12 Best Commode Brands In India

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Insaan ka emotion uska motion ke saath juda hua hain,” Bhaskor Banerjee candidly said this humble but universal truth. Remember this iconic statement from Piku? Besides, a good toilet and a great commode can improve the experience. After all, the toilet is often where great ideas are discovered. So, look for the best commode brands in India to find the most suitable one for your toilet.

Our Top Recommendations

Hindware Commode
Hindware Element One Piece Wall Mounted Western Toilet Commode
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B Backline One Piece Ceramic Commode
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InArt Commode
InArt Western Floor Mounted One Piece Water Closet Ceramic Western Toilet
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Why Do We Need To Be Mindful About Commodes In Our Toilets?

It’s a necessity and something very basic, but let’s not forget how important it is for our health and well-being. The top toilet seat brands are investing their resources in designing some of the most convenient, comfortable, sustainable, energy-efficient, and affordable commodes. It isn’t for nothing. Let us revisit the crucial importance of a truly good commode. 

  • Uncompromised personal hygiene: Good hygiene is a crucial factor for good health and well-being. Defecating in a commode ensures there is no scope for accidental spilling of solid waste or getting in touch with your body. It’s an ideal way to keep the area clean and thus maintain good hygiene. 
  • Safe and convenient: Using Indian toilet seats for defecating is not safe, especially for elderly people, because most of them suffer from knee pain and related health issues. They can fall down if they are anyhow imbalanced or find it difficult to keep their balance. Often, most household accidents happen in the bathroom. So, having the right commode can avert such risks to a certain extent. Sitting on commode seats is just like sitting on a chair and thus very easy, safe, and convenient. 
  • Ease and comfort: We have just mentioned above that using commodes can ensure safety, especially for elderly people. A well-designed commode takes care of the ground necessities; it has the right average height, a suitable commode seat to safely accommodate you, and other necessary features for optimum ease and comfort. 

List Of Top 12 Commode Brands In India

A comfortable seat, convenient installation, premium design, and affordable price (of course, how can we miss that!) are some of a buyer’s most common and important. We got you! This is why we have created this blog, and we are glad that you are here. You will get a panoramic view of the top commode brands available in India, their features, prices, and all other details; match them with your requirements and zero down on the best commode for your home.

What are The Pros and Cons of Commodes?

  • Hygienic
  • Convenient
  • Comfortable
  • Available in various styles
  • Expensive
  • Requires water supply
  • Risk of clogging
  • Space requirements

How Do We Choose the Best Toilet Commode Brands For You?

When choosing a commode, you must pay attention to a few factors like what’s the most dominating reason for having it, how many people will be using it, quality, budget, where to install it, how easy it is to clean it, and a few more of them.
Besides the usual use, consider your unique needs, like whether you are purchasing it for a bedridden individual, then a bedside commode would be best; whether there are elderly people in your house or toddlers, then a commode with adjustable height would be more suitable.
Size and weight capacity
Make sure the commode can accommodate the individual’s size and weight. Bariatric commodes are designed to withstand more weight. Also, commodes for bulky people need a bigger diameter. Top commode brands carefully consider these unique and varying requirements and manufacture versatile toilet seats. You may easily find the most suitable one for your needs.
If your next commode purchase is for anyone with special needs, consider the individual’s mobility. Depending on it, you may purchase a wheel or drop-arm commode or anyone that is more appropriate.
Think about where the commode will be used. A shower commode would be the best choice if used in the shower. If there is any lack of space in your bathroom then you may have a wall-hung commode or floor mounted commode. Top commode brands in India have a versatile collection of commodes where you can find the most suitable one for your needs.
Ask yourself what your budget is. Often, you may assume that the best commode brands are exorbitantly priced, but that may not be true. Reputed commode brands in India have a wide collection of varying prices. So you must research well to find brands selling cheap and best commode in India.
Buying a commode is a one-time investment, and a commode company is well aware of it. So, while deciding on one, make sure to keep quality at first; it is a non-negotiable factor. Check the materials used by bathroom commode brands, how durable they are, and whether they have sturdy construction or not.
Additional Features
When deciding which commode brand is best, consider the complimentary features like armrests, a lid, or a bucket. Even one additional feature of utility can be a good differentiating factor. So make sure you thoroughly go through the products from all the bathroom commode brands and then make your decision.
Ease of cleaning
Buying a great commode might be a one-time investment, but cleaning and maintaining isn’t. You have to clean it from time to time to use a clean toilet (obviously!), maintain it well, and ensure its longevity. So, look for a commode that is easy to clean. Maybe a simple and straightforward design can help!
Brand reputation
Well-curated top commode brands in India may make spoil you with choices, but you must know them well. Take time to browse through all of the brands, and pay attention to the details of each brand, their products, features, prices, and how well they can serve your needs. Then, read the reviews about the brand, different commode models offered by the brands, and other details. You may not get a complete idea about the popularity of different brands from the descriptions, so get to the details, compare them, and check the products personally.
Consultation with a healthcare professional
It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before purchasing to ensure the best fit for your needs and safety.

Sanitary Ware Market Size In India

Market Share Distribution Between Leading Commode And Toilet Seat Brands in India

Top 12 Best Commode Brands In India

Our Top Recommendations (Ranking)Best Commode Companies In IndiaTop Features
1stHindwareWater-saving, Comfortable design, Easy to clean, Durability
2ndKohlerHigh-efficiency flush, Comfortable height, Easy to install, Sleek design
3rdCeraWater-saving, Smooth surface, Scratch-resistant, Sturdy build
4thParrywareQuick-release seat, Anti-bacterial glaze, Dual flush system, Easy to install
5thJaquarQuick-release seat, Anti-bacterial glaze, Dual flush system, Easy-to-install

Initially, we planned to list the top 10 commode brands in India, but we couldn’t stop at ten during our search. So, here are the top thirteen toilet commode brands in India that are worth your money.

List Of 12 Best Western Toilet Brands in India For 2024

CERA Commode

Best Cera Commode

About the BrandsCERA Commode is manufactured by CERA Sanitaryware, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It is the only Indian company that has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification from TUV India, one of the leading global certification agencies. Its in-house design team designs the commodes, and the products are manufactured using premium raw materials.

CERA Commode Price In India – (Range – 1500 to 8000+)

Types of CERA commodes:

  • Touchless EWCs
  • One piece EWCs
  • Wall hung EWCs
  • Two-piece EWCs
  • Two-piece wall-hung extended EWCs
  • Back to wall EWC
  • Wall hung bidet
  • Floor mounting EWCs
  • Seat covers, as well.

CERA’s Star Product

  • Cera CRIOS Round  – (Overall)
  • Cera ELEMENTS Square  – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Cera CURVO Round – (Value For Money)

Cera Commode Product Specification:

BrandSnow White
ColourSnow white
Installation TypeFloor Mounted

Hindware Commode

Hindware Element One Piece Wall Mounted Western Toilet Commode

About the BrandsHindware, is one of India’s most prominent bathroom fittings companies and has been in the industry for over 60 years. With technological advancements, it has launched a line of new products. Hindware commode is counted among the top ten commode brands in India, widely appreciated for its products with a vast range of accessories and durable build.

Hindware Commode Price In India – (Range – 8000 to 20000+)

Types of Hindware commodes:

  • Water closets and commodes (one piece, wall mounted, and others)
  • EWC with cisterns and others
  • Differently-abled series

Hindware ‘s Star Product

  • Hindware Aliza Round – (Overall)
  • Hindware Arena Square – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Hindware Adora Round  – (Value For Money)

Hindware Commode Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH54 x 36 x 34 Centimeters
Item Weight24 Kilograms
Installation TypeWall Mounted

B Backline Commode

B Backline One Piece Ceramic Commode

About the Brands: B Backline Counted among the top-selling commode brands in the Indian market, B Backline is at the top of the game for its quality. All of its products on offer are designed with a premium finish that can instantly transform the dimensions of your washroom and add a touch of class and style to your bathroom interior. If you are looking for the best among the available toilet seat brands in India, then B Backline is undoubtedly one of them. Looking for the best kinds of Bathroom Commode Chair In India? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

B Backline Commode Price In India – (Range –9000 to 15000+)

Amazon Rating: 3.4

Types of B Backline commodes:

  • Designer one-piece water closet commode
  • Designer wall-mount toilet water closet commode
  • EWC floor-mounted water closet commode
  • One-piece water closet commode
  • Wall hung / wall mount commode

B Backline ‘s Star Product

  • B Backline Sleek Rimless – (Overall)
  • B Backline Elegance Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • B Backline Elegant Square Rimmed – (Value For Money)

B Backline Commode Product Specification:

Installation TypeFloor Mounted
Seat Material TypePlastic

User Feedback: Vinoth Kannan: There are many silent companies who give good products. there are many branded companies but this is very good in terms of its quality & the performance.

InArt Commode

InArt Western Floor Mounted One Piece Water Closet Ceramic Western Toilet

About the BrandsInArt Studio is one of the leading sanitaryware product brands available in India. Its premium range of diversified sanitaryware is a treat to the eyes and a prized possession for any household. Its commodes are designed with precision and have been accentuated with utility features that take care of users’ essential needs.

InArt Commode Price In India – (Range – 10K to 30K+)

Amazon Rating: 3.8

Types of InArt-Studio commodes:

  • Combo EWC toilets
  • EWC floor-mounted p-trap toilets
  • EWC floor-mounted s-trap toilets
  • One-piece p-trap toilets
  • One-piece s-trap toilets
  • Designer one-piece toilets
  • Wall-hung / wall-mounted toilets
  • Designer wall-hung toilets

InArt-Studio‘s Star Product

  • InArt Rialto Rimless – (Overall)
  • InArt Verona Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • InArt Elance Rimmed – (Value For Money)

InArt Commode Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH65.5 x 36 x 75 Centimeters
Item Weight25 Kilograms
Installation TypeWall Mounted
Seat Material TypeAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Product Dimensions66D x 36W x 72H Centimeters

User Feedback: Riaz Ahmedn: Very good quality and price is also very reasonable.

Krisskross Commode

. krisskross-Commode
KrissKross Premium Rimless Ceramic Wall Mounted, Wall Hung, Western Toilet, Commode

About the Brands: Krisskross is a common name among this nation’s revered commode toilet brands. The commode brand has been creating comfortable, durable, utility toilet commodes in trendy designs. Ever since it was founded more than 15 years ago, it has been crafting unique commodes for the dynamic Indian market.

Krisskross Commode Price In India – (Range – 70000 to 10000+)

Amazon Rating: 4.1

Types of Krisskross commodes:

  • One piece toilets
  • Wall hung toilets

Krisskross‘s Star Product

  • KrissKross Elegance Rimless – (Overall)
  • KrissKross Grandeur Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • KrissKross Prestige Rimmed – (Value For Money)

Krisskross Commode Product Specification:

ColourLondres Black (N)
Item Dimensions LxWxH51 x 35 x 36.5 Centimeters
Installation TypeWall Mounted
Seat Material TypeAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

User Feedback: D D Sharma: it is a floor mounted toilet seat, working well. Cheap and best and modern looking.

Belmonte Commode

Belmonte Ceramic One Piece Western Commode

About the Brands: Quality is one of the most important parameters in determining which brand commode is best in India. Belmonte Sanitaryware tops the list of top commode brands for its unparalleled quality and trendy designs. Its wide range of products is another reason for its popularity, where everyone can find a suitable commode according to their unique needs.

Belmonte Commode Price In India – (Range – 80K to 3 Lakh+)

Amazon Rating: 3.6

Type of Belmonte commodes:

  • Designer series
  • Water closet
  • One piece
  • Wall hung
  • Black glossy series

Belmonte‘s Star Product

  • Belmonte Elegance Rimless – (Overall)
  • Belmonte Modena Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Belmonte Classic Rimmed – (Value For Money)

Belmonte Commode Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH65 x 35 x 70 Centimeters
Item Weight25 Kilograms
Installation TypeFloor Mounted
Seat Material TypePlastic

User Feedback: NIKHIL: This is the 3rd Commode installed & Great Value Quality… Only the Push Button mechanism can be Improved as sometimes get Stuck.

Kohler Commode

KOHLER 3989-0 Highline Two-Piece Comfort Height Toilet

About the Brands: The brand name – Kohler spells out class and unparalleled style. Its consistency in maintaining world-class quality and exotic designs while keeping pace with the changing times makes Kohler a distinguished commode brand name. Over the years, it has diversified its product line and upgraded its commodes to include a versatile range.

Kohler Commode Price In India – (Range – 5000 to 10000+)

Amazon Rating: 3.8

Types of Kohler commodes:

  • Electronic bidet seats
  • Manual bidet seats
  • Toilet seats
  • Toilet attachment
  • One-piece toilets
  • Wall hung toilets
  • Smart toilets
  • Floor mount toilets

Kohler‘s Star Product

  • Kohler Veil Rimless Commode – (Overall)
  • Kohler Forte Rimless Commode – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Kohler Santa Rosa Rimmed Commode – (Value For Money)

Kohler Commode roduct Specification:

Installation TypeFloor Mounted

User Feedback: Lizzyanne: This toilet is perfect. Good height. Easy to install. Plus good looking too.

Vardhman Ceramics Commode

Vardhman Ceramics Floor Mounted One Piece Western Commode

About the Brands: When it comes to shopping for bathroom essentials, it has to be worth your money, last for a really long time, and enhance the interior. Commodes from Vardhman Ceramics are a match for all these pointers and more. The toilet seats of this commode company are designed for optimum utility, comfort, and ease of use. What’s more? It is counted among the top toilet commode brands in India!

Vardhman Commode Price In India – (Range – 6000 to 20K+)

Amazon Rating: 3.8

Types of Vardhaman Ceramics commodes:

  • S-trap western toilets
  • P-trap western toilets
  • Rimless western toilets
  • Siphonic western toilets
  • Wall hung toilets

Vardhman Ceramics‘s Star Product

  • Vardhman Elegance Rimles – (Overall)
  • Vardhman Modena Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Vardhman Classic Rimmed – (Value For Money)

Vardhman Ceramics Commode Product Specification:

Colour813 WHITE
Item Dimensions LxWxH69 x 36 x 74.5 Centimeters
BrandVardhman Ceramics
Item Weight40 Kilograms
Installation TypeFloor Mounted
Seat Material TypeAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ZAP Commode

Best ZAP Commode

About the Brands: ZAP Commode – ZAP is India’s most popular commode brand. ZAP commode is the leading manufacturer of commodes in India. ZAP commode has several years of experience in manufacturing commodes. Doctors, hospitals, and patients trust the ZAP commode. ZAP commode has a wide range of commodes to choose from. ZAP commode has several commode models to choose from. ZAP commode is famous for its unbeatable price. ZAP commode has a wide range of commodes to choose from. ZAP commode has a wide range of commodes to choose from. ZAP commode is one of the leading commode manufacturers in India. ZAP commode is one of the leading commode manufacturers in India. ZAP commode is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commodes in India. ZAP commode provides high-quality commodes. ZAP commode provides high-quality commodes.

ZAP Commode Price In India – (Range – 3000 to 5000+)

Amazon Rating: 2.1

ZAP‘s Star Product

  • Zap Elegance Rimless – (Overall)
  • Zap Modena Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Zap Classic Rimmed – (Value For Money)

ZAP Commode Product Specification:

Installation TypeN/A

Generic Commode

One Piece Ceramic Floor Mounted One Piece Western Toilet/Water Closet/Commode

About the Brands: The generic commode is quite popular among the various commodes available. The generic commode is very similar to the hospital commode, but it is less sophisticated. It is made to be used in your homes and not in hospitals. The generic commode is also relatively easy to use.

Generic Commode Price In India – (Range – 80K to 3 Lakh+)

Amazon Rating: 3.5

Types of Generic commodes:

  • Generic commode chair with armrest
  • Generic foldable toilet chair
  • Generic commode chair with foldability and height adjustability
  • Generic commode stool

Generic Commode Generic‘s Star Product

  • Generic Decora Rimless Commode – (Overall)
  • Generic Edge Rimless Commode – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Generic Spark Shield Rimmed Commode – (Value For Money)

Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH76.2 x 68.6 x 35.6 Centimeters
Item Weight30 Kilograms
Installation TypeFloor Mounted
Seat Material TypeCeramic

Parryware Commode

Parryware Ceramic Single Piece

About the Brands: The list of best toilet seat brands in India will be incomplete if we don’t mention Parryware in it. Whether you are building your new home, renovating it, or setting up your new office, investing in a Parryware commode would be wise. Commodes manufactured by Parryware come in sleek and trendy designs, made with sturdy materials ensuring commodes’ long life. Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Chennai, India, it has taken the game of exotic sanitaryware a notch higher.are commodes are an excellent choice for reliable and stylish bathroom fixtures.

Parryware Commode Price In India – (Range – 5000 to 10K+)

Types of Parryware commodes:

  • Electronic WC (water closet)
  • Single piece suit
  • Wall hung with dual flush cistern
  • Wall hung
  • Floor mounter coupled closet
  • Back-to-wall-floor-mounted
  • European water closet

Parryware’s Star Product

  • Parryware Elegance Rimless Commode – (Overall)
  • Parryware Modena Rimless Commode – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Parryware Classic Rimmed Commode– (Value For Money)

Parryware Commode Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH65 x 38.3 x 67.2 Centimeters
Item Weight4 Kilograms
Installation TypeFloor Mounted

User Feedback:

Jovito Vales: Very good quality. The package was very secured. Got it within 4 working days

Jaquar Commode

Best Jaquar Commode

About the Brands: Jaquar is a well-known Indian company that manufactures and sells premium commodes and other bathroom products. Founded in 1960, the company is headquartered in Gurugram, India, and has manufacturing facilities across the nation. Jaquar redefined exoticism and elegance in sanitaryware. Commodes from this brand are revered for their unparalleled style, superior quality, and water-saving features. Jaquar commode price is also on the higher side but they are designed to provide optimum comfort and maintain hygiene and convenience, making them popular among customers. With its commitment to innovation and sustainability, Jaquar remains a leading commode company.

Types of Jaquar commodes:

  • Automatic rimless floor-mounted WC
  • Fully automated rimless floor-mounted WC
  • Bidspa Single piece
  • Bidspa rimless back to wall WC
  • Bidspa rimless blind installation wall hung WC
  • Bidspa rimless bowl with cistern for coupled WC
  • Bidspa rimless single-piece WC
  • Bidspa rimless wall hung

Jaquar Commode Price In India – (Range – 10k to 50K+)

Jaquar‘s Star Product

  • Jaquar Elegance Rimless – (Overall)
  • Jaquar Modena Rimless – (Based On Customer Ratings)
  • Jaquar Classic Rimmed – (Value For Money)

Jaquar Commode Product Specification:

Installation TypeFloor Mounted

Types Of Commodes That You May Look For

With time, as man encounters issues with his regular life activities, he is pushed to look for solutions and thus invent new models and use the latest technologies for innovative commodes. Now, the sanitaryware market has a great number of commodes and other sanitaryware.

  • Bedside commode: It is a portable toilet that can be placed next to a bed for individuals who cannot move freely, have deep trouble walking, or cannot move at all.
  • Drop-arm commode: It is also a bedside commode with arms that can be lowered to make it easier for individuals to transfer onto and off the commode.
  • Bariatric commode: This type of commode is designed for individuals who are very bulky; the commode has a higher weight-carrying capacity and broader seat.
  • Elevated commode: This is a special type of commode whose height can be adjusted to make it easier for individuals to use.
  • Wheelchair-transfer commode: It is a type of commode that individuals can use while seated in a wheelchair.Over-the-toilet commode: This type of commode can be fixed over a regular toilet, allowing the individual to use the toilet without transferring to a separate commode.

Which brand is best for Sanitaryware in India?

There are many sanitaryware manufacturers in India, so it can be challenging to determine which one is the best. However, to name some of the top commode brands in India, we would like to mention ones listed below.There are many sanitaryware manufacturers in India, so it can be challenging to determine which one is the best. However, to name some of the top commode brands in India, we would like to mention ones listed below.

  • Kohler: Kohler is an American company that has a significant presence in India and is known for its premium bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware.
  • Jaquar: It is an Indian brand celebrated for its wide range of bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware.
  • Parryware: Parryware is an Indian brand revered for its exclusive line of sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures.
  • CERA: This Indian brand is celebrated for its exotic range of products that include exclusively designed sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures. 
  • Roca: Roca is a Spanish company that has a good presence in India for its premium bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware.

Which toilet is best for saving water?

When looking for a toilet that saves water, consider toilets with a low flush volume or dual flush system. These toilets use less water per flush, saving water and reducing your water bill. Some popular options are:

  • Dual flush toilets: Dual flush toilets have two flush options – liquid waste and solid waste. This allows you to use less water for liquid waste, saving water and money on your water bill.
  • Low-flow toilets: Low-flow toilets have a lower flush volume than traditional toilets, typically using 1.6 gallons of water per flush compared to the standard 3.5 gallons.
  • WaterSense certified toilets: WaterSense is a program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States that certifies toilets that meet specific water-efficiency and performance guidelines.
  • Composting toilets: Composting toilets do not use water; instead, they use a separate chamber to decompose waste, which can later be used as fertilizer.
  • Urine-diverting toilets: Urine-diverting toilets separate urine from other waste, allowing it to be used as a fertilizer.

What is the best toilet size?

The best toilet size depends on the bathroom size and the user’s personal preference. Some popular toilet sizes include:

  • Standard-size toilets: Standard-size toilets are the most common and typically measure around 28 inches from the back of the toilet to the center of the mounting bolts.
  • Comfort height toilets: Comfort height toilets, also known as “right height” toilets, have a higher seat height of around 17 inches, which makes it easier for individuals to sit down and stand up.
  • Compact toilets: Compact toilets, also known as “short projection” toilets, are designed for small bathrooms, typically measuring 24 and 27 inches from the wall to the front of the toilet.
  • Elongated toilets: Elongated toilets have a longer bowl shape than round toilets, which provides more room and comfort for the user, but they can take up more space.


Q: What are the best commode brands available in India?

A: The top 10 commode brands in India include Hindware, CERA, Jaquar, Parryware, Kohler, Krisskross, Belmonte Sanitaryware, B Backline, Vardhaman Ceramics, and others.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a commode brand?

A: When choosing a commode brand, you must consider factors like the quality and durability of the product, the range of styles and designs available, the level of customer service and support offered by the manufacturer, and (of course) the offered price.

Q: Are Indian commode brands reliable and durable?

A: Indian commode brands are widely appreciated for their reliability and durability. The top commode brands in India use premium materials and innovative technologies to ensure long-lasting products that perform well over time.

Q: What types of commodes are available from Indian brands?

A: Indian commode brands have dynamically diversified their product line to accommodate the versatile market demand. So, expect to find western-style commodes, wall-mounted and floor-mounted commodes, automated water closets, and many more. They also offer various features, such as water-saving technology, soft-closing lids, and adjustable height settings.

Q: How much do commodes from Indian brands typically cost?

A: TThe cost of commodes sold by Indian brands can vary widely depending on the brand, the type of commode, and offered features. However, you can typically expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand rupees to tens of thousands for a premium commode from a top commode brand.

What is a comfortable height toilet?

A comfort height toilet, also known as a “right height” toilet, has a higher seaA comfortable height toilet, also known as a “right height” toilet, has a higher seat height than a standard toilet. The seat height is typically 17 to 19 inches, about 2 inches higher than a standard toilet. This makes it easier for individuals to sit down and stand up, especially older adults or people with mobility issues.

Final Words:

Hygiene is one of the ruling factors for good health and wellness. For this, you need a suitable commode. Why not add a dash of glam by purchasing a sleek and trendy commode for your toilet, which is such an important part of your home? As you have walked through the blog, you have come across the products offered by the commode toilet brands in India. Now you are in the best position to decide the best company for commode. Wait no further; otherwise you may miss the best deals of the day!!

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