Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Colour14 LED Round
Specific Uses For ProductFog Lights
Vehicle Service TypeUniversal Fit
Special FeatureHigh Beam

Woltra Car Fog Light

Woltra-14 LED Fog Light Flood Driving Lamp 

About the Brands: The Woltra Fog Light is a very good fog light that has been on the market for a while. It has a good design that is simple and effective. It is very cost-effective and it is one of the most reliable fog lights you can get. It has a good design that has a unique pattern. It is a little different from most fog lights and it is not just a simple ring. This is also a good thing because it helps to protect the light from any debris that might hit it. The Woltra Fog Light is a good choice for someone who is looking for a fog light that is easy to install and that won’t cost too much money. It does not have a lot of features and it is not designed for any specific make or model of a vehicle but it will work with any vehicle that utilizes a halogen headlight housing. The Woltra Fog Light is one of the best fog lights you can get if you are looking for something inexpensive that is simple to install. Woltra Car Fog Light Price In india – 450*

Most Selling Woltra Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Light Source TypeLED
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle, Car
Special FeatureWaterproof

ACEOTO Car Fog Light

ACEOTO LED White Fog lamp light for cars

About the Brands: ACEOTO Fog Light is a top-quality fog light. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty and is made up of high-quality ABS material. It comes with the H4 connector and is a direct replacement for your stock fog lights. It is made up of High-quality ABS material, which is durable and long-lasting. It is the perfect replacement for your stock fog lights. ACEOTO Car Fog Light Price In india – 699*

Most Selling ACEOTO Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

ColourSwift Led White
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Special FeatureWaterproof
Auto Part PositionBottom


AUTOPOWERZ Mini Drive LED Fog Light Double Color

About the Brands: The Autopowerz Fog Light is a premium-quality fog light manufactured by Autopowerz. The fog light is available in the market at a very reasonable price. It is a perfect replacement for your factory fog light. The fog light is very easy to install and it only takes 5-10 minutes. It is made of high-quality material and it is durable. It is designed to last for a long time. The fog light comes with a warranty of 1 year. It is a perfect upgrade for your car. Autopowerz Car Fog Light Price In india – 1,045*

Most Selling AUTOPOWERZ Car Fog Light In India

Product Specification

Specific Uses For ProductMotorcycle
Vehicle Service TypeUniversal, Car, Bike
Special FeatureDoubble Color Led Light, Yellow And White

What is The Different Type Of Car Fog Light?

There are generally two types of car fog lights based on the shape and mounting method:

  • Round Fog Lights: These are circular-shaped lights that can be mounted directly onto the bumper or grille of the car. They are often used as a direct replacement for the stock fog lights.
  • Rectangular Fog Lights: These are rectangular-shaped lights that are usually mounted in the lower part of the bumper or on the grille. They are often used to give a sporty or aggressive look to the car.


What are car fog lights and why do I need them?

Car fog lights are specially designed lights that are mounted on the front of a vehicle to help increase visibility during foggy or misty conditions. They can also be used in other weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or dust. Fog lights are essential for safe driving in low-visibility conditions.

How do I choose the right fog light for my car?

When choosing a fog light, consider factors such as the type of bulb used, the size and shape of the light, and the brightness and color temperature of the light. You should also consider the make and model of your car, as well as the type of driving you, will be doing.

What is the difference between halogen and LED fog lights?

Halogen fog lights are the most common type of fog light and are relatively inexpensive. They produce a warm, yellow light that can help cut through fog and other low-visibility conditions. LED fog lights, on the other hand, are more expensive but offer a brighter and more energy-efficient lighting solution.

Can I install fog lights on my car myself?

While it is possible to install fog lights on your car yourself, it is generally recommended that you have a professional do the installation to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

Are there any legal restrictions on using fog lights while driving?

Yes, there are legal restrictions on the use of fog lights while driving. In India, it is illegal to use fog lights except during foggy or misty conditions. If you use your fog lights unnecessarily, you may be subject to fines or penalties.


We hope you enjoyed our article about the best fog light brands in India. With this knowledge, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting a great product at an awesome price. So what are you waiting for? Visit lnlisting.com now to find the best deals on fog lights in India!

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