10 Best Ro Booster Pump Brands In India


This blog post will help consumers understand how to find the best ro pump brands in India, and what should be considered when buying one, and will serve as a guide for both consumers and investors.

List Of Top 10 Ro Booster Pump Brands In India

What is Ro Booster Pump?

A RO (Reverse Osmosis) Booster Pump is an electric pump that is installed in a RO water filtration system to increase water pressure in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration process. It is usually used in homes and offices where the incoming water pressure is low and not sufficient for the RO system to operate properly. The booster pump increases the pressure of the water entering the RO membrane, allowing it to remove impurities more effectively and produce cleaner, healthier drinking water. The RO booster pump is typically installed after the pre-filters and before the RO membrane.

What are The Pros and Cons of the Ro Booster Pump?


  • Increased water pressure: One of the main advantages of an RO booster pump is that it can increase the water pressure in the system, making it more effective at filtering out impurities and delivering clean drinking water.
  • Improved filtration: With increased water pressure, the RO membrane can more effectively filter out contaminants, resulting in better water quality.
  • Longer lifespan of the RO membrane: When the water pressure is low, the RO membrane may become clogged or damaged more quickly, leading to costly replacements. An RO booster pump helps to extend the lifespan of the membrane by preventing clogging and damage due to low pressure.
  • Energy-efficient: Most modern RO booster pumps are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming very little electricity.


  • Additional cost: The installation of an RO booster pump adds to the overall cost of the RO water filtration system.
  • Maintenance: Like any mechanical component, RO booster pumps require periodic maintenance and replacement of parts to ensure proper functioning.
  • Noise: Some RO booster pumps can be noisy when they are operating, which may be a nuisance for some users.
  • Space requirements: RO booster pumps can be quite large, so users must ensure they have enough space to accommodate them.

What are the different types of Ro Booster Pump?

RO (Reverse Osmosis) booster pumps are an essential component of RO water filtration systems. They help increase water pressure, improve the efficiency of the RO membrane, and provide better water filtration results. There are different types of RO booster pumps available in the market, and here are some of them:

  • Diaphragm RO booster pump: This type of pump is widely used in residential and commercial RO systems. It uses a diaphragm to create a pressure difference, which helps to boost the water pressure.
  • Permeate pump: A permeate pump is a type of RO booster pump that works by using the pressure generated by the RO membrane to drive the permeate (treated water) into the storage tank. This type of pump is very efficient and can save up to 80% of the water that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Electric RO booster pump: An electric RO booster pump is a powerful and efficient option for larger RO systems. It uses an electric motor to increase the water pressure, making it ideal for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Non-electric RO booster pump: A non-electric RO booster pump is a simple and cost-effective solution for small RO systems. It does not require electricity to operate and is powered by the water flow.
  • High-pressure RO booster pump: A high-pressure RO booster pump is designed to provide high-pressure water output. It is typically used in industrial applications where a large volume of water is required.
  • Low-pressure RO booster pump: A low-pressure RO booster pump is designed to provide a low-pressure water output. It is typically used in residential applications and small-scale commercial applications.

List Of Best Ro Booster Pump Companies In India

  • Ionix
  • Hi-Tech
  • Livpure
  • Kent
  • Wellon
  • Blue drop
  • Grand Forest
  • UWEK
  • Aqualex
  • Morwater

How Do We Pick the Best Ro Booster Pump?

Choosing the best RO booster pump for your water filtration system can be a daunting task, as there are many factors to consider. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best RO booster pump:

  • Water pressure requirement: Determine the minimum and maximum water pressure requirements for your RO system. Choose a booster pump that can provide the required pressure within that range.
  • Flow rate: The flow rate of the booster pump should match the flow rate of your RO system. If the flow rate is too high, it can cause damage to the RO membrane, and if it’s too low, it can reduce the efficiency of the system.
  • Power consumption: Look for a booster pump that has low power consumption to reduce your energy costs.
  • Noise level: Some booster pumps can be noisy, so choose a pump that has a noise level that won’t disturb your household or office.
  • Durability: Choose a booster pump that is made of high-quality materials, so it is durable and will last longer.
  • Brand reputation: Choose a booster pump from a reputable brand that has a good reputation for producing quality products and providing excellent customer service.
  • Cost: Consider your budget when choosing a booster pump. While it’s important to invest in a high-quality pump, make sure it fits within your budget.

List of 10 Best Ro Booster Pump Brands In India

Lonix RO Pump


The Ionix RO pump consumes very low power and provides a high flow rate and high pressure. It has an internal filter system that prevents the scaling of TFC. Owing to its low power consumption, it is very economical in terms of electricity and water. The Ionix RO pump is available with a warranty of 2 years. This pump is useful for both domestic and industrial purposes. The Ionix RO pump is manufactured with the latest technology.

Hi-Tech RO Pump


Hi-Tech was established in 1975, and we have been supplying quality pumps and accessories to the Indian market ever since. We are a manufacturer of pumps and pump accessories and have a range of pumps that cater to a variety of applications. Our range of pumps includes submersible water pumps, sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps, high head pumps, pressure pumps, booster pumps, centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, sewage submersible pumps, and booster pumps, multistage pumps, sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps, and high head pumps.

Livpure RO Pump


Livpure is one of the best ro pump brands in India. It is best in performance. It has a capacity of 22 l per hour. The pump is the best of its kind. It is Livpure designed with high-quality material. The best part is that it is Livpure resistant to corrosion. It is made of good quality carbon steel. The pump is easy to install. It is a Livpure easy way to save water. The maintenance of the pump is also simple. The makers of the pump have kept the design of the product as simple as possible.

Kent Ro Pump

Kent Ro Pump is the best and most affordable product in India. If you want to buy and install the pump for your project then you must prefer the Kent Ro Pump. There are many companies in India but they are not providing the best pump and they are also charging high prices. If you want to buy and install the best product in your project then you must choose the Kent Ro Pump.

Wellon Ro Pump


The Wellon brand of RO pumps is highly preferred for its high quality. The company has been in the market for a long time and this has enabled them to understand the needs of the customers. The company has a wide range of products available in the market. The company has a few brands under its wings. These brands are Wellon, Wellontech, and Wellon. The Wellontech brand helps customers in maintaining their RO system. It has a range of products available under it like Filters, UV lights, replacement parts, valves, and accessories. The Wellon brand is the most preferred brand among the customers. The brand offers RO systems. These RO systems give pure and clean water. The company is quite popular for its high-quality products.

Blue drop Ro Pump


Blue drop is the best brand of ro pump in India. The blue drop was always a synonym for best quality pumps in India. However, the Blue drop is also the most expensive ro pump brand in India. But don’t worry mates, we are going to share with you some tips to buy blue drop ro pumps in India at a cheaper price. Blue drop is manufactured by the Japanese company – Sanyo Denki. Blue drop is sold in India by two companies – Blue drop India and Blue drop distributor. So the blue drop pumps are exactly the same. It is the same product, same packing, and the same company. You can buy Blue drop pumps from the company or from its dealers or distributors.

Grand Forest Ro Pump


Grand Forest is one of the leading and reputed brands in manufacturing and supplying of top-quality RO pumps in India. Their main motive is to fulfill their customer need with high-quality products at the cheapest price. Grand Forest is offering a wide range of RO pump in India in all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata.

UWEK Ro Pump


When you are in need of the best ro pump brands in India, you should check out UWEK . They have been in the industry for about half a decade, and have been delivering good quality products to their customers. Their products are known for their quality, and the ro pumps with the best quality have been from UWEK. People have been using their products, and have found them to be superior to the other brands available in the market.

Aqualex Ro Pump


Aqualex is one of the leading brands in the water treatment industry. It offers a wide range of water purification and filtration systems. Aqualex company was established in the year 2002. Aqualex is a part of the GICO group that has been associated with the water treatment industry since the year 2000. The company is a known name in the manufacturing of water treatment systems and products. It has been mentioned in many articles as the best brand of water treatment systems and products.

Morwater Ro Pump


Morwater is one of the best ro pump brands in India. Morwater pumps are known for their durability and quality. They offer a wide range of pumps in India. These pumps are available in different models and capacities. They are also available in a different brands.


What is an RO booster pump?

An RO booster pump is a type of water pump that is designed to increase the water pressure in a reverse osmosis (RO) system. It helps to push water through the RO membrane, which removes impurities and contaminants from the water.

Do I need a booster pump for my RO system?

It depends on your specific RO system and the water pressure in your home or building. If the water pressure is below the minimum recommended level for your RO system, a booster pump may be necessary to ensure the system functions properly and efficiently.

How does an RO booster pump work?

An RO booster pump typically works by increasing the water pressure on the inlet side of the RO membrane, which helps to push water through the membrane more effectively. This can help to increase the efficiency and speed of the RO system, as well as improve the quality of the filtered water.

Can I install an RO booster pump myself?

It is possible to install an RO booster pump yourself if you have some basic plumbing skills and knowledge. However, it is recommended to hire a professional plumber or water treatment specialist to install the pump, as it can be a complex and potentially dangerous process.

How do I choose the right RO booster pump for my system?

The right RO booster pump for your system will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and capacity of your RO system, the water pressure in your home or building, and your specific water filtration needs. It is important to consult with a water treatment specialist or pump manufacturer to determine the best pump for your system.

How do I maintain my RO booster pump?

Regular maintenance is important to keep your RO booster pump working effectively and efficiently. This may include checking the pressure levels, cleaning or replacing the filters, and inspecting the pump for any signs of wear or damage. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and schedule regular inspections by a professional plumber or water treatment specialist.


We hope you enjoyed our article about India’s best ro pump brands. The best ro pump brands are all about the quality of the product and the price-to-performance ratio that it offers. With that in mind, we hope you can find the best ro pump for your business from one of the brands listed above.  Thank you

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