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An air compressor is a mechanical device that converts power into potential energy. The air compressor forces the air into a container with pressure and this air is pushed outside through an opening in the tank where pressure builds up. Air compressors are usually used in air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers to keep the air chill. They are also used in vehicles for heating and cooling. If you are looking for an air compressor then this blog is for you, you should consider the various types of air compressors, their types, and features to consider while buying, and most importantly, choose the appropriate brand that suits your requirements.

List Of Top 10 Air Compressor Brands In India

What is Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a mechanical device that converts power into potential energy stored in compressed air. It works by using an electric motor, diesel engine, or gas engine to drive a piston or impeller that compresses air inside a tank or cylinder. The compressed air is then stored in the tank until it is needed, at which point it can be released through a hose or pipe for use in a variety of applications. Air compressors are commonly used in industrial settings for powering tools and machinery, as well as in residential settings for inflating tires, powering airbrushes, and other household applications.

Some of the most common uses for air compressors include:

  • Powering pneumatic tools: Air compressors are often used to power tools such as air wrenches, nail guns, and sanders.
  • Inflating tires and other objects: Air compressors can be used to quickly and easily inflate tires, inflatable toys, and other objects.
  • Operating machinery: Many machines and devices, such as spray guns and automated assembly equipment, rely on compressed air to operate.
  • Sandblasting: Air compressors can be used to power sandblasting equipment, which is used for cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting or other finishes.

Overall, air compressors are versatile machines that can be used for a wide range of applications, making them a valuable tool for many industries and individuals.

What are Benefits of Air Compressor

  • Air compressors are easy to use, unlike other tools these are compact, lighter in weight, and have ergonomic designs that avoid user fatigue. Moreover, these are powered by compressed air supplied by an external air compressor and thus they don’t require an internal motor.
  • Air compressors are reliable and safe tools, including fewer moving parts than the electrically powered tool. And involves less risk of getting an electric shock. Moreover, this tool can be used in the moist and in the presence of water.
  • Air compressors are economical as they need less maintenance and consume less electricity.
  • Air compressors are a versatile tools and they increase your work productivity, they can perform complex tasks very easily and quickly.
  • Air compressors are proven to be an as powerful tool as other conventional tools.

What are the Different Types of Air Compressors

  1. Positive displacement:- This air compressor works by forcing the air into the chamber for this volume of the chamber is decreased for compressing the air. After reaching the maximum pressure, the valve gets opened the air is removed from the outlet. There are two types of compressors:-
  • Rotary screw compressor:- It uses two screws to force air into small spaces and thus creates pressure. This air compressor uses oil for lubrication, and heat absorption. This compressor is generally used by plants requiring 25-250 HP.
  • Reciprocating Compressor:- They use a piston to reduce the volume and create air pressure in the cylinder. There are two types of  Reciprocating compressors:- single-acting reciprocating compressors. Such type of compressor works by using by compressing air pressure on one side and has horsepower. Double-acting reciprocating compressor uses both chambers for creating pressure, such an air compressor has a horsepower of 40-1000 HP.
  1. Dynamic compressors:- It uses rotating turbines to accelerate and decelerate the air and thus this thing creates air pressure. There are two types of dynamic compressors:-
  • Axial compressor:- These compressors are used in jet engines, high-speed ship engines, and small power stations.
  • Centrifugal compressor:- These work by using a series of stages that compress air as it moves. The air is drawn into impellers and accelerates the air to move outside and in this way, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. And this is how the centrifugal compressor works.

Top Air Compressor Companies In India

  • Makita 
  • Dewalt
  • Craftsman
  • Porter-cable
  • Metabo HPT
  • Worksite
  • California
  • Go Mechanic
  • Stanley Bostitch
  • Kensun
  • Prow

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Air Compressors

  1. Style:- Air compressors come in different styles:-
  • Standing or Vertical air compressor:- These are not so mobile, they are mostly chosen by the people who use the air compressor at a single location.
  • Wheel Barrow Compressor:- These air compressors are mobile and horizontal while you use them. These compressors are preferred by those who need a wheel-style compressor and for large job sites.
  • Hot Dog Compressor:- These are horizontal, cylinder tanks mounted on the wheel but are small in size and that is why these do not come under Wheel Barrow Compressors.
  • Pancakes Compressors:- As the name suggests these are pan-shaped – falters shape but do not have a wheel. It is suitable for DIY users.
  1. Size:- The size or volume of the air compressor here means the storage of the tank in gallons. The standing air compressor has maximum volume.
  2. Noise:- It is important to consider this factor as it noisy air compressor creates a disturbance in your work and affects overall efficiency.
  3. House couplers:- House couplers are used to connect the air compressor with other tools. The house is connected to the tank with the help of couplers. The air compressor comes with single and double couplers. If you are getting the air compressor for single-use then you can go for single couplers otherwise for double couplers.
  4. Airflow and pressure:- Airflow is measured in SCFM i.e standard cubic feet per minute and pressure is measured in psi i.e pressure per square inch. The importance of both depends upon the activity you are doing. Air compressors usually have 100-200 psi and SCFM is 2-3 for smaller ones and 7-10  for larger ones.
  5. Oil-lubricated vs oil-free:- All air compressors use lubrication, some come with oil for lubrication but others have specially coated parts to reduce friction. Oil-free compressors are more suitable than oil-lubricated ones as they need high maintenance.
  6. Power source:- The power source for the air compressor can be corded, cordless, or gas-powered. Corded electric compressors are mostly used. Gas-powered tools are expensive and can only be operated outdoors. There are only a few air compressors in the market that are cordless.

List of 11 Best Air Compressor Brands In India

Makita Air Compressor


Makita is a Japanese company founded in 1915.  It is one of the famous brands known for manufacturing power tools. It manufactures power tools such as electric planers, circular saws, and drills they also produce cordless power tools and drills and now they have started producing air compressors. The Makita Air Compressor is a corded electric tool with a tank capacity of 1 gallon. This tool has a quiet series design that has only 50 DB for operator comfort. It had a lower RPM of 1750 which results in a longer motor life and thus makes the tool durable. Its complete cage roll construction gives protection to handle a variety of jobs. This tool has an oil-free piston to provide maintenance-free operation to the user. It is a lightweight tool that promotes portability and has a horsepower of ½ hp and provides 7 CFM at 90 PSI and maximum tank pressure of 135 PSI. here you can also check the List of Heat Press Machines Brands & Best Heat Guns For Home.

  • Lightweight tool that provides portability.
  • It is a quiet tool that doesn’t make much noise while operating.
  • Comes with complete roll construction that protects to handle various job sites.
  • Oil-free piston for maintenance-free operation.
  • It has a lower RPM that gives longer motor and pump life making the tool durable.
  • It is a difficult-to-use tool.
  • The overheat protection should be improved.

Why do we use Makita Air Compressor?
The Makita Air Compressor is a lightweight, durable tool with an oil-free piston and comes with complete roll construction.

Dewalt Air Compressor


Whenever it comes to air compressors the first name to remember is Dewalt. It is an American company set up in 1923 by Radyom E. DeWalt the inventor of the radial arm saw. It is a tool company that manufactures power tools and hand tools for manufacturing and craftsman industries. The tool has a compact and portable design and is a powerful tool to perform various tasks like inflating tyers and various painting tasks. It has a capacity of  6 gallons and maximum air pressure of 165 psi and 2.6 SCFM. The engine of the compressor is built in a manner that climatic condition does not affect the performance of the tool it is a quiet tool with 75.5 dB. It is an oil-free tool that needs less maintenance. The good part about the tool is that it comes with two couplers. The tool comes with a console top to protect the controls and featured legs with a protective covering that prevents scratches over the surface or floor.

  • It is a compact and powerful tool.
  • The efficiency of the tool is not affected by climatic conditions.
  • It has a 6-gallon capacity.
  • It is a quiet tool.
  • Comes with two widespread couplers.
  • It is an oil-free tool that needs less maintenance
  • Safety features should be improved.

Why do we choose Dewalt Air Compressor?
This tool is powerful, quiet has a capacity of 6 gallons, and comes with two widespread couplers.

Craftsman Air Compressor


The craftsman produces engineering products and power tools, hand tools, and other lawn and garden tools. This brand was founded in 1927 and is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. A craftsman air compressor is a quality tool that is easy to use and light in weight-promoting portability. It is a quiet tool and comes with 13 pieces accessory kit. This tool has a maximum psi of 150 and is oil-free which needs less maintenance. The tool’s braids nailer drives up to a 2-inch braid nail and the finish nailer has the power to drive up to 2-1/2-in. finish nails. It is a heavy-duty tool, the stapler can have the power to drive up to 9/16-in. heavy-duty staples.

  • It is a lightweight, portable tool.
  • This tool is a good-quality tool.
  • The tool is an oil fee requiring less maintenance.
  • This tool comes with 13 piece accessory.
  • This tool is a heavy-duty tool.
  • You might get an air leakage issue.

Why do we choose Craftsman Air Compressor?
It is a portable, heavy-duty tool that comes with 13-piece accessories.

Porter-cable Air Compressor


Porter-cable is an American company that produces and deals in power tools. It was founded in 1906 by three people  R.E Poter and GG. Porter, F.E Cable. It is a corded electric tool and has a pancake-style tank and its tank has a capacity of 6 gallons. The low ampere motor of 120v can easily be operated in cold and moist weather. It has an oil-free pump to resist friction. Its maximum pressure is 150 psi which makes the compressor run for a longer period. The shroud, handle, and console cover protects the important components of the compressor, it makes the unit easy to carry, and makes the tool portable. This air compressor is installed with two factory couplers. This tool comes with a 13-piece accessory to facilitate easy usage of the tool.

  • Easy to use the tool.
  • Lightweight provides portability to carry the tool easily.
  • This air compressor has a pancake-style tank.
  • Comes with two installed couplers.
  • Comes with 13-piece accessories.
  • This tool is affordable and a good quality tool.
  • This tool makes noise when in operation.

Why do we choose Porter-Cable Air Compressor?
The porter cable is a well-known brand of power tool that provides you with quality tools at an affordable price and comes with great extra added features.

Metabo HPT Air Compressor


Metabo HPT is a professional power tools company founded in 1924 and headquartered in Nurtigen, Germany. It is battery powered tool with a tank capacity of 2 gallons that can drive 1000 18 Ga braid nails on a single charge. It is a lightweight tool with a weight of 27.3 lbs, the tank refill just in 17 seconds thus saving you time. Its roller cage is made up of metal that makes the tool strong and provides protection to the tool also making it a durable tool. It has two gauges pressure- one for tank pressure and the other for regulated pressure can be easily read. It’s an on /off switch design in a manner that provides easy control and is easy on and off even wearing gloves. Its oil feature doesn’t need much maintenance. Overall this tool is best suited for finish and trim work.

  • It is a lightweight tool.
  • Made of an all-metal roller cage that protects the tool.
  • It is a durable tool.
  • Its large knob for turning off and on the tool provides easy control over the tool.
  • Comes with two easily readable tanks to read tank pressure and regulated pressure.
  • It is a versatile tool.
  • Ideal for trim and finish work.
  • Small tank with a capacity of only 2 gallons.

Why do we choose Metabo HPT?
The Metabo HPT is a lightweight, durable tool and versatile tool that is ideal for trim and finish work.

Worksite Air Compressor


The worksite is a united state originated company that specializes in producing power tools and other electrical equipment of superior quality. A worksite air compressor is a battery-powered tool, battery made up of lithium-ion, Thia air compressor is a type of inflator air compressor that comes with a 20 v rechargeable battery and a 12 v  car power adapter that adds a backup when the battery runs low while traveling. It is a lightweight tool and thus provides you with portability. The special feature of this air compressor is fast inflating, the air pump can inflate a standard or mid-car tire from 0-36PSI in 3-5 minutes quickly and accurately. The tool has the feature of automatic stopping after reaching the preset value and has a bright LED light for easy visibility. The worksite air compressor has various tools- a charger, storage bag, ball needle, nozzle adaptor, and a user manual. The tool comes with different air nozzles for inflating tyers of different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and bicycles and is even used to inflate sports balls, pool toys, and other inflatables.

  • The tool is light in weight and portable.
  • This tool provides you with the feature of fast inflating.
  • Comes with a feature of an automatic stop.
  • Comes with bright LED light to provide greater visibility.
  • This tool has multiple uses, is used to inflate tyers of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, and even to inflate sports balls.
  • Comes with many other supporting accessories.
  • The quality of the tool needs to be better.

Why do we choose Worksite Air Compressor?
This air compressor comes with lots of features such as fast inflating, multiple uses, automatic stop, bright LED light, and more.

California Air Compressor


It is an air tool manufacturing company founded in 2002 in Sant Diego. The specialty of their tools is they are quietest, which means they focus on producing ultra-quiet air tools. The California Air compressor is a corded electric tool with a weight of 29 pounds.  The tank capacity is 1 gallon. This tool is made up of alloy steel. The tool is light in weight and thus provides portability.  It can provide maximum pressure up to 120 psi. The special feature of the tool is its ultra quietness with a sound level of 56 decibels. It is a powerful tool and comes with dual oil-free piston pumps for resisting friction and for longer life, this air piston helps in compressing the air faster.

  • This tool is lightweight and portable.
  • It is a durable tool.
  • The feature of ultra quietness.
  • It comes with oil-free piston pumps for resisting friction.
  • Fast compressing of air.
  • Small tank size.

Why do we choose California Air Compressor?
The features of ultra quietness and fast compressing.

Go Mechanic Air Compressor


Go, mechanic, is a car service providing a platform and thus they produce car service supporting accessories like producing air compressors for inflating tires. The go mechanic air compressor is a tire inflator. It is a corded electric tool with a weight of 1.3 kg and a voltage of 12 v. This tool is easy to use and has a fast inflating speed, it can easily inflate the tire in 3-5 minutes. This air compressor automatically shuts off after reaching the required pressure, so one need not worry about low pressure or excess pressure. The air compressor comes with an LCD which allows seeing the pressure thus giving you maximum accuracy. It also has a LED light to provide good visibility.

  • Easy-to-use tool.
  • Comes with the feature of automatic shut-offs.
  • It has a long cord
  • It has a fast inflating speed.
  • Comes with an LCD.
  • It has an Led light for visibility.
  • The air compressor model body needs more improvement.

Why do we choose Go mechanic Air compressor?
Its automatic shut-off, fast inflating speed, and LCD make the air compressor to be chosen.

Stanley Bostitch Air Compressor


It is an American company founded in 1896 by Thomas Briggs. It manufactures fastening and power tools such as staplers, staple guns, nailers, and reviewers. The Bostitch air compressor is a corded electric tool with a weight of 29 lbs weight and a tank capacity of 6 gallons. It is an oil-free tool and thus doesn’t require much maintenance. The maximum pressure of the compressor is 150 psi and 2.6 SCFM is delivered at 90 psi. The motor in the air compressor is so powerful that it can even be used in cold weather. Its sound level is 78.5 DBA which keeps the work environment quiet and peaceful. It comes with two couplers and a high-flow regulator to maximize air tool performance.

  • It is an oil-free tool that thus requires less maintenance.
  • Powerful motor that can even run in cold environments.
  • The sound level of 78.5 keeps the surroundings quiet.
  • Good air tool performance.
  • Light weight can be carried anywhere.
  • It does not have an automatic shut-off feature that many other brands offer you.

Why do we choose Stanley Bostitch Air Compressor?
It is an oil-free, low-maintenance tool, that can work in cold environments.

Kensun Air Compressor


Kensun is an American company founded in 2009 that produces and manufactures car accessories. It focuses on providing streamlined design and high-quality standards. It is a high-quality well built and durable product. It is a corded electric tool voltage of 12v. It has an easy-to-read pressure gauge with the unit conversion in PSI/Bar/KPI that avoids confusion regarding the units. You can use the tool anywhere as it comes with AC/DC switching on a 12v light plug as well as 110v for a home outlet. The maximum pressure is 100 PSI. It is a multiple-use tool that can inflate cars, bikes, sedans, and mid-size SUVs.

  • It is a high-quality and well builds-up tool.
  • It is a durable tool.
  • Comes with an easy-to-read pressure gauge.
  • It has multiple uses.
  • It does not consist of automatic shut-off.

Why do we choose Kensun Air Compressor?
It is a high-quality well-built product that has multiple uses.

Prow Air Compressor


The main focus of PRO is to manufacture car accessories and home products that are easy to use and user-friendly with the most upgraded technology and long-lasting durability. It is an electric toy car tire inflater that is easy to use and lightweight. The tool comes with AC (110v) and DC (12v) cables so you use it anytime and anywhere you want it. The tool inflates fast with its 120w motor to 35 psi just in 5 minutes. The tool needs to rest and be left free for some time after 20 minutes of usage to cool down the tool. The tool has a display gauge with unit conversion in (PSI/Bar/KPA) and measures up to 100 PSI. It also has a carry bag to facilitate storage. The tool comes with various adapters according to inflate the tire of a bike, car, or bicycle, you can also use it to inflate basketball, football, and other sports ball.

  • It is easy to use and lightweight tool.
  • It is a durable product.
  • The tool has a display gauge with different conversion units.
  • It has a fast inflating speed.
  • The tool comes with different adapters according to the type of tyre.
  • The comes with AC and DC cables.
  • Cannot be used in open areas like gardens and lawns in the absence of a power outlet.

Why do we choose Prow Air Compressor?
The Prow air compressor comes with multiple tire adapters and AC/DC cables.


An Air Compressor is an electric tool that forces air into the container in order to create pressure and then throws out the air pressure from an outlet. The air compressor is used in many things like air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers to keep the air chill. It is also used to inflate the tyre of vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and motorcycles and to inflate football, basketball, and other sports ball. You should choose an air compressor according to its usage and requirement.


What are the top 10 air compressors?

1. Makita
2. Dewalt
3. Craftsman
4. Porter-Cable
5. Metabo HPT
6. Worksite
7. Kensun
8. Stanely Bostich
9. California
10. Go Mechanic

What size air compressor is best for home use?

If you looking for a home-use air compressor you must go for a small air compressor of 2.6 gallons to 20 gallons of tank capacity.

What type of air compressor lasts the longest?

Oil-lubricated air compressor lasts litter longer than an oil-free air compressor.

What size air compressor do you need to run air tools?

Air tools require a portable air compressor, the small-size air compressor is 0-5 cubic feet per meter, and the large-size air compressor of 10-110 cubic feet per meter.

What do you need to know before buying an air compressor?

One should know about all the basic features of an air compressor like the style of air compressors, psi, SCFM, conversion units, the difference b/w oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors, and what is the noise level.

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