10 Best Air Fryer Brands In India

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A kitchen appliance called an air fryer convection oven, or air fryer cooks food by blowing hot air around it. Additionally, it has an oven or range built-in capability that allows you to prepare food that is crispy and golden-fried without requiring an oil-filled pot or a pan. Convection heating produces a crunchy, crispy coating that uses a smaller amount of fat, making it a low-fat and convenient way to prepare food like fried chicken and chips. With the help of our complete buying guide, choose the high-quality and the best Air fryer brands in India listed on our list.

Our Top Recommendations

Pigeon Air Fryer
Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer
Check Prices
Philips Air Fryer
PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90, uses up to 90% less fat
Check Prices
Havells Air Fryer
Havells Air Fryer Prolife Digi 
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List Of Top 10 Air Fryer Brands In India

How Do We Choose the Best Air Fryer Brands For You?

Choosing the best air fryer brand for your needs involves considering several key factors: 

  • Brand Reputation: Buying the best air fryer from a reliable and top brand in the home and kitchen appliances industry that designs high-quality and durable appliances for home and kitchen uses. 
  • Budget: Buy the best value for money air fryers by comparing prices across various brands and models that fit into your budget but do not compromise with the quality. 
  • Air Fryer Size: Consider the right size of the air fryer before buying that fits into your kitchen as the space you have in your kitchen will impact the size of the air fryer.
  • Types of Air Fryer: The most common type of air fryer is the basket model. Additionally, there are multi-cookers that can pressure cook as well as air-fried foods. The fact that you can only use one function at a time is the only downside. You will need to wait and do each task in turn if you want to pressure cook some rice and fry some chicken at the same time. There are bigger air fryer ovens with a door that opens with racks that resemble toasters. These are large enough to bake a cake, but they do take up a lot of space and will undoubtedly be a permanent fixture on your kitchen counter.
  • Functionality: The basket is the most significant part of your new air fryer, you should make sure that it can be easily cleaned in the sink or put in the dishwasher. Certain versions include dual-level baskets that allow you to continuously prepare two different types of food. Choose an air fryer that is integrated into a microwave or toaster oven if you prefer a multipurpose appliance. These air fryers often allow you to bake, roast, and grill as well.
  • Temperature Control: Make sure the air fryer has a temperature control function for adjusting the time that is compatible with the needs of various dishes. Under this setting, you can precisely control the cooking process.  
  • Wattage: This is an important factor to consider before buying an air fryer. The appliance with more wattage helps the user cook the food quicker and easier but it will come with a costly price.
  • Weight: Buying a compact air fryer might be more advantageous in the long run if you want to store it while not in use. When the appliance is not in use, this will make it easier to move anywhere.
  • Warranty: Consider the warranty period as most air fryers come with a 1 year warranty usually. However, some provide a longer warranty as a reward for buying the appliance within a specific time frame.

List of Top 10 Best Air Fryer Brands in India for Home 2024

Top 10 Best Air Fryer For HomeAir Fryer Price*Amazon Rating (Out of 5)Lnlisting Rating (Out of 5)
Instant Air Fryer8998*4.74.8
Hamilton Air Fryer5999*4.54.6
iBELL Air Fryer3799*4.54.6
Philips Air Fryer6799*4.44.7
Agaro Air Fryer8899*4.34.1
Xiaomi Air Fryer5960*4.34.3
Havells Air Fryer6480*4.24.1
INALSA Air Fryer4294*4.14.1
Prestige Air Fryer3980*4.14
Pigeon Air Fryer2937*3.73.8

Philips Air Fryer

PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90

About the Brand: Koninklijke Philips N.V., or simply Philips was founded in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerard Philips, and Frederik Philips. This is a worldwide conglomerate company manufacturing consumer electronics, electronic components, medical imaging equipment, home appliances, and lighting equipment in Dutch origin but it is currently focused on the area of health technology. 

Recommend Philips Air Fryer

  • PHILIPS Air Fryer NA120/00, uses up to 90% less fat, 1500W, 4.2 Liter, with Rapid Air Technology (Black), Large
  • PHILIPS Air Fryer NA231/00 with touch panel, uses up to 90% less fat, 1700W, 6.2 Liter
  • PHILIPS HD9270/70 2000 Watt Digital Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology (Black)6.2 liter

Product Specification

Special FeatureTemperature Control, Programmable
Product Dimensions35.5D x 35.5W x 33.8H Centimeters
Capacity4.1 litres


  • Rapid air technology 
  • Wide temperature control 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Consume 70% less power 


  • Expensive 
  • Not easy-to-understand features for some individuals 

User Feedback: For the money I paid 8 months ago for this air fryer, it has been working really well for us, and I haven’t faced any issues till now. Go for it without any doubts. 

Havells Air Fryer

Havells Air Fryer Prolife Digi 

About the Brand: Havells India Limited is an Indian multinational electrical products company founded by Haveli Ram Gandhi in 1958 and headquartered in Noida. Havells India Limited is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods company that has a significant worldwide presence because of its wide distribution network, and top-notch quality. Currently, Havells is the owner of some of the most renowned brands, including Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard, and Havells. 

Recommend Havells Air Fryer

  • Havells Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology, 6.5 Litre Large Pan Capacity
  • Havells Air Fryer Air Oven Digi | Extra Large Capacity | Combination of Air Fryer and OTG 
  • Havells Air Fryer Prolife LUXURIA with 5.5L Capacity | 1700 Watt 

Product Specification

Special FeatureUpto 60 minutes timer, Upto 200 degree celcius tempreature control, 8 Auto pre-set menu with preheat function, Digital touch control panel, LED Display
Product Dimensions34D x 34W x 36.5H Centimeters
Capacity5 litres


  • Touch control panel with LED indicator
  • 8 preset menu
  • Safety lock for child protection 
  • Aero crisp technology 


  • Expensive 

User Feedback: This air fryer is extremely light in weight and food cooks quickly in only a few minutes and food cooks quickly in only a few minutes. Highly recommend it.

Pigeon Air Fryer

Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer

About the Brand:  Pigeon Appliances Private Limited company was founded in 2003 by Rajendra Gandhi and Anraj Bhandari and is a well-known brand loved by customers due to its high quality and affordability. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Pigeon has been providing Indian homemakers with a high-quality range of home, and kitchen appliances and cookware. According to White Page International, Pigeon is listed as India’s Most Admired Brands 2016.

Recommend Pigeon Air Fryer

  • Pigeon Healthyfry Manual Air Fryer, 360° High-Speed Air Circulation Technology 1200 W with Non-Stick 4.2 L Basket – Green
  • Pigeon by Stovekraft Air Fryer Oven 25L | 2-in-1 Appliance (OTG + Airfryer) | 1400 Watts 

Product Specification

Special FeatureDigital
Product Dimensions30D x 22.9W x 29H Centimeters
Capacity4.2 litres
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic, Aluminium


  • Time-saving cooking 
  • Delay start function 
  • Coated rust-proof and durable basket 
  • Stainless steel oil separator


  • Limited models 

User Feedback: Our needs and the product’s specifications match exactly. This air fryer for cooking has both health-conscious and easy-to-use benefits. I love it.

INALSA Air Fryer

INALSA Air Fryer for Home

About the Brand:  INALSA is one of the fastest-growing appliance companies founded in 1967 by Jitendra Chauhan. It has consistently been the top choice for Indian consumers looking for small home appliances. It is a subsidiary of Taurus Group, which has its headquarters in Spain and is a well-known brand in Europe with a modern home appliance product range. 

Recommend INALSA Air Fryer

  • INALSA Air Fryer for Home|4.2 L Capacity|Visible Window & Internal Light|1400 W with Smart AirCrisp Technology
  • INALSA Air Fryer for Home|5.5 L Capacity|Visible Window & Internal Light|1600 W with Smart AirCrisp Technology
  • INALSA Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven With 23 L Capacity|1700 W-16 Preset Programs 

Product Specification

Special FeatureTemperature Control 
Product Dimensions25.5D x 33.3W x 27.5H Centimeters
Capacity4.2 litres


  • Touch screen with 8 presets function
  • Oil-free cooking 
  • Fully digital operations 
  • Quick heat circulation 


  • Little bit expensive 

User Feedback: Nowadays, having an air fryer at home is a great idea for eating healthy. For Inalsa, the features are easy to use and the build quality is more lovely. 

Agaro Air Fryer

AGARO Elegant Air Fryer, 6.5L

About the Brand: AGARO Lifestyle company was founded in 2019 by Nishant Agarwal in Kolkata, India. The brand is dedicated to upholding its mission of using innovative technologies to provide you with incredible multi-category home improvement, personal care products, and kitchen appliances that enhance the beauty, enthusiasm, and health of your life. The range of products has been carefully designed to fulfill your demands. 

Recommend Agaro Air Fryer

  • AGARO Regency Air Fryer,12 Liters, Family Rotisserie Oven,1800W Electric Air Fryer AGARO Regal Plus Air Fryer, 23L Capacity, 1800 Watts, 16 Preset Programs, Digital Display and Touch Control
  • AGARO Royal Digital Air Fryer, 14.5L, 25 Preset Cooking Modes, 360 Degrees Air Circulation With Variable Temperature Settings 1700W

Product Specification

Special FeatureTemperature Control 
Product Dimensions30D x 25W x 80H Centimeters
Capacity12 litres
MaterialStainless Steel


  • Transparent cooking window and interior lighting
  • 9 preset menu
  • 4 control setting 
  • 360° heat circulation technology


  • Expensive 

User Feedback: Enjoy preparing healthy recipes by using havells air fryer. It is superb, less time-consuming than a micro vaporizer and the food flavor doesn’t change after cooking in it. The best part is cooking doesn’t require oil. Go for it.

Xiaomi Air Fryer

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer

About the Brand: The Xiaomi brand was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun in Haidian District, Beijing, China.  Xiaomi Corporation also registered as Xiaomi Inc. and often known as Xiaomi, is a Chinese company that designs and produces consumer electronics, home appliances, IoT devices, music accessories, and hardware for the car and home, as well as related software. Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi is the smartphone category brand ambassador of Xiaomi in India.  

Product Specification

Special FeatureProgrammable 
Product Dimensions34D x 29.5W x 37H Centimeters
Capacity3.5 litres
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic 


  • Smart control with voice assistant 
  • Rapid 360° heating
  • 6 in 1 versatility 
  • Silent operation 


  • Limited models available 
  • Smaller basket size

User Feedback: The Teflon coating is excellent quality as it doesn’t tear off like the ones from other air fryers, and it is sleek and easy to operate.

Instant Air Fryer


About the Brand: Instant Brands is the top-selling brand worldwide founded in 2009 by Robert Wang. Their extensive product range, which includes air fryers and electric pressure cookers to ovens, is preferred all over the world for its amazing use and distinctive style. It has been recognized as “The Best Brand across the World” in international magazines, received many Global Design Awards, and received innovation trademarks.

Recommend Instant Air Fryer

  • Instant Pot Air Fryer Vortex 4 Litre Essential 360 Degree Even Crisp Technology 
  • Instant Pot Vortex 8 Litre ClearCook Digital Air Fryer 
  • Instant Pot Air Fryer, Vortex 2QT, Touch Control Panel, 360° EvenCrisp Technology, 4-in-1 Air Fry

Product Specification

Special FeatureProgrammable
Product Dimensions31.4 x 37.9 x 32.6 Centimeters
Capacity6 Quarts
MaterialStainless Steel


  • 6 in 1 smart functionality
  • One-touch digital panel 
  • 95% less oil guilt-free food 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Costly 
  • Limited features

Hamilton Air Fryer


About the Brand: Hamilton Housewares India is a leading houseware, cookware, and kitchenware manufacturer founded in 2000 by Ajaykumar Dineshkumar Vaghani and Rajesh Surajmal Gandhi. The company serves international markets with top-notch products because of its global presence in more than 80 countries. The constant effort to revolutionize efficiency, ease of use, and style has moved forward with an unwavering vision of the company in providing technology that effectively enhances lives.

Recommend Hamilton Air Fryer

  • Hamilton Beach Air fryer with OTG, 16L Capacity, 6 in 1 – Air fryer, Bake, Broil, Toast, Grill, Dehydrate (Stainless Steel, 1400W) 360 Degree Rapid Heat Circulation, Monitor Your Cooking

Product Specification

Special FeatureAutomatic Shut-Off
Product Dimensions36.5D x 25.6W x 34H Centimeters
ColourBlack & Silver
Capacity5.8 Quarts
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)


  • Multifunctional cooking with less oil 
  • 1700 watts power for fast cooking 
  • 8 one-touch preset functions 
  • An audible beep indicates that food cooked


  • Little bit costly
  • Limited model range

User Feedback: I reviewed it after using it for about a year, and I love it. Strong, easy to clean, with basic controls, and it looks amazing!

iBELL Air Fryer


About the Brand: iBELL has become a member of the most prestigious manufacturers of electronic goods companies, offering an extensive range of stylish, efficient, and affordable consumer products. With a focus on home appliances and entertainment, iBELL aims to give customers a high standard of experience. The iBell company offers some high-quality and durable Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Power Tools and Machinery, and Security Systems.

Recommend iBELL Air Fryer

  • iBELL AF422M Air Fryer 4.2L, Adjustable Temperature, Multiple Cooking Options, 1500W, 2 Year Warranty (Black)
  • iBELL IBLAF420DM Air Fryer 4.2 Litre – 1400W, 7 Cooking Presets, Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Function, Auto-off & Adjustable Temperature Control (Black)
  • iBELL AF650M Air Fryer 6.5 Litre, 1600W, 8 Cooking Presets, Detachable Fryer Basket, Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Function, Auto-off & Adjustable Temperature Control (Black)

Product Specification

Special FeatureTemperature Control
Product Dimensions34.5D x 23W x 30.9H Centimeters
Capacity4 litres
MaterialStainless Steel


  • Advanced touch controls 
  • Multiple cooking options 
  • Elegant finish and design 
  • Convenient cleanup 


  • Maybe features are not understandable for some individuals 
  • Sometimes it can be problematic while cleaning 

User Feedback: This air fryer’s touch controls and quick access features make cooking simple. I love how quick, simple, and effective it is to use. Not much oil is used, and the food is delicious and crispy. Its digital display and auto-shutoff timer, which turns off when the dish is done, are very great features.

Prestige Air Fryer


About the Brand:  The main brand of the TTK group is Prestige, founded in 1928 by Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari. With several honors and recognitions, this brand of kitchen and home appliances has expanded in the hearts and homes of a large number of loyal customers. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is the brand ambassador of flagship brand Prestige. 

Recommend Prestige Air Fryer

  • Prestige Crysta Electric Digital Airfryer 4.5L Basket, 1600W|Touch Panel with 9 Preset Menu
  • Prestige PAF 4.0 Electric Air Fryer with Temperature and Timer Control (Black, 1400 Watt, 4.5-Litres)

Product Specification

Special FeatureTemperature Control 
Product Dimensions27D x 27W x 32H Centimeters
Capacity2 litres


  • Smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odor and smoke
  • Easy-to-operate control knobs
  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Limited models 

User Feedback: I am calculating simply the surface area for the amount because you cannot overlap objects in an air fryer, and the size is excellent enough for a family of two to three. It is easy to understand and fully digital.


How does an Air Fryer affect human health?

Lower Nutrient Content: Prolonged consumption, especially of foods high in water-soluble vitamins, may lead to a reduction in nutrient levels. 
Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs): Air-fried foods can form AGEs through the Maillard reaction, which causes a number of health issues. 
Potential Weight Gain: Because air-fried foods are prepared with a lot of calories, excessive consumption can result in weight gain. 
Carcinogen Production: There are long-term health risks associated with the production of carcinogenic compounds by certain frying oils and high-temperature cooking in air fryers.

Which foods we cannot cook in the Air Fryer?

Some fries, fish cutlets, onion rings dipped in beer, tempura vegetables, large, bone-in meat cuts, baked foods, greens veggies, raw rice, and other grains, cheesy foods, and too much of many other foods aren’t ideal for crisping in an air fryer.

How to maintain an air fryer for a lifelong cycle?

Following some of the major tips can help to extend a longer lifespan of an air fryer. After every use, clean the air fryer immediately. After using, unplug the fryer, turn it off, and let it cool. Clean the pan and basket with soapy water. To take care of difficult messes, soak the basket and pan, wipe the bottom chamber, clean the heating element with a wet cloth; and allow it to dry before assembling.

What instructions should I follow to cook food in an air fryer?

The usual instructions you should follow is to cook food for 20% less time and lower the temperature by 20 to 30°C when cooking food in an air fryer. Choose the right basket for your air fryer and keep it in balance. Avoid stuffing the basket too full. Use the perforated pan or basket that was included with your air fryer. Avoid using too much oil and take just the right amount of it. Convert and adjust cooking time and avoid non-stick sprays.

What is the ideal temperature to cook food in an air fryer?

Depending on the particular recipe and type of food you are preparing, there are several recommended temperatures to cook food in an air fryer. But generally, you can cook most foods in an air fryer by adjusting the temperature between 350°F (177°C) and 400°F (204°C).


Air fryers can bake and roast food, just like regular oven ranges, but they have one unique feature: a big, strong fan and heating components that sit on top of the appliance. This setup uses less oil than traditional deep fryers and produces delicious and crispy results quickly. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which air fryer brand is right to buy for home use. So here is LNlisting can guide you to choosing the best air fryer brands in India for your home from reliable and top manufacturers are available.

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