10 Best Car Seat Cover Brands In India

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Car seat covers play a dual role in every car: they enhance passenger comfort while protecting the original fabric from wear and tear. If you want to personalize your car’s interior, protect seats from spills and stains, or just extend their life, buying quality car seat covers is a good investment. Some seat covers of cars offer an exceptional fit, while others are custom seat covers designed specifically for your car. We tested different options to show you which are the most comfortable and which are the best car seat cover brands. Check out the best car seat cover brand in India for your comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. 

Our Top Picks

INCH EMPIRE Seat Cover 5 Seats Full Set
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Metreno Seat Cover
Metreno 9 in 1 car car seat Cover Protector mat
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AUTOFIT Seat Cover
AUTOFIT Neptune Napa U Strip Design Leather Car Seat Cover
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List Of Top 10 Car Seat Cover Brands In India

How We Can Choose the Best Car Seat Cover Brands? 


  • Brand Reputation: Buying a car seat cover from a reputable and reliable brand that offers high quality and durability for your car.
  • Material: Choose the material that you like to consider. Each material has its advantages, and common material options such as leather, polyester, neoprene, and mesh. Leather is luxurious, polyester is durable, neoprene is water resistant, and mesh is breathable. 
  • Size and Fits: Find seat covers that easily fit in your car and seat types include bench seats, bucket seats, etc.  A perfect fit keeps the covers in place and offers superior protection.
  • Easy Installation: Choose car seat covers that are easy to install and remove. Some car seat covers come with hooks or straps, while others have elastic straps for a quick and easy installation process. 
  • Design and Style: If you want to match your car’s interior with your seat covers then choose a design and color as per the interior of your car. Seat covers come in a diverse variety of styles and patterns. 
  • Comfort: Choose comfortable seat covers that enhance driving comfort. Go for features like ergonomic design and extra padding for your comfortable ride.
  • Compatibility: Ensure your seat cover is compatible with all seat features including seat belts, headrests, and passenger airbags before buying.
  • Warranty: Ensure that the seat cover is covered by a guarantee or warranty to get your satisfaction with quality and durability. 
  • Car Seat Cover Lifespan: Check the shelf life of the car seat cover because in general the lifespan of the car seat cover is 3 to 5 years and it vary according to material, usage, quality, and maintenance, 

List of 10 Best Car Seat Cover Brands In India

Top 10 Best Car Seat Cover In IndiaCar Seat Cover PriceAmazon Rating ( Out of 5)Inlisting Rating (Out of 5)
Inch Empire Car Seat Covers19808*4.44.2
AUTOFIT Car Seat Covers10999*4.34.5
3D Frontline Car Seat Covers8000*3.83.6
Red Rain Car Seat Covers23020*4.44.4
Hi Art Car seat Covers6980*3.83.5
AUTOYOUTH Car Seat Covers14297*3.83.9
KVD AUTOZONE Car Seat Cover9799*43.8
OASIS AUTO Car Seat Covers24015*4.34.1
Elegant Auto Retail Car Seat Covers10523*NANA
LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Covers40874*4.34.1


INCH EMPIRE Seat Cover 5 Seats Full Set cover

About the Brands: Inch Empire is India’s well-known manufacturer that offers custom and universal-fit car seat covers in a choice of colors and designs that prioritize comfort and longevity. The brand aims to provide high-quality and comfortable material-made car seat covers that are easy to use, clean, and durable. 

Recommend Inch Empire Car seat Covers 

  • INCH EMPIRE 5 Seats Full Set Universal Fit Car Seat Covers 
  • INCH EMPIRE Car Seat Cover 5 Seats Full Set for Most Sedan, SUV, Truck and Pickup 

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
Colour2 Front Black&White


  • Great compatibility 
  • Better breathability


  • Mild initial odor

User Feedback: Purchased these value-for-money car seat covers and I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality and it’s easy-to-install process. These are pretty comfortable and the durability is amazing. 

AUTOFIT Seat Cover

AUTOFIT Neptune Napa U Strip Design Leather Car Seat Cover

About the Brands: Autofit is a top car seat cover manufacturer and designed 5+ million 2-wheel seats, 11+ million 2-wheel wheel assemblies, 0.7 million off-road vehicle seats, and a diverse range of products such as 2-wheeler handlebar assemblies, injection molded plastic parts, 2-wheeler seats, PU molded foam pads, 4-wheeler seat components, and 2-wheeler wheel assemblies.

Recommend AUTOFIT Car seat Covers 

  • AUTOFIT Limitied Edition one Leather Car Seat Cover for (OEM LE1, Maruti BALENO/GLANZA 
  • AUTOFIT Silky NAPA Leather Ultra Puffy Car Seat Cover for Hyundai Venue
  • AUTOFIT Neptune Napa U Strip Design Leather Car Seat Cover for TATA Tiago 

Product Specification

Fit TypeCustom Fit


  • Luxurious looks 
  • Comfortable materials
  • Good Quality


  • Not designed for Toyota Hyryder 
  • Higher price tag 

User Feedback: There is no dislike about this high-quality car seat cover as this has a very classy look and luxury feel seat cover. It will never disappoint you in any aspect.


3D FRONTLINE PU Leather Car Seat Cover

About the Brands: The brand 3D Frontline was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2017 by Mr. Surya, and the best car seat cover manufacturer with a diverse selection of PU Leather Car Seat Covers, Leather Car Seat Covers, and many more. The company headquartered in Gandhi Nagar, Delhi, India has built a large and well-functioning infrastructure unit that plays a vital role in the success of the brand. 

Recommend 3D Frontline Car Seat Covers 

  • 3D FRONTLINE Accessible Series PU Leather Maruti Baleno Car Seat Cover
  • 3D FRONTLINE PU Leather Premium Series Car Seat Cover for Honda WRV
  • 3D FRONTLINE PU Leather Puffy Series Car Seat Cover for Maruti Baleno

Product Specification

Fit TypeCustom Fit
Brand3D Frontline 
ColourBlack & Cherry


  • Uv Resistant
  • Comes with no Chemical Odour
  • Custom bucket seat fit


  • Tough installation process
  • Some features could be better 

User Feedback: This is the best car seat cover manufacturers in India and their seat covers look so elegant and high-quality built. I love it and you can have it for your car also.


AUTOYOUTH Airbag Compatible Car Seat Covers

AutoYouth is a customer-oriented company founded in 2011 as a sole proprietorship headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab. The company is dedicated to serving economical, innovatively manufactured car accessories such as steering wheel covers, car seat covers, car covers, and many more that are designed well as per driving needs. 

Recommend AUTOYOUTH Car Seat Covers

  • AUTOYOUTH Blue and Black Print Car Seat Covers 
  • AUTOYOUTH Bucket Seat Cover for Sedan, Truck, and SUVs
  • AUTOYOUTH PU Leather Front Car Seat Covers for Toyota

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
ColourGrey Tiger


  • Airbag compatible use 
  • Easy to install 
  • Sewing straps with hooks


  • Not fit built-in seat belt

User Feedback: These car seat covers look great and are a perfect fit for my car Vauxhall Astra. I am very happy with the quality and durability of the product. Worth for money product.


LUCKYMAN CLUB M9 Tacoma Full Set Seat Covers

About the Brands: LUCKYMAN CLUB is a genuine luxury car seat cover brand with multiple premium designs and patterns. The brand aims to serve high-quality, functional, stylish, and comfortable car seat covers for users. Luckyman Club car seat covers come in both custom and universal fit in a diverse range of patterns and colors for users’ comfort and durability needs. 

Recommend LUCKYMAN CLUB Car Seat Covers

  • LUCKYMAN CLUB 2007-2021 Tundra, Pickup, Trucks, and Car Seat Covers
  • LUCKYMAN CLUB J01-LH Universal Car Seat Covers for Most Sedan, SUVs, Truck, and Hatchbacks
  • LUCKYMAN CLUB 5 Seat Car Seat Covers R06-HU2

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
BrandElegant Auto Retail  
ColourBlack and Red


  • Easy installation process
  • Not easy to get scratched by the keys
  • Waterproof 


  • Higher Price tag

User Feedback: I got this car seat cover super easy to install and has a perfect build quality. On my car Tacoma, the covers fit extremely well and look classy. It would be nice and overall these are the best looking car seat covers available.

Elegant Auto Retail Car Seat Cover


About the Brands: Elegant Auto Retail is an Indian brand that was founded in 2006 by Mr, Sudhir Singhal and the brand serves elaborately made car and travel accessories. For the last 35 years, the company produced high-quality material car accessories by dedicated designers, pattern makers, and engineers to give clients a flawless shopping experience.

Recommend Elegant Auto Retail Car Seat Covers

  • Elegant Auto Retail Icee Perforated Fabric Car Seat Cover

Product Specification

Fit TypeCustom Fit
BrandElegant Auto Retail  
ColourBlack and C Gray


  • Premium smooth finish 
  • Breathable 
  • Crack resistant 


  • Higher price 

User Feedback: These premium car seat covers stole my heart and they are very comfortable and breathable. Highly recommend this value-for-money product. 

OASIS AUTO Car Seat Cover


About the Brands: Oasis Auto is a well-known brand that manufactures premium and luxurious car seat covers in India. Oasis Auto’s front and rear seat covers are expertly designed from high-quality materials, and they come in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and materials. Each car seat cover is precisely customized to match the unique requirements of car model types and users.

Recommend OASIS AUTO Car Seat Covers

  • OASIS AUTO Car Seat Covers for SUVs, Truck, and Sedan 
  • OASIS AUTO Tailor Fit Seat Covers for 2005-2022 Tacoma
  • Oasis Auto Custom Leather Seat Covers for Honda Civic 2011-2023 Sedan and Hatchback

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
BrandOasis Auto 


  • Scratch-resistant, and ultra-durable
  • Made with high-grade premium leather 
  • Water-resistant


  • Available front seat only for two-door coupes or pick-ups

User Feedback: I got these premium car seat covers for my Lexus GS and its perfect fit giving my car a little bit more of a sporty look, and are very comfortable. I am very happy with the pattern of this cost.



About the Brands: KVD Autozone was founded in 2017 in Nai Sarak, Delhi, and is renowned for fulfilling the needs of its clients by producing modern technology and high-end quality car seat covers. The company aims to provide a great driving experience through its innovative design of car seat covers with custom and universal fit options.

Recommend KVD AUTOZONE Car Seat Covers

  • KVD AUTOZONE Super Leatherette Luxury Car Seat Cover for Maruti Suzuki and Ignis
  • KVD AUTOZONE Heavy Nappa Leather Luxury Car Seat Cover for Hyundai, Grand I10, and Nios
  • KVD AUTOZONE Heavy Nappa Luxury Car Seat Cover for Skoda

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
BrandKVD Autozone 


  • Long lasting with 5 years warranty 
  • Anti-fungus
  • Easy to wash and maintain 


  • Tough installation process 

User Feedback: Best quality, good fit for car seats and look is luxurious. I am happy with breathable and durable material. Must have a product.

Hi Art Car seat Cover


About the Brands: Hi Art company was founded in 2007 by Pulkit Kathuria and is a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of designer car seat covers, poly car seat covers, and many more with a variety of colors and patterns. The company uses modern technology to produce these car seat covers from high-quality materials according to the specifications of our clients.

Recommend Hi Art Car seat Covers

  • Hi Art Leatherette Custom Fit Front and Rear Car Seat Covers for Maruti Suzuki and Alto 
  • Hi Art Leatherette Custom Fit Car Seat Covers for Tata Punch
  • Hi Art Sweat Control Car Seat Covers for Maruti Suzuki and Alto K10

Product Specification

Fit TypeCustom Fit
BrandHi Art


  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Easy to clean 
  • High-density foam padding sheet for comfort and durability


  • The front seat back cover is not properly fitted

User Feedback: Looks classy and perfect for fit in my car seats. These seat covers are made with high-quality and comfortable material. I loved it.

Red Rain Car Seat Covers


About the Brands: Red Rain, a top car seat cover manufacturers near me for 20 years, has expertise in designing a diverse range of uniquely designed, durable, and easy-to-install car seat covers. The brand produces car seat covers from high-quality and eco-friendly materials with custom and universal fit options.

Recommend Red Rain Car Seat Covers

  • Red Rain Breathable Leather Car Seat Cover for Car, Truck, and SUVs

Product Specification

Fit TypeUniversal Fit
BrandRed Rain


  • Non Slip silicone cover 
  • Easy-to-install process 
  • Classy and lightweight design


  • Higher price 

User Feedback: I found a long time for an incredible fit. These are a perfect fit and fully wrapped seat covers with amazing matching colors. Highly recommend it.


Can I install the car seat cover by myself?

Yes, you can usually install the car seat cover by yourself. You need to follow the given instructions and steps in the user manual to properly install the car seat cover in your car.

How long does a car seat cover last?

The longevity of a car seat cover varies depending on various factors, such as the cover’s quality, material, frequency of usage, and maintenance.

Which material is good for a car seat cover?

Leather is good for car seat covers as it are durable and resistant to spills and stains. It also gives a luxurious look and is easy to clean.

How do I wash and maintain car seat covers?

Seat covers of cars may last longer and appear cleaner if they are washed and maintained properly. Read the care instructions and follow them to wash and maintain car seat covers.

Will seat covers affect my driving?

In general, car seat covers do not interfere with your driving if they are correctly placed and perfectly fit into your car’s seats but it helps to provide a comfortable and convenient ride experience.


Car seat covers are an investment that can enhance your driving experience and offer comfort, style, and protection to your car’s interior. Choosing the right car seat covers that suit your needs and taste as a universal fit for affordability or a custom fit for a classy look.

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