11 Best High Pressure Washer Brands In India

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The high-pressure washer is a type of plumbing equipment that can be used for cleaning purposes. Just like other tools in the category, this too has some of the best brands in the industry. They are characterized by their ability to clean surfaces of different colors, shapes, and sizes. In addition, they are built to last. This blog on high-pressure washer brands in India will take you through the best brands in the industry.

Top 10 High-Pressure Washer Companies In India

List Of Top 10 High-Pressure Washer Brands In India

What is a High-Pressure Washer?

A high-pressure washer is a type of cleaning device that uses a powerful stream of water to clean surfaces. It uses an electric motor or gas engine to drive a high-pressure water pump that pressurizes water and then pushes it through a high-pressure hose and nozzle, creating a strong, concentrated stream of water. High-pressure washers are commonly used to clean outdoor surfaces such as driveways, decks, sidewalks, and vehicles and can also be used for industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

What are The Pros and Cons of the High-Pressure Washer?

  • Effective cleaning
  • Saves time
  • Versatility
  • Water conservation
  • Higher Cost
  • Potential damage
  • Noise level
  • Safety hazards

How Do We Choose the Best High-Pressure Washer Brands For You?

Choosing the best high-pressure washer brand for your needs can depend on a variety of factors, including your budget, the type of cleaning tasks you need to perform, and your personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best high-pressure washer brand for you:
Power and Performance
Look for a brand offering high-quality, powerful machines that effectively clean tough stains and grime. Consider each machine’s pressure output, flow rate, and motor power to ensure that it can handle the tasks you need to perform.
A high-pressure washer is an investment, so look for a brand that offers durable, long-lasting machines that can withstand heavy use over time. Consider the materials used in the construction of each machine, and look for features like stainless steel components and rust-resistant coatings.
Brand Reputation
Choose a brand with a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Look for brands in the industry for a long time and have a proven track record of providing high-quality machines.
Warranty and Support
Look for brands that offer strong warranties and customer support. This can help ensure that you have access to help if you encounter any issues with your machine.
Consider your budget and look for brands that offer high-quality machines at a price point that works for you. Remember that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee better quality, so research to find a brand that offers the best value for your money.

List of 11 Best High-Pressure Washer Brands In India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best High-Pressure Washer In IndiaPrice List*
1stKarcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer7999
2ndBosch EasyAquatak 120 Pressure Washer8999
3rdNilfisk Core 130 Plus Pressure Washer10999
4thBlack+Decker PW1700X Pressure Washer9499
5thShindaiwa SPX2500 Pressure Washer14999

Shakti Pressure Washer

Shakti Technology Hydro Force High-Pressure Car Washer Machine

About the Brands: Shakti High-Pressure Washer is the market leader in the high-pressure washer industry in India. Their products are designed to deliver outstanding performance, safety, and ergonomics to professionals. Their high-pressure washers are suitable for use in automobile, construction, shipbuilding, aviation, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. Shakti Pressure Washer Price In India – 15500*

Most Selling Shakti High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

BrandShakti Technology
Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure160 Bars
Specification MetCSA, CE
Product Dimensions56L x 42W x 42H Centimeters

Inalsa Pressure Washer

Inalsa High-Pressure Washer PowerShot-2100W

About the Brands: Inalsa is one of the leading brands of High-Pressure washers in India. It has a wide range of products for different purposes. It is working for the last 40 years and has been a trendsetter in the market. The interesting fact about this brand is that it has a wide variety of products in the market. The products from Inalsa are meant for domestic work and industrial purposes. Looking for the best kinds of Air Compressor Brands In India? Here is our ultimate guide for you. Inalsa Pressure Washer Price In India – 8990*

Most Selling Inalsa High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Maximum Pressure1958 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight10000 Grams
Hose Length6 Metres
Product Dimensions14.4L x 6.5W x 11H Centimeters

ResQTech Pressure Washer

ResQTech PW-101 Advance 1700 Watt 135 Bar  High Pressure Washer

About the Brands: ResQTech India is offering high-quality Pressure Washers at affordable prices. ResQTech is a Mumbai-based company that manufactures Industrial Pressure Washers and other allied equipment. Our products include Industrial Pressure Washers, Industrial Sprayers, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Steam Cleaners, Water Recovery systems, and waste Water Treatment plants. The Company’s manufacturing facility is certified for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. ResQTech Pressure Washer Price In India – 8799*

Most Selling ResQTech High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure135 Bars
Item Weight7.2 Kilograms
Hose Length5 Metres
Product Dimensions12.6L x 11W x 20.5H Centimeters

STARQ Pressure Washer

STARQ ST2400U 2400 Watts 220 Bar Portable High Pressure Washer

About the Brands: As the name suggests STARQ is a world-class company and its products are high in quality and performance. Its high-pressure washers are top-notch machines and are powered by Honda. It has a 2000 PSI and 3.5 GPM engine, which does the job perfectly. It features a high-pressure hose made of braided stainless steel. It has a powerful detergent dispenser and an air-assisted foam nozzle. It has a 3-in-1 spray wand that offers fine, medium, and wide spray patterns. It comes with an additional trailer hitch and a 25-foot high-pressure hose. STARQ Pressure Washer Price In India – 8999*

Most Selling STARQ High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure220 Bars
Item Weight5000 Grams
Hose Length8 Metres
Product Dimensions35L x 15W x 14H Centimeters

Bosch Pressure Washer

Bosch Aquatak 125 1500-Watt High Pressure Washer

About the Brands: Bosch is one of the most trusted companies in India, and it’s no surprise why. Thanks to its innovative products and top-notch customer service, the German brand has been a household name for many years. From its high-quality kitchen appliances to its high-pressure washers, Bosch is a company dedicated to providing Indian consumers with the highest quality products. If you’re looking for a high-pressure washer in India, you can’t go wrong with Bosch. Bosch Pressure Washer Price In India – 9928*

Most Selling Bosch High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure125 Bars
Item Weight6000 Grams
Hose Length5 Metres
Product Dimensions14.4L x 14.2W x 17.3H Centimeters

Aimex Pressure Washer

Aimex Electric High-Pressure Washer with Copper Winding 

About the Brands: Aimex has been the best in the industry for over a decade. They are constantly evolving to keep up with the high standards in the pressure-cleaning industry. Their high-pressure cleaners are of the highest quality and are perfect for any commercial or industrial application. Aimex Pressure Washer Price In India – 10999*

Most Selling Aimex High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure80 Bars
Item Weight9 Kilograms
Hose Length8 Metres
Product Dimensions42L x 29W x 31H Centimeters

JPT Pressure Washer

JPT F10 Car Washer High-Pressure Pump 

About the Brands: JPT is India’s first high-pressure water cleaning technology. The JPT High-Pressure Washer is a revolution in the world of cleaning products. It is light in weight, compact & portable, and has a unique design. The patent-pending technology that JPT has introduced in the market is unparalleled. The technology used in JPT will clean your car and remove the dirt from your mom’s kitchen counter and your dad’s workshop. It will wash your office space, industrial equipment, and workshop perfectly. JPT Pressure Washer Price In India – 9599*

Most Selling JPT High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
ColourBlack, White
Maximum Pressure220 Bars
Item Weight9 Kilograms
Hose Length8 Metres
Product Dimensions45L x 40W x 20H Centimeters

Karcher Pressure Washer

Karcher Pressure Washer
Karcher K 2.360 *KAP 120 bar High-Pressure Washer

About the Brands: The Karcher K5.540I Plus is a robust high-pressure washer that comes with a 1,300-watt engine, the capacity to deliver a flow rate of 3.2 GPM, and a PSI of 1,400, and a spray lance that measures 36.8 inches. The pump is designed with a corrosion-resistant metallic pump housing, so it can withstand high pressure and consistent use. The spray lance features a rotating nozzle that allows you to switch between a jet stream and a fan spray. This is a great feature when you need to tackle different cleaning tasks. Karcher Pressure Washer Price In India – 8499*

Most Selling Karcher High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure120 Bars
Item Weight8000 Grams
Hose Length6 Metres
Product Dimensions33L x 26W x 66H Centimeters

Amazon Basics Pressure Washer

Amazon Basics Pressure Washer 1700 W

About the Brands: The Amazonbasics 1.4 GPM high-pressure washer is an electric pressure washer. This washer has a motor that outputs 2100 watts. As one of the best high-pressure washers in India, this washer model is ideal for cleaning cars, decks, patios, and more. The Amazonbasics high-pressure washer comes with two nozzles. The 0.6-inch nozzle has a spray pattern of 25 degrees, and the 1.0-inch nozzle has a spray pattern of 15 degrees. Amazon Basics Pressure Washer Price In India – 6399*

Most Selling Amazon Basics High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

BrandAmazon basics
Colour150 Bar Blue
Item Weight7050 Grams
Hose Length5 Metres
Specification MetCSA, CE
Tank Volume5.5 Litres

BLACK+DECKER Pressure Washer

BLACK+DECKER BW17-IN 1700W 130 Bar 420 L/hr Pressure Washer

About the Brands: Black+Decker is a company that was founded in 1910. They are best known for manufacturing power tools. It is a brand that people around the world trust. This article will shed light on the best Black+Decker high-pressure washer in India that you can buy. BLACK+DECKER Pressure Washer Price In India – 12037*

Most Selling BLACK+DECKER High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

BrandBlack + Decker
Power SourceCorded Electric
ColourRed and Black
Maximum Pressure130 Bars
Item Weight9000 Grams
Hose Length6 Metres
Product Dimensions13.4L x 11.4W x 25.6H Centimeters

OSMON Pressure Washer

OSMON OS PW140 – Imported Pressure Washer

About the Brands: OSMON is a well-known and reputed high-pressure washer brand in India. We are one of the pioneers in the field of manufacturing high-pressure washers. We have established our name in the market with our high-quality and durable high-pressure washers. As a result, we have gained a huge clientele in India for our products. Our high-pressure washers are very reliable and can be used for various applications. We are one of the few companies who provide a one-year warranty on all our products. We provide after-sales services and assistance to our customers. We also provide free on-site assistance to our customers. OSMON Pressure Washer Price In India – 6856*

Most Selling High-Pressure Washer In India

Product Specification

Power SourceCorded Electric
Maximum Pressure140 Bars
Item Weight7000 Grams
Hose Length6 Metres
Specification MetISI
Product Dimensions34L x 26.5W x 41.3H Centimeters

What are The Different Types of High-Pressure Washers?

There are several different types of high-pressure washers available on the market. Some of the most common types include:

  • Electric pressure washers: These are powered by electricity and are typically smaller and less powerful than gas-powered models.
  • Gas pressure washers: These washers are powered by gasoline and are typically more powerful than electric models.
  • Hot water pressure washers: These used hot water to help loosen dirt and grime, making them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
  • Cold water pressure washers: These washers use only cold water and are typically used for lighter cleaning tasks.
  • Portable pressure washers: These washers are designed for easy portability and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, including cleaning vehicles and outdoor furniture.
  • Stationary pressure washers: These washers are typically more powerful than portable models and are designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as cleaning industrial equipment and large buildings. They are typically installed in one location and connected to a water source.


What is a high-pressure washer?

High-pressure washers are power cleaning devices that use high-pressure water jets to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces.

How does a high-pressure washer work?

A high-pressure washer uses a pump to increase water pressure from a garden hose and then sprays it through a nozzle to create a high-pressure stream of water.

What are the benefits of using a high-pressure washer?

High-pressure washers are efficient and effective in cleaning surfaces, saving time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods. They are also versatile and can be used on various surfaces such as concrete, cars, and outdoor furniture.

Can a high-pressure washer damaged surfaces?

A high-pressure washer can damage some surfaces, such as wood or delicate finishes if used improperly. Choosing the right nozzle and pressure setting for cleaning the surface is important.

What are the safety precautions when using a high-pressure washer?

Some safety precautions when using a high-pressure washer include wearing eye and ear protection, avoiding pointing the spray towards people or pets, and not spraying electrical outlets or circuits.

What is the difference between electric and gas-powered high-pressure washers?

Electric high-pressure washers are powered by electricity and are usually more convenient and quieter than gas-powered ones. Gas-powered washers are more powerful and suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

What are the maintenance requirements for a high-pressure washer?

Maintenance requirements for a high-pressure washer include checking the water and oil levels, replacing the nozzles and seals as needed, and winterizing the washer for storage during cold weather.


After reading our blog, we hope you better understand the different features to look for when purchasing a pressure washer. Your next step is to visit our page,  Here, you can find the best high-pressure washer brands for sale at affordable prices so that you can get the job done right!

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