Top 8 Pole Saw in India

Pole saw is a tool for cutting difficult-to-reach branches that can’t be reached by an arm

1. Greenworks Pole Saw

It is known as the leader in battery power tools for DIY consumers as well as woodworking professionals.

2. Black & Decker Pole Saw

Black & Decker is an American manufacturing company founded by  S.Ducan Black in 1910

3. Ryobi Pole Saw

It is a Japanese company founded in 1943 that manufactures automobiles, electronics, and telecommunications industries.

4. Wen Pole Saw

It is one of the best manufacturers known for manufacturing good quality saws

5. Worx Pole Saw

It is a lawn and garden equipment producing company that targets to produce DIY products.

6. Hosko Pole Saw

Hosko pole is a manual tool with a weight of 1.48 kg and has a stainless blade.

7. Sun Joe Pole Saw

Sun Joe is a lawnmower brand. It is an American company and was founded in 2004

8. Jameson Pole Saw

Jameson is a producer of quality tools used in lighting applications, inside wiring, underground cabling and locating, line clearance, and tree trimming