12 Best RO Membrane Brands In India For Home Use

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RO water purification is one of the most effective ways to remove contaminants from water. This is done by using a Reverse Osmosis membrane. This membrane is used to separate the contaminants from the clean water. This membrane creates a pressure differential across them, with clean water on one side and water with contaminants on the other. This pressure differential is used to push water through the membrane and keep the contaminants behind.

Top 10 RO Membrane Manufacturers In India

List Of Top RO Membrane Brands In India

What is an RO Membrane?

An RO membrane, or reverse osmosis membrane, is a thin film of semi-permeable material used in reverse osmosis (RO) systems to remove impurities from water. The membrane is made up of a polymer material that contains tiny pores, typically less than 0.0001 microns in size, which allow water molecules to pass through while blocking larger molecules and contaminants. As water is forced through the RO membrane, it is purified, leaving minerals, dissolved solids, and other impurities behind. RO membranes are commonly used in residential and commercial water filtration systems and other applications such as desalination and wastewater treatment.

What are The Pros and Cons of the RO Membrane?

  • Effective purification
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wastes water
  • Slower water production
  • Removes beneficial minerals
  • Expensive

How Do We Choose the Best RO Membrane Brands for You?

To choose the best RO membrane brands for you, we consider the following factors:
The primary function of an RO membrane is to filter out impurities and contaminants from water. We look for RO membrane brands with high filtration efficiency and can remove many pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, dissolved solids, and other harmful substances.
The RO membrane should be durable and long-lasting, providing consistent filtration performance over a prolonged period. We consider brands that offer robust membranes that can withstand harsh water conditions and maintain their filtration efficiency over time.
RO membranes are designed to work with specific types of RO water purifiers. We look for brands that offer membranes compatible with a wide range of RO purifiers, making it easy for users to find a suitable replacement membrane for their water purifier.
RO membranes can vary in price depending on their performance, durability, and brand reputation. We consider brands that offer affordable and competitive prices for their RO membranes, ensuring that customers can get the best value for their money.
Customer reviews
We also consider customer reviews and feedback on RO membrane brands to gauge their performance and reliability. Positive customer reviews can indicate a brand’s quality and reliability, making it more likely to be recommended.

List of 12 Best RO Membrane Brands In India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best RO Membrane In IndiaRO Membrane Price*
1stVontron 80 GPD Membrane699
2ndIONIX RO Membrane 100 GPD775
3rdHi-Tech 100 Gpd Ro Membrane1199
4thCSM Membrane 50 GPD855
5thKENT Ro Uf Membrane535

Vontron RO Membrane

 Vontron RO
Vontron 80 GPD Membrane

About the Brands: Vontron is India’s leading RO membranes manufacturer. They produce a wide range of membranes suitable for different purification needs. Unlike most RO membrane brands, Vontron’s products are produced in their state-of-the-art production facility in India. This helps them control the quality of their products and offer the best RO membranes in the Indian market. Looking for the best kinds of Ro Inlet Valve Brands? Here is our ultimate guide for you. Vontron RO Membrane Price In India – 649*

Most Selling Vontron RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Product Dimensions5D x 30W x 6H Centimeters
Item Weight200 Grams
External Testing CertificationVontron

Ionix RO Membrane

IONIX RO Membrane 100 GPD Original

About the Brands: Ionix is an industry leader in RO membrane manufacturing and supplies its brand of RO membranes. The RO membrane is a thin barrier manufactured from different materials, which acts as a filter for the impurities from the water. RO membranes are available in different qualities and grades. Ionix RO membranes are manufactured using the latest technology and are among the best in the Indian market. Ionix supplies a range of RO membranes for different water purification requirements. The RO membrane is a critical component of the RO purification system. The quality of the RO membrane will determine the quality of filtered water. RO membrane should be replaced when it gets old or damaged. Ionix RO membranes are made of the best materials to ensure high-quality water output. Ionix provides RO membranes in several different qualities and grades. If you like to read about this topic, may we also suggest our list of Ro Cover Brands in India? Ionix RO Membrane Price In India –775*

Most Selling Ionix RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

MaterialRo membrane
Product Dimensions20D x 13W x 12H Centimeters
Item Weight310 Grams
Duration24 Months
External Testing CertificationNSF

Hi-Tech RO Membrane

Hi-Tech 100 Gpd Ro Membrane

About the Brands: Hi-Tech RO Membrane: Hi-Tech RO Membrane is a highly trusted brand. The RO membrane is one of the best and has been widely used by people living in the cities of Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, and many other big cities. Hi-Tech RO Membrane is the brand people prefer when they want to buy a new RO membrane from a brand known for its quality. Many other RO membrane brands are in the market, but none can be compared to Hi-Tech RO Membrane. The quality of the Hi-Tech RO Membrane is the best and is considered the best in the market. Hi-Tech RO Membrane Price In India – 1199*

Most Selling Hi-Tech RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Product Dimensions5.1D x 30.5W x 5.1H Centimeters
Item Weight350 Grams
Product BenefitsArsenic

CSM RO Membrane

 CSM RO Membrane
CSM Membrane 100 GPD – Reverse Osmosis

About the Brands: CSM RO Membrane is a top brand for Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane system that removes salt from the water. Many RO membrane brands are in the market, but what makes CSM RO membrane stand out? CSM RO membrane is made from 100% pure polyamide and high-quality cellulose acetate. CSM RO Membrane Price In India –1399*

Most Selling CSM RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Product Dimensions18D x 6W x 2H Centimeters
External Testing CertificationNSF
Product BenefitsRemoves Impurities
BrandThe AutoStory

Livpure RO Membrane

. Livpure-RO-Membrane
DBA Livpure RO Membrane Solid Filter

About the BrandsLivpure RO Membrane is India’s leading water purifier manufacturer. Their focus is on RO membrane, RO cartridge, and RO system. Livpure pioneered the idea of introducing the RO membrane in India. Being a pioneer in the field, they are aware of the water issues in India and came up with a disposable and affordable RO membrane. They offer different types of RO membranes and RO cartridges for different water purifier models. This ensures that the customers receive the best RO membrane for their purifier.  Livpure RO MembranePrice In India –1026*

Most Selling Livpure RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Product Dimensions20.3D x 20.3W x 68.6H Centimeters
External Testing CertificationCE
Product BenefitsReduces TDS

Aqua Ocean RO Membrane

Aqua Ocean SUPER RO Membrane 

About the Brands: Many water purification companies in India claim to be the best. The water purification industry in India is proliferating, and the need of the hour is to have a company that can offer you the best membrane water purification systems. Aqua Ocean RO water purification systems are considered one of the best in the industry and are offered at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons why Aqua Ocean RO membranes are considered to be the best. Aqua Ocean RO Membrane Price In India –799*

Most Selling Aqua Ocean RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Product Dimensions14D x 17W x 11H Centimeters
Item Weight300 Grams
External Testing CertificationNSF
Product BenefitsReduces TDS

Kent RO Membrane

KENT Ro Uf Membrane (Micronic Housing)

About the Brands: Kent RO Membrane is a trusted brand for high-quality RO membranes and RO replacement filter cartridges. The Kent RO membranes are of the highest quality and will give you the cleanest, freshest drinking water. The replacement filter cartridges are also designed using the same high-quality materials and will give you the purest water possible. RO membranes are the heart of any reverse osmosis system, as they filter out the contaminants from the water. With the Kent RO membrane, you can be sure that all these contaminants will be filtered out, and you will get only the purest water from your reverse osmosis system. The replacement filter cartridges are also straightforward to install and will fit in any standard RO filter housing. You’ll be able to get pure water for drinking, cooking, and all your other needs. Kent RO Membrane Price In India –560*

Most Selling Kent RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Item Weight80 Grams
External Testing CertificationNSF, CE
Reduces TDS


AMPEREUS 80 GPD RO Membrane Filter

About the Brands: AMPEREUS RO membrane filters the water at the optimum level of 0.1 microns. This RO membrane is made of the best quality materials from leading manufacturers. This is made using the best quality cellulose acetate and polypropylene materials. The cellulose acetate ensures the membrane is robust and can withstand heavy use. The membrane is then wrapped in polypropylene to protect it from high temperatures. The AMPEREUS RO membrane has a certified quality of ISO 9001, and it is tested in the laboratory to ensure that it is free from all impurities. We have a wide range of membrane that removes impurities and gives you the purest form of water. The RO membrane is available in the market at competitive prices. You can contact us for the best prices on the RO membrane in the market. AMPEREUS RO MembranePrice In India –449*

Most Selling AMPEREUS RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Item Weight700 Grams
Product BenefitsRemoves Impurities

Lexpro RO Membrane

Lexpro Pro+ 5000 TDS Membrane 

About the Brands: We supply India’s best quality Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Our RO Lexapro membrane is used in the Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. We offer RO membrane, which provides high purity and long-life water. We have various Lexpro RO membranes for different purification levels like 30 GPD, 50 GPD, 100 GPD, 200 GPD, and 300 GPD. Choose the perfect booster pump for your RO system – explore our handpicked list of the top Ro Booster Pump in India, complementing our blogs on maximizing water purification capabilities.

Lexpro RO Membrane Price In India –999*

Most Selling Lexpro RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Manufacturer‎Lex Pro Water Solution
Country of Origina‎India
Item part number‎lexpro-08-C

Wellon RO Membrane

Wellon 300 GPD RO Membrane

About the Brands: Wellon is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of RO membranes. It is the top supplier of RO membranes in China. Wellon brand has been known for its exceptionally high quality and purity. At the same time, it has been regarded as a reliable supplier of RO membranes in China. Trust in the quality of our selected ‘top 10 RO Adapter in India‘ for stable power supply and compatibility with various RO models, a vital component highlighted in our series on home appliance care. Wellon RO Membrane Price In India –2000*

Most Selling Wellon RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

Country of Origin‎India
Item part number‎WELL-300

Couldwell RO Membrane

Couldwell Vontron Membrane

About the Brands: The Couldwell brand has maintained its reputation as the topmost manufacturer of RO membranes. The RO membrane is used as a part of the Reverse Osmosis System. The RO membrane is not a component of the complete system but a part of it. The RO membrane is made of synthetic polymer, which works as a semi-permeable membrane. RO membrane selectively filters the dissolved salts, organic substances, and microorganisms in water. The RO membrane is made so water molecules can pass through it, while dissolved salts and microorganisms cannot. RO membrane makes use of pressure in its function. Underwater pressure, the RO membrane allows water molecules to pass through it but does not allow dissolved salts and microorganisms to pass through it. The RO membrane is not a part of the complete system, but it works for the complete system. The RO membrane is often called an RO membrane module. Couldwell RO Membrane Price In India –849*

Most Selling Couldwell RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

MaterialTFC (Thin-Film Composite)
Product Dimensions5D x 5W x 5H Centimeters
Item Weight220 Grams
External Testing CertificationNSF
Product BenefitsReduces Pesticides

Blue Angel RO Membrane

Blue Angel RO Membrane

About the Brands: Blue Angel is synonymous with quality and performance in India. Made with world-class technology and manufacturing techniques, this RO Membrane is available in a wide range of specifications to suit your requirements. It is proven that if an RO membrane lasts more than 3 years, it is a steal! It’s a great way to save money. Blue Angel RO membranes are known for their high quality and long life. The RO membrane is the heart of the RO system. The RO membrane is the heart of the RO system. The RO membrane is what separates clean water from wastewater. Blue Angel RO Membrane Price In India –549*

Most Selling Blue Angel RO Membrane In India

Product Specification

MaterialTFC (Thin-Film Composite)
Product Dimensions5D x 5W x 5H Centimeters
Item Weight220 Grams
External Testing CertificationNSF
Product BenefitsReduces Pesticides

What are the Different Types Of RO Membranes?

RO membranes are classified based on their pore size, type of material, and operating pressure. The following are some of the types of RO membranes:

  • Cellulose Acetate (CA) Membrane: These are the oldest type of RO membranes and are rarely used nowadays. CA membranes are hydrophilic, absorb water and can become clogged quickly.
  • Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membrane: TFC membranes are made by coating a thin polymer film on a porous support layer. They are commonly used in residential and commercial RO systems because they have high rejection rates and low fouling potential.
  • Nanofiltration (NF) Membrane: These membranes have larger pores than RO membranes and are often used for water softening, colour removal, and disinfection.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane: RO membranes are the most common type of membrane used in water purification systems. They have tiny pores that allow water molecules to pass through while blocking impurities such as salt, minerals, and other contaminants.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane: UF membranes have larger pores than RO membranes and are often used for pre-filtration, microbial removal, and clarification.
  • Forward Osmosis (FO) Membrane: FO membranes use a different osmotic process than RO membranes. They allow water to move from low-concentration to high-concentration solutions while rejecting solutes.
  • Multi-Stage Filtration Membrane: These membranes combine different filtration processes, such as RO, UF, and carbon filtration, to provide comprehensive water treatment.


What is the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane?

A reverse osmosis membrane is a thin film composite (TFC) that separates contaminants and impurities from water through a semi-permeable barrier.

How does an RO membrane work?

RO membranes apply pressure to water, forcing it through the semi-permeable membrane and leaving contaminants too large to pass through the membrane’s pores.

What are the benefits of using an RO membrane?

RO membranes offer several benefits, including reducing contaminants and impurities in water, increasing the water’s overall quality, and improving the taste and odour of water. They are also highly effective in removing pollutants, including salts, lead, pesticides, and other contaminants that can negatively impact health.

What are the different types of RO membranes?

The two most common types of RO membranes are Thin Film Composite (TFC) and Cellulose Triacetate (CTA).

What is the lifespan of an RO membrane?

The lifespan of an RO membrane can vary depending on factors such as water quality, operating pressure, and temperature, but most RO membranes last between 2-5 years.

How often should an RO membrane be replaced?

It is recommended to replace the RO membrane every 2-5 years or when there is a noticeable drop in water production or an increase in contaminants.

Can an RO membrane remove bacteria and viruses?

Yes, RO membranes effectively remove bacteria and viruses, but it’s important to note that they are not 100% foolproof. Installing a pre-filter and UV sterilizer before the RO membrane is recommended to ensure complete removal.

What is the maintenance required for an RO membrane?

To ensure optimal performance and extend the life of an RO membrane, it’s essential to regularly clean and sanitize it. It’s also recommended to regularly monitor the water quality and replace the pre-filters as needed.

What are the common problems associated with RO membranes?

Common problems with RO membranes include low water production, high reject water, and clogging. Various factors, including high contaminants in the feed water, dirty pre-filters, and improper system maintenance, can cause these problems.

Can an RO membrane be used with healthy water or other non-municipal water sources?

RO membranes can be used with healthy water and other non-municipal water sources. Still, it’s essential to test the water quality to determine if additional pre-treatment is necessary to ensure the RO membrane operates efficiently.


As an expert in water purification, it can be concluded that several high-quality RO membrane brands are available in India. After researching and analyzing the market, it is evident that some of the best RO membrane brands in India are Wellon, Lexapro, Aqua Ocean, Kent, and Livpure. These brands have a reputation for producing RO membranes with excellent performance, durability, and long-lasting service. Additionally, these brands offer a range of RO membranes suitable for various residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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