10 Best Espresso Machine Brands In India For Home


An Espresso machine is a coffee-making machine that uses high pressure to brew coffee by using the force of pressurized water to cut through the coffee beans and filter them to produce a thick coffee. Coffee made in an espresso machine tastes different from the coffee made in a normal coffee machine as coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed differently. So let’s look at the top best brands of espresso machines in India and help you get your espresso machine so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee at your home.

List Of Top 10 Espresso Machine Brands In India

What is Espresso Machine?

An espresso machine is a specialized coffee-making machine designed to produce high-quality espresso coffee. It uses a high-pressure pump to force hot water through finely ground coffee beans to extract the flavorful and aromatic espresso coffee. Espresso machines typically have a portafilter, which holds the ground coffee, and a steam wand, which is used to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. There are various types of espresso machines available, including manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic, each with different levels of automation and control over the coffee-making process.

What are the Benefits of Espresso Machine

  • Saves Money:- You might think that buying an espresso machine can add to your expense but it is not like that. It may cost you a bit initially but saves you a lot in the long run.
  • Convenience:- You can have your coffee anytime you want, it saves your time of driving to a cafe and then getting your coffee. Being at home and making their coffee at home is a blessing to coffee lovers.
  • No skills are required:- Preparing coffee with an espresso machine doesn’t require any skills. Anyone can prepare it as it makes the coffee with a single press of a button. You need to hire a professional coffee maker in places like offices or workplaces. And the staff members can easily prepare their coffee without waiting for long.
  • Upscale ambiance:- Having an espresso machine at your home gives your home a touch of elegance and class. And thus can make your clients and guest happy.
  • Options:- Having an electronic machine always saves your time and at the same time provides many options. The espresso machine does the same for you you can have your latte in the morning and can go for your cup of espresso in the evening.

What are the Different Types of Espresso Machines

  • Manual pump:- if you want to have a non-electric machine then you can go for a manual pump. The machine involves making the coffee through manual pumping.
  • Semi-automatic-machine:- The usage of this machine is up to you can turn on the machine or you can of it off. It is totally on you to grind the beans and tamp the grounds into portafilter.
  • Automatic machine:- Automatic machine does the brewing by itself but you have to grind and tamp down the beans. The machine will automatically turn off once your espresso is done.
  • Super-automatic machine:- This machine is all in one appliance. It does everything for you taking from grinding and tamping to brewing. If want to get your coffee to be prepared on its own then this device is for you.

List Of Best Room Heater Companies In India

  • Budan
  • Rancilio
  • Wonder chef
  • Havells
  • Morphy Richards
  • Delonghi
  • Gaggia
  • flair signature
  • Bialetti
  • Breville

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Espresso Machine

  1. Ease of use:- If you want to be prepared on its own. Then you should go for super-automatic machines. Here all the process is automated. Such machines are easy to handle and provide great convenience.
  2. Cost:- It is one of the important factors to consider while buying any product. If you planning not to spend too much on it then you should go for a manual pump espresso machine that provides you the basic features. And if you are planning to have the whole processes to be automated then go for a Super automated machine but it will add to your expense. The higher the price of the machine the more features it will have.
  3. Durability:- As buying an espresso machine is like an investment for you then it should last longer. The type of metal used to make the espresso machine the heat maintaining capacity and brand reputation will give you an idea of how durable your machine is.
  4. Size:- Some espresso machines occupy large spaces. If your kitchen is small and doesn’t have much space in your kitchen then you should look for a small size espresso machine that provides you with all the required features.
  5. Other factors:- Some more factors should be considered while buying an espresso machine:-
  • Built-in coffee grinder
  • Water filter 
  • Cup Warmer 
  • Programmable setting
  • Frothing wand

List Of 10 Best Espresso Machine Brands In India

Budan Espresso Machine


Budan is an Italian company that comes with an Italian pump that ensures optimal brewing pressure. Baba Budan has introduced coffee in India. He brought seven beans from Yemen. The Budan company was named after Baba Budan. Budan’s espresso machine is made up of stainless steel. It runs on 1450 watts. It has a capacity of 1.7 liters. This espresso machine ensures silky milk forth and gives you the best coffee according to your taste. The espresso machine has a brushed stainless steel front fascia and a dedicated hot water outlet. It comes with a gauge that indicates the pressure and comes to a timer display that shows how much time is left in the making of the company. It has a rubberized steam wand knob with an integrated switch.

  • Gives you silky milk forth in your coffee that makes the taste of your coffee super good.
  • It has brushed stainless steel that gives a classic vintage look to your home.
  • It comes with a full-size portafilter that makes you make coffee in a good quantity in a single go.
  • Provides optimal brewing pressure.
  • It is difficult to use the product.

Why do we choose Budan Espresso Machine?
The Budan Espresso Machine has a specialty in quality milk forth that makes your coffee taste super tasty.

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine


Rancilio is an espresso machine manufacturer since 1927 was founded by Roberto Rancilio in Parabiago, Italy. Silvia refers to a semi-automatic machine that is best suitable for home use. This espresso machine provides you with 11 bars of pressure that make your coffee super creme and tasty. The water tank of the machine can hold up to 60 ounces of water, this eliminates the problem of refilling the water again and the boiler holds up to 12 ounces of water. The top of the machine acts like a cup heater this thing makes sure that you will get a hot espresso. The water dispenser also can be used to pre-heat the cup. This machine comes with an ergonomic port filter handle.

  • It is a quality espresso-making machine.
  • The machine has an ergonomic port filter handle.
  • It comes with an optimal pod and capsule adapter kit.
  • Comes with the feature of a cup warmer that keeps the espresso warm.
  • Comes with a hot water dispenser.
  • The steamer wand has low pressure.

Why do we choose Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine?
It is a quality tool that comes with a special feature of a cup warmer.

Wonderchef Regalia Espresso Machine


Wonder chef is an Indian company founded in 2009 by Mr. Ravi Saxena, and Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. It is a leader in cookware and kitchen appliances. Its products are inspired by Italian design. The Wonderchef Regalia espresso machine is made up of stainless steel, its 5 bar pressure extracts the coffee and essential oils in a manner that you get a good cup of coffee in your hand. The machine consists of the following things- a die-cast aluminum alloy boiler, steel steam further, portafilter, and body tank, these all things give a reliable performance.

  • It is an easy-to-use and clean machine.
  • The machine is made up of stainless steel.
  • Its 5 bar pressure extracts all the essential oil from the coffee beans and gives a super tasty coffee.
  • Comes with a carafe to hold and serve coffee.
  • Does not give a uniform result. The coffee tastes different every time.

Why do we choose Wonderchef Regalia Espresso Machine?
Its 5 bar pressure extracts all the essential oils from the coffee and provides you with fine coffee.

Havells Espresso Machine


Havells is an Indian multinational company that produces electrical equipment. It was founded in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta. Havells is one of the most sold brands in kitchen appliances in India. The machine is made up of a metal body and runs 900 watts. It is a durable product with minimal chances of wear and tears the product comes with all the necessary accessories. It comes with 5 bar pressure. It has the feature of overheating and overpressure protecting devices. It also comes with the feature of detaching some parts of the machine such as the steam nozzle and drip tray. It has a frothing function that helps in making other coffee such as cappuccino.

  • It is a durable machine
  • It has 5 bar pressure.
  • Resistant to overheating and overpressure.
  • Detachable parts of the machine.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The machine is complicated to handle.

Why do we choose Havells Espresso Machine?
This espresso machine is resistant to overheating and overpressure and comes with detachable parts.

Morphy Richards Espresso Machine

 Morphy Richards Espresso Machine

Morphy Richards is an electrical appliance company situated in the united kingdom and is founded in 1936. Morphy Richards manufactures toasters, hair dryers, bread makers, sandwich toasters, coffee machines, and many more. Morphy Richards espresso is a plastic body tool. That runs on 800 watts and an operating voltage of 230 volts. This machine can make different types of coffee such as cappuccino, latte, and espresso. Comes with a milk Frothing nozzle and 4 bar pressure. It comes with a removable drip tray, heat-resistant carafe, stainless steel cup filter, and an instruction manual.

  • It has 4 bar pressure.
  • Can make different types of coffees.
  • Removable drip tray that makes the cleaning of the machine easy.
  • It comes with stainless steel cup filter and heat resistant carafe.
  • The quality of the tool needs improvement.

Why do we choose Morphy Richards Espresso Machine?
The machine comes with a removable drip tray, heat-resistant carafe, and stainless steel cup filter.

Delonghi Espresso Machine


The company is established by the De’longhi family which manufactures products in the kitchen appliances product line. It was founded in 1902. Delonghi is also known as the Artista series espresso machine. It is a metallic lightweight tool and is pump driven device with 15 bar pressure. It has a manual further that mixes steam and milk that makes remarkably textured drinks. It comes with adjustable control that helps you prepare your coffee according to your choice and preference. It comes with two separate thermostats. These two thermostats ensure that water and steam are controlled separately. It has a water level indicator and 1.3 liters removable tank. It comes with a built-in filter holder and steam wand.

  • The device is tasty and heated for quick brewing to give you a cup after cup of coffee.
  • The tool accepts the ESE pods.
  • Comes with a water level indicator.
  • Comes with double thermostats.
  • It has 15 bar pressure
  • It produces lots of noise when it is in operation.
  • The machine has a lower-quality steam wand.
  • The machine is prone to leaking.

Why do we choose DELONGHI Espresso Machine?
This tool comes with dual thermostats and has 15 bar pressure.

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso


Gaggia is an Italian company that is known for manufacturing domestic and professional espresso machines. It was founded in 1947 by Robecco Sul Naviglio. The body of the Gaggia Classic Pro is made of brushed stainless steel. It has 15 bar pressure, 21 liters of capacity, and 72 ounces of the water tank. The special feature of the Gaggia classic pro is that it is designed for ESE pods. The machine has a fast heating feature that it just heats in 5 min. It comes with a commercial-style chrome-plated brass and steam wand. The crocker switch controls are easy to use.

  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • The machine is designed in a way that accepts ESE pods.
  • The machine has the feature of a cup warmer.
  • It heats up fast.
  • The machine is expensive.

Why do we choose Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso?
The Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso accepts ESE pods and has fast heat-up technology.

Flair Signature Espresso Machine


The flair signature espresso machine is a manual machine that doesn’t need any electricity all you need is hot water to make coffee. The machine is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. It has a custom pressure gauge so that one can see how much pressure they are exerting and can adjust it to the ideal point. The machine has 6-10 bar pressure, a water capacity of 2 ounces, and comes with a 2-in-1 portafilter. The Flaire signature espresso machine is the only one that has completely detachable brewing heads as its design is patented. This detachable design helps you to easily clean the espresso machine after cleaning it. This machine is fully portable.

  • It is a fully portable device, you can make your coffee anywhere you want.
  • Detachable brewing heads make your cleaning of the machine easy.
  • Made up of aluminum and stainless steel that provides durability.
  • It includes a padded carrying case to facilitate portability.
  • This machine cannot frot milk.
  • It can only brew 2 ounces of water at one time.

Why do we choose Flaire’s signature Espresso machine?
This machine has detachable brewing heads, it is a portable and durable device.

Bialetti Espresso Machine


It is an Italian company founded in 1933 that manufactures coffee machines, cooking appliances, and kitchenware. It was founded by Alfonso Bialetti. This brewer works on any stove, all you need is a medium-fine grind. It has 1.8 bar pressure and a capacity of 9 ounces of water. This espresso machine has a classic 8-side design. This tool is an original stovetop espresso maker. It is a portable device you can have your coffee anywhere and anytime you want.

  • It is an affordable tool.
  • This espresso machine facilitates portability.
  • Doesn’t provide the taste of authentic espresso.

Why do we choose Bialetti Espresso Machine?
This is an affordable and portable tool.

Breville Barista Espresso Machine


Breville was founded in 1932, in Sydney and it is a global brand that produces and offers a wide range of appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, kettles and food processors, and many more. The Breville barista is a manual espresso machine that comes with 4 pounds of capacity. It offers you 3 wave special coffee by using its 4 keys formula and is part of the barista series that makes your coffee in a minute. It’s integrated precision conical grinder grinds the coffee beans according to the user’s demand. Its powerful steam wand allows manual microfoam milk texturing with hands.

  • It is easy to use the and-handle tool.
  • Good quality material is used for constructing the machine.
  • Higher blending power that offers you your coffee in a single minute.
  • Offers you 3 wave special coffee that enhances the taste of your coffee.
  • The espresso machine makes noise while it is in operation.

Why do we choose Breville Barista Espresso Machine?
It is a good-quality espresso machine with high blending power.


An espresso machine is a machine that used high pressure to prepare espresso by extracting all the essential oil and coffee from the coffee beans. Different brands of espresso offer you different features such as detachable brewing heads, portability, water level indicator, and high pressure that make your coffee tastier. You can purchase the machine according to your preference of manual, semi-automatic, automatic, or super-automatic machine.


What are the top 10 espresso machines?

1. Budan
2. Rancilio Silvia
3. Wonderchef Regalia
4. Havells
5. Morphy Richards
6. Delonghi
7. Bialetti
8. Flair Signature
9. Breville Barista
10. Rancilio Silvia
11. Gaggia Classic Pro

Is it worth buying an espresso machine?

Yes, it is. It may cost you a bit initially. But in a long run, it is a wise option to go for it because it saves you a lot and provides you the authentic taste of coffee at your home.

What is the most reliable home espresso machine?

Breville Barista espresso

What is the difference between an espresso machine and a coffee maker?

An espresso machine uses high pressure on water to prepare coffee and the coffee machine depends on the power of gravity to pull down the water through filters to make coffee

Is an espresso machine better than a coffee maker?

Many people think that an espresso machine is better than a coffee machine because an espresso machine makes more tasty and creamier coffee and offers you to prepare a wide variety of coffees.

Can espresso machines also make coffee?

No, one can only make coffee from an espresso machine if that machine provides dual functionality of preparing coffee as well as espresso.

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