10 Best Circular Saw Brands In India For Woodworking

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The Circular saw nowadays is the most common tool used not only in professional construction but also in DIY home reconstruction. It is the first and most important tool for people who are interested in DIY woodworking projects in their homes as it facilitates every cut smoothly and easily. A Circular saw is a power-rotating tooth disc or blade used for cutting various materials such as wood, metal,  cement,  block, fiberglass, plastic, and bricks.  If you are fond of DIY woodworking projects for making your home beautiful this blog is for you.

Top 10 Circular Saw Companies In India

List Of Top 10 Circular Saw Brands In India

What Is Circular Saw?

A circular saw is a power tool that uses a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut through various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. The blade of the saw is circular and rotates rapidly, allowing it to make quick and precise cuts in a wide range of materials. Circular saws come in different sizes and types, including handheld and table saws. Handheld circular saws are portable and used for cutting through materials in a range of different positions and angles, while table saws are stationary and designed for larger cuts or more precise cuts. Circular saws are commonly used in construction, woodworking, metalworking, and DIY projects. They are a versatile tool that can be used to make straight cuts, crosscuts, rip cuts, and bevel cuts, making them a popular choice for many different cutting applications.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Circular Saw?

  • Versatility
  • Portability
  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Safety
  • Dust and debris
  • Noise
  • Price
  • Limited cutting depth

Guide for using the circular saw

  • Measure the mark you want to cut and mark the line accordingly.
  • Secure the material firmly for an accurate cut.
  • Attach the blade according to the requirement of your task.
  • Set the blade 0.25 inches below the material you cut.
  • Make sure of the bevel angle.
  • Connect it with the power or attach its battery.
  • Lift the blade guard for making the cut
  • Now press the lock switch and pull up the trigger to catch up with the fast speed.
  • Move the saw along the scarp side of the cutting line.
  • Let the saw work automatically.
  • Release the trigger after the cut is complete.

Things to consider while choosing the best Circular saw

Gear-driven or direct drive
The worm-drive circular saw creates more twisting cuts than the sidewinder. These are preferred for heavy work though the blade spins slowly and makes rough cuts.
Bevel Capacity
t is an important thing to consider as the wider the saw makes the angle the more time it saves to do adjustments. A good circular saw bevels more than 45 degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees.
Adjustment control
Look for levers that are easy to handle for tilt and cutting the depth.
Tool weight
Heavy saws are difficult to use. A circular saw with a magnesium or plastic body is best as it is light in weight. Besides weight steel saw catches rust.
Power rating
Most circular saws use amperage as the power rating. Most circular saws deliver 16,18,20 volts A powerful circular saw has a power rating of 20 volts.
Blade size
The most suitable size for DIYers and homeworkers is 71\4 inches to easily cut thick materials. If you prefer a lighter saw then go for a saw with a blade size of 61\2 inches.

Review of 10 Best Circular Saw Brands in India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best Circular Saw In IndiaPrice List*
1stBosch PKS 1600 Circular Saw6999
2ndMakita LS0815F Circular Saw6750
3rdDeWalt DWE576K Circular Saw6500
4thHitachi C7FSS Circular Saw5999
5thStanley ST720 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw5799

Bosch Circular Saw

Bosch GKS 140 Corded Electric Circular 

About the Brands: This tool is built just to rip woods apart with power. The structure of the gear housing and the shoe plate is made up of magnesium metal which is not only tough but it is also lightweight and resistant to corrosion. The gearing ensures that the saw always has enough twists to rip any wood easily. It has a  blade diameter of  7-1/4-inch with bosch show dimensions of 9*20.75 inches. It provides a depth cut of 1-15\16 inches at 45 degrees and 2-3\8 inches at 90 degrees. It is lightweight with a weight of 12 lbs and with a speed of 5300 RPM. here you can also check Best Table Saw for Carpenters & Best Band Saw Brands Bosch Circular Saw Price In India – 6759*

Most Selling Bosch Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureDishwasher Safe

Makita Circular Saw

MAKITA Circular Saw, 7-1/4 

About the Brands: It is a type of popular worm drive circular saw. It comes with a hypoid gear which increases the contact surface between gearing and thus results in the transmission of more twisting to the blade. The hypoid gear provides more power and a greater contact surface than the traditional worm drive gears.  It is provided with a lower guard design for facilitating bevel and narrow cuts. The baseplate of aluminum is chemically treated for rust resistance.  It has a blade diameter of  7-1/4. Cutting capacity at 90° is 2-3/8 and 1-3/4 at 45°. It has a total weight of 13.8 lbs with a speed of 4500 RMP. Makita Circular Saw Price In India – 11400*

Most Selling Makita Circular Saw In India

  • It has a very long cord suitable for Jobsite usage
  • Hypoid gearing provides good twisting.
  • Provides easy changing of blades as it consists of a push-button spindle lock.
  • It is a quality build tool.
  • It doesn’t provide a gradual start as you have to start with a kick.
  • It does not have a magnesium shoe.

Product Specification

Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceAc/dc
Amperage15 Amps
Item Weight1500 Grams

Skilsaw Circular Saw

Makita N5900B 2000 Watts Circular Saw

About the Brands: This circular saw is made of a long-lasting magnesium frame for heavy woodworking projects. The blade in Skilsaw provides quick and exact cuts, to provide wider cuts it has an angle of 53°. It uses less time to rip materials as compared to other saws. It is provided with an anti-sang lower guard for facilitating smooth operation It is provided with a soft-grip handle for good comfort and control. It has a blade size of  7-1/4 inches, a motor engine of 15 amp, and a speed of 5300 RMP. Provides cut depth of 1-15/16 inches at 45 Degrees and  2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees. It is lightweight with a weight of 11.5 lbs. Skilsaw Circular Saw Price In India – 12499*

Most Selling Skilsaw Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceAc/dc
Included ComponentsN5900B
Product Dimensions38L x 25.5W x 28.7H Centimeters

Dewalt Circular Saw


About the Brands: This Dewalt saw is best for outside work as it is cordless and operates on a battery. Dewalt was created by an American Manufacturer in 1922. It has a power of 9.0 ah on 60 volts. Its cutting speed is 5500 RPM and its bevel capacity of 53 degrees. It consists of a magnesium shoe, a brushless motor, and a carbide blade. The blade The saw is 4 inches long and 7-1/4 inches in diameter for providing easy Cuts. Dewalt Circular Saw Price In India – 21224*

Most Selling Dewalt Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialAluminium
Surface RecommendationAluminum
Power SourceBattery Powered,Air Powered
Included Components1 Circular Saw

Ryobi Circular Saw

Ryobi Circular Saw

About the Brands: It is an affordable circular saw which offers comfort with its rubber molded grip and handle. This is a powerful tool that runs on a battery. It comes with an adjustable bevel one can adjust the foot of the saw up to 50 degrees to cut a variety of angles. The blase size in the bevel is 5-1\2 inches with a battery of 16 Volts with a cutting speed of 4600 RPM. The blade guard is transparent so you can see while making the cuts. Ryobi Circular Saw Price In India – 13999*

Most Selling Ryobi Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialAluminium
Surface RecommendationAluminum
Power SourceBattery Powered,Air Powered
Included Components1 Circular Saw

Craftsman Circular Saw

Craftsman Circular Saw

About the Brands: It is best suited for DIY as well as commercial work. Made with metal guards and a magnesium shoe that provides durability and keeps the tool lasts for a long. The rafter hook along with molded handle provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue Comes with a blade size of 4 inches and a blade diameter of 7.25 inches with a working speed of 5,500 RPM. The tool bevels up to 55 degrees. Craftsman Circular Saw Price In India – 5537*

Most Selling Craftsman Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureErgonomic

Milwaukee Circular saw

Milwaukee Circular saw

About the Brands: The saw comes has a rear-facing handle and a long-lasting M18 Redlithium battery. It provides 570 cuts per charge and comes with a LED light that provides good visibility and provides high efficiency, a convenient rafter hook, and simple storage. The power source here is through an electric cord with a blade length of 4 inches and a speed of 5800 RPM. Milwaukee Circular saw Price In India – 5573*

Most Selling Milwaukee Circular saw In India

Product Specification

BrandMilwaukee Circular
Blade MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureErgonomic

Black & Decker Circular Saw

Black & Decker Circular Saw

About the Brands: It can be used for the toughest job of Woodworking. the laser cut line of the circular gives clear & perfect Cuts. Comes with a spindle lock that provides easy blade changing also a secondary handle for added stability and depth adjustment for cutting efficiency. The lock-off switch provides safety. It comes with a blade diameter of 185mm and a cutting capacity of 46 mm at 45 degrees & 63mm at 90 degrees. Works with a speed of 5500 RPM, it has an Approximate weight of 4 kgs and a power input of 1500W. Black & Decker Circular Saw Price In India – 5999*

Most Selling Black & Decker Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

BrandBlack + Decker
Blade MaterialHigh Speed Steel
Surface RecommendationWood
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureErgonomic

Hikoki Circular Saw

HiKOKI C7SS 190 mm 1050-Watt

About the Brands: Hitachi Power Tools was rebranded as “Hikoki” in October 2018. It has two circular DIY for heavy and prolonged use for cutting different materials. It weighs about 10 pounds which is heavier than other DIY machines. The saw has a 7 1\4 inches and 18 tooth standard TCT blade.ts bevel capacity is up to 55 degrees and power of 1700 watts. Hikoki Circular Saw Price In India – 6300*

Most Selling Hikoki Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialAluminium
Surface RecommendationAluminum
Power SourceCorded
Included Components1-Piece Circular Saw

Dongcheng Circular Saw

DONGCHENG Dmy02 Corded Electric 

About the Brands: This circular saw is used for sawing wood and rigid plastic. It can groove easily on wood and can cut all types of plastic plates thin aluminum and concrete plates etc. It can maximum bevels to 45 degrees and has a maximum cutting Depth of 60mm and weight of 7.9 pounds with a blade length of 8 Inches. Dongcheng Circular Saw Price In India – 3650*

Most Selling Dongcheng Circular Saw In India

Product Specification

Blade MaterialAlloy Steel
Surface RecommendationPlastic
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special FeatureBevel Capability

What is The Different Type Of Circular Saw?

There are different types of circular saws based on their size, blade type, and usage. Here are some of the most common types of circular saws:

  • Sidewinder Circular Saw: This is the most common type of circular saw that has a motor and blade aligned parallel to each other. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and ideal for cutting wood, plastic, and light metal.
  • Worm Drive Circular Saw: In this type of saw, the motor is situated at a right angle to the blade, which is connected to the motor through a set of gears. Worm drive saws have more torque and are ideal for heavy-duty cutting, framing, and roofing.
  • Mini Circular Saw: As the name suggests, mini circular saws are small and compact, making them ideal for cutting in tight spaces or for small DIY projects.
  • Abrasive Saw: Abrasive saws are also known as cut-off saws, and they use a circular blade with abrasive teeth to cut through metal, concrete, and other hard materials.
  • Tile Saw: Tile saws are specifically designed to cut tiles, ceramics, and other similar materials. They have a diamond blade that can make precise cuts without chipping or damaging the material.
  • Track Saw: Track saws are used for making long and precise cuts on sheets of wood or other materials. They are similar to circular saws but have a guide rail system that ensures accurate cuts.
  • Metal Cutting Saw: These saws are specially designed to cut through metal with high precision and speed. They use a high-speed steel blade and can cut through metal of varying thicknesses.
  • Concrete Saw: Concrete saws are used for cutting through concrete, brick, and other masonry materials. They have a diamond blade and use a water-cooling system to prevent the blade from overheating.
  • Works on rigid plastic materials.
  • Works on aluminum sheets and concrete plates.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Can bevel only up to 45 degrees.


What are the top circular saws?

1. Dewalt DWE575SB Sidewinder Circular Saw.
2. Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw.
3. Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw.
4. Bosch CSW41.
5. Dewalt DCS577B Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw.
6. Makita 5007MGA.
7. WORX WX427L Compact Circular Saw.
8. Porter-Cable PCC660B Cordless Circular Saw.
9. Hammerhead HACS120 7-1/4 Inch Electric Circular Saw

What are some of the most important features of circular saws?

1. Lower Gaurd
2. Visibility
3. Shoe Consideration
4. Bevel Angle
5. Weight
6. Depth Adjustment
7. Grip
8. Trigger Safety

Can I use the circular saw to cut metal?

Yes, only certain types of metals can be cut through a circular saw but ones should use the specified tool for cutting the metals.

What’s the difference between a circular saw and a miter saw?

The basic difference between both is that a miter saw is stationary and a circular saw is handheld.


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